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The Female Jihadi

Linda Sarsour is a product of her upbringing – the degrading and vicious treatment meted out to women under Islam.

Jihad-Loving Linda Sarsour: ‘If I Want to Say I’m Black, I’m Black’ [VIDEO]

Wow… talk about race hustling and delusional. Jihad-loving Linda Sarsour is the complete package. Sarsour makes a great politician. She sheds her skin with almost no effort and shifts with

Pro-Sharia feminist Linda Sarsour encourages Palestinians to lie about identity for taxpayer dollars

Add this to the growing pile of reminders that pro-Sharia feminist and "Women's Walk" organizer, Linda Sarsour, is certifiably insane. The post Pro-Sharia feminist Linda Sarsour encourages Palestinians to lie about identity for taxpayer dollars appeared first on RedState.

Toxic Femininity Hides Jealousy and Corruption

The "toxic" men of Houston expose "feminist" hustlers such as Lynn Yaeger and Linda Sarsour for what they are.

Activist Linda Sarsour Attacked for Trying to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Even by the hair-trigger standards of what’s considered offensive on social media, the tweet sent by activist Linda Sarsour on Monday evening was benign, a plea for her 231,000 followers to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

After Linda Sarsour Is BUSTED Exploiting Harvey Donations- She Smears Her Critics As “White Supremacists”

What do you do when you’re caught trying to redirect relief money to your favorite local political group? If you’re Linda Sarsour, you come out and apologize and… hahaha, no.

Linda Sarsour Exploits Harvey Hurricane For Donations

Linda Sarsour is a well-known political activist with Palestinian-American roots. On Tuesday, she posted a donation link on Twitter for Hurricane Harvey relief funds, but instead of going to a

Linda Sarsour’s New Low

From the diaries. Just when you thought the Progressive Left could not go any lower, they do. We have seen them stand on the bodies of victims to push their gun control agenda in Orlando and use riots, property destruction and assault to object to Donald Trump’s presidency to name just a few. Show More Summary

Radical Palestinian Shill Embraced By Mainstream Left Now Fundraising For Her Advocacy and Organizing Efforts Under the Rubric of "Donations for Hurricane Relief"

Darling of the SJW Left, Linda Sarsour, keeping it classy as always: So Linda Sarsour is attempting to exploit the victims of Hurricane #Harvey by fundraising off of the disaster. What a fraud.— Nick Short ???????? (@PoliticalShort) August 30,...

Linda Sarsour Exploits Hurricane Harvey to Fund Community Organizing

Linda Sarsour seems unable to pass up any opportunity to make a quick buck, even at the expense of vulnerable Americans. Her latest target? Caring people all across the country who are looking for ways to help the hundreds of thousands...Show More Summary

AWFUL: Linda Sarsour Attempting To Exploit Hurricane Harvey Victims By Fundraising Off Disaster

Perpetually “woke” Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour is back at it with another money grab. This time, the national co-chair of the Woman’s March has taken to Twitter to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey victims. Or at least that’s what she wants you to believe. Show More Summary

HUGE! Convicted Terrorist Friend Of Linda Sarsour Has Been Stripped Of Citizenship

I say good freaking riddance. A terrorist bud of Linda Sarsour’s, Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 70, just lost her citizenship and will be deported because she faked her citizenship documents. ICE

Meshugge Socialist “Jewish” Publication: Trump, Cernovich, Gorka, Bannon, Head of Zionist Organization of America, Milo Greater Threat to Jews than Linda “Cockroach” Sarsour

In an opinion piece published Thursday titled “19 People Jews Should Worry About More Than Linda Sarsour,” The Forward, a... The post Meshugge Socialist “Jewish” Publication: Trump, Cernovich, Gorka, Bannon, Head of Zionist Organization of America, Milo Greater Threat to Jews than Linda “Cockroach” Sarsour appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

‘I will not be bullied, intimidated threatened over my unshakeable support for Palestinian liberation’ — Linda Sarsour

Defenses of Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American activist attacked as an anti-Zionist by the New York Times, are popping up everywhere. Bob Bland, co-organizer with Sarsour of the Women's March, writes: "As a cis-heterosexual white...Show More Summary

Bari Weiss and the neoconservative hold on the Democratic Party establishment

In an interview with the conservative National Review, neoconservative Bari Weiss, who works at the New York Times, says that her goal in castigating Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour as a "strident anti-Zionist" is to make the Democratic establishment of Schumer, Gillibrand and Pelosi "disavow" her. Will Weiss succeed? Neocons have long exercised power in the Democratic Party.

Ensconced at New York Times, pro-Israel advocate Bari Weiss smears Sarsour as a ‘hater’

Bari Weiss, an opinion editor at the New York Times and longtime pro-Israel advocate, smears Linda Sarsour as a purveyor of "hate" because she is anti-Zionist. Weiss is in a rich tradition of pro-Zionist advocacy at America's leading newspaper, but Sarsour's prominence is endangering that entitlement.

Islamic Political Activist Demands Muslim Immigrants Not To Assimilate, Instead Act “to please Allah and only Allah” [VIDEO]

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Linda Sarsour is an Islamist who is calling for Muslims in the US to not assimilate into our society and for them to commit

Linda Sarsour’s “Jihad’ And ‘Allah’ Speech Blows Up In Her Face – Her Political Support Slipping

There have been many left-wing progressives and Islamic political groups out there that have slowly backed away from Islamic activist Linda Sarsour since her inflammatory July 1 entreaty for Muslims

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