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Matt K on advanced brush settings in Lightroom & Camera Raw

If you’re using adjustment brushes inside Lightroom (Classic or CC) or Adobe Camera Raw, check out Matt Kloskowski’s latest video tutorial, Advanced Brush Settings in Lightroom and Photoshop, which talks about how to use the Flow and Density settings to get better targeted adjustments during your editing sessions. Matt’s explanation of why you want to play […]

Understanding the Lightroom Classic to Photoshop Workflow

Understanding the basics of how to take your photos from Lightroom Classic (works the same in earlier versions of Lightroom Classic too) to Photoshop and back again (and possibly back and forth more than once) can reduce frustration and increase efficiency. Show More Summary

Extending the Power of Lr Classic Export

Output is such a huge part of Lightroom Classic that it has four separate modules—Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web—entirely devoted to getting photos out in one form or another, then there are a number of publish service options, and finally there is the tried and true Export dialog. Show More Summary

Mastering Collections in Lightroom Classic: Part 2

While those pre-built collections in the Catalog panel (from last week) are all very useful in their own way there is another level of user-driven collections that you can leverage to fit your organizational needs. This is where the Collections panel comes into play. Show More Summary

Quick tip: four ways to copy develop settings in Lightroom Classic

Copying and pasting Develop settings from one photo to another can immensely speed up your editing workflow. It’s one of my favorite features of Lightroom, and Benjamin Warde from Lightroom team shows you four different ways to do it. Show More Summary

An Introduction to Lightroom Classic’s Newest Tools

The announcement of Lightroom CC has been stealing all the thunder when it comes to Lightroom over the last few weeks. At the same time, however, Adobe made some changes and additions to the Lightroom you and I have been using (now called Lightroom Classic). Show More Summary

Adobe brings a major features to Lightroom CC including tone curve and split toning

While some are still getting over the shock of Lightroom’s CC makeover, others are happily plodding along with the renamed Lightroom Classic. Some users have put off making the switch to new CC due to their familiarity with Classic, although some feel it simply lacks important features available with its older sibling. Show More Summary

Mastering Collections in Lightroom Classic: Part 1

In my recent posts about the Folders panel a request was made to do a similar deep dive into collections, which I thought was a great idea since they are both used for organizational purposes, but are very different in nature. In the...Show More Summary

It’s “New Lightroom Features” Day (and one of the new features is pretty awesome!)

New stuff for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom on your mobile device. :) The post It’s “New Lightroom Features” Day (and one of the new features is pretty awesome!) appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.

Setting New Defaults For Lightroom Classic’s Adjustment Brush

Great little tip from the awesome Benjamin Warde on setting new defaults for any of Lightroom’s Local Adjustment tools. Very worth checking out (plus, the video, as always, is less than 60-seconds). That’s helpful to know. Thanks, Benjamin!...Show More Summary

How To Import Your iPhoto Library Into Lightroom Classic

I get a decent amount of questions on this topic from folks on my Lightroom seminar tour – so much so I thought I’d cover TWO different methods for importing your iPhoto library into Lightroom here today (btw: it works pretty much the same for importing your Apple Aperture library). Show More Summary

Lightroom Classic User? Don’t Add Keywords on Mobile

If you're a Lightroom Classic user, that new keyword feature in Lightroom on your mobile device simply doesn't work for us. The post Lightroom Classic User? Don’t Add Keywords on Mobile appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.

Lightroom Mobile – The Secret to Shooting and Editing on Your Smartphone

Why use Lightroom Mobile Many people don’t realize the benefits of using Lightroom Mobile with your Adobe Lightroom Subscription. When you subscribe to Adobe’s Photographer’s plan, not only will you receive Adobe Lightroom Classic, but you also get access to Lightroom Mobile. Show More Summary

Understanding the Role of the Folders Panel: Part 1

The Folders panel may be one of the most used panels in all of Lightroom Classic, but it may also be one of the least understood. Questions relating to the Folders panel have been my bread and butter on the KelbyOne Help Desk since the...Show More Summary

How to sync Lightroom catalogs across many computers without Lightroom CC

A few weeks ago Adobe renamed Lightroom to Lightroom Classic and re-launched Lightroom as cloud connected Lightroom CC. Aside from making everyone really confused, some concerns rose about how will this actually work in terms of licensing Lightroom (just see some of the comments on this post). Show More Summary

Process Version 4 Heads Up

Along with the name change to Lightroom Classic, we also got a new default Process Version (I addressed the new Process Version names previously), Process Version 4. The new Process Version (PV) is what enables the new Range Mask feature in the local adjustment tools, as well as improvement to the Auto Mask function. Show More Summary

Four Tricks for Working With Video in Lightroom Classic

It’s Tuesday, and here’s a little video from Ben Warde where he packs in four awesome little tips into just 60-seconds: Benjamin Warde, rocks! ???? I’m on my way to San Diego for my seminar tomorrow – looking forward to meeting everybody (and to shooting from fighter jets on Wednesday at the ISAP photo call). Show More Summary

New Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic: Which Version is Right for You?

You may have heard that Adobe recently unveiled some pretty significant changes to Lightroom. When you consider using Lightroom, you will now have two different versions to choose from; both are aimed at different audiences. In thisShow More Summary

How to Create a Beautiful Online Gallery with Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Portfolio in 15 Minutes

One of the common questions I hear from photographers is regarding a way to link Lightroom to a photography portfolio website. It usually comes from photographers who don’t like the design options in the LR Web module. The perfect solution...Show More Summary

How to Add a Watermark in Lightroom Classic

Hi, gang, and happy Friday. Here’s one by special request: How to add a Watermark in Lightroom Classic (the watermarking feature is not available in the cloud version of Lightroom – now named “Lightroom CC.)” Hope you found that helpful. Show More Summary

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