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‘Whomever’ Revisionism.

Bathrobe sent me this Lingua Franca post by Ben Yagoda about one of the more controversial grammatical subjects around, the use of whomever: My suggested test for choosing between whoever and whomever is to put that hole in the sentence aside for a moment and look at the rest of the clause. If takes an […]

The Marketplace Of English As A Global Language

English is in an age of decline; English is in an age of vigor. No language, not even Latin when it was lingua franca, has attained the full-spectrum dominance of Global English. Meanwhile in the home territories, the quality of written English has declined as its quantity has increased. In expression, the hierarchies of formality are […]

MIDI evolves, adding more expressiveness and easier configuration

It’s been a long time coming, but MIDI now officially has added MPE and “capability inquiry,” opening up new expression and automatic configuration. MIDI, of course, is the lingua franca of music gear. AKA “Musical Instrument Digital...Show More Summary

Accentuate the negative

A curious case of a forced-choice sentence-completion question on a ninth-grade exam at a high school in Taiwan is briefly discussed on Lingua Franca today, for a very general non-linguist readership. It merits a slightly longer and more serious treatment, which I thought Language Log readers might appreciate. The exam question basically asks for a […]

How Many Is a Couple?

Anne Curzan at Lingua Franca discusses an interesting phenomenon. To her, as to me, “a couple of” basically means two, but she had a revelation: While discussing language peeves in my introductory English linguistics course, one student, Katelyn Carroll, volunteered that it drove her nuts when people used the phrase a couple (of) to refer […]

A Cashmere Sweater Joins the Hollywood Resistance

Rachel Syme on the brand Lingua Franca, which transforms trending political phrases into luxury fashion statements overnight.

Connie Britton Wore Her Feminism Proudly on Her Chest at the Golden Globes

Nashville star Connie Britton didn't stop at wearing all black to the Golden Globes to show her opinions about sexism... she rocked an embroidered Lingua Franca sweater on the red carpet that spoke her feminism loud and proud. Britton's...Show More Summary

Olivia Wilde Gets Cozy at Lingua Franca x La Ligne PJ Party Celebration!

Olivia Wilde gets cozy in bed while posing for photographs at the Lingua Franca x La Ligne PJ Launch Party Celebration held at The Bowery Hotel on Tuesday (December 19) in New York City. The 33-year-old Drinking Buddies actress was joined by Athena Calderone and Hilary Rhoda at the event celebrating La Ligne and Lingua [...]

A Hawk and a Hacksaw return to nature on forthcoming album Forest Bathing

The internet has changed transnational realities and how music is circulated and translated across borders and cultures. Any eager beaver can espouse music’s lingua franca by simply typing in a nationality and a musical genre and come...Show More Summary

The New Lesvos English.

Matt Broomfield of the New Statesman reports on the lingua franca developing at Moria prison camp on Lesvos: But in the crucible of the overcrowded detention centre at Moria, English is undergoing an accelerated evolution, tentatively beginning to develop its own unique grammar and idiom. My six months working on the island were a crash […]

French the new lingua franca of the world – vraiment? | Steven Poole

Emmanuel Macron’s big ambition for the French language is optimistic, but it adds up to nothing more than an enjoyable bit of grandiose rhetoric Are we turning into a French-speaking planet? That was the surprising possibility raised by president Emmanuel Macron on a recent visit to Burkina Faso. Show More Summary

A Whole New Variety Of English Has Developed In The Lesvos Refugee Camp

4 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"It is unsurprising that simplified English is the lingua franca of Moria prison camp and its environs, spoken between asylum-seekers from formerly-colonised states as disparate as Iraq, Uganda, Pakistan and Burma. But in the crucible of the overcrowded detention centre... English is undergoing an accelerated evolution, tentatively beginning to develop its own unique grammar […]

Welcome back, sneakernet: Why net neutrality repeal will drive us to the edge

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Broiler

VPNs, Wi-Fi Meshes, pods, supernodes, and intelligent distributed cloud services will become the lingua franca of the new Biased Net.

The Pathological Refusal to Report the Simple Truth About Presidential Lying

Tragically, one of the most honest rhetorical tools that journalists have in the fight for truth has been struck from the lingua franca of US journalists. Within the stilted framework of mainstream news “objectivity,” the simple act of calling out “lies” or “lying” by a politician—especially a president—is now taboo.

Mutual understanding in love is attainable with non-native English

(University of Helsinki) As the number of intercultural marriages rises, more and more couples use English as the relationship's lingua franca. 'It's often thought that when the partners learn to speak each other's native languages, they will pick either language as their shared language. Show More Summary

Columbus’s Catalan.

Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera of the University of Puerto Rico has a brief but interesting Lingua Franca piece on the national origins of Christopher Columbus: While conventionally regarded as Genovese, his language had resonances of Catalan. Columbus signed documents (and was referred to in state records) as “Colom” — a Catalan last name meaning “dove.” There is […]

Language Barriers in the Online World

How much do they really limit your reach? Though worldwide internet access is increasing, it may not be as effective in connecting the world as we might think. English, as by far the most common lingua franca, or “bridge language”, is one of only 10 languages that the World Bank estimates comprise about eighty percent […] Original post: Language Barriers in the Online World

Candice Bergen rocks a ‘free Melania’ sweater

Bergen's sweater was custom made for her by luxury sweater brand Lingua Franca.

Music Review: Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins [RCA; 2017] Rating: 2/5 F or the past decade and a half, Grizzly Bear have been working to establish a lingua franca between the historically uncool prog rock and the sporadically trendy indie rock. This idiom...Show More Summary

BBC Pidgin Language Service.

Monica Mark reports: On Monday, BBC World Service launched a Pidgin service, unveiling a website and radio bulletins that will run entirely in the lingua franca spoken across West Africa. It’s the BBC’s biggest expansion in 40 years, and means the broadcaster will join the ranks of local stations that already reach audiences of millions […]

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