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Beaglebone Black GPIO device driver

This will be a simple article about Linux Device Drivers, in fact about a char driver that controls the GPIO ( General Purpose Input-Output) port of the Beaglebone Black.

Nomacs image viewer with synchronization

Nomacs is an open source image viewer and editor for Windows and Linux that supports an option to synchronize viewing between multiple program instances. Windows users can download a portable version of the program or a setup version while Linux users find instructions for various Linux distributions on the official project website. Show More Summary

Tweak Your Own Custom Linux Distro with These Four Tools

Like Windows and Mac OS X, Linux offers a wealth of options for anyone wanting to tweak their operating system. But the nature of the open source world means that you can also create your own distro, burn it to disc and install it. These four tools will get you started. Show More Summary

Unmissable and Free Family Tree Software for Linux

You’re researching your family tree, but you need somewhere to log all of your research data. You’ve heard about family tree software, such as Family Tree Maker, but are unsure if it is available for Linux. Well, it’s not – but plenty of alternatives are! If you’re looking for a genealogy program for Linux, start with these suggestions. Show More Summary

?Black Duck and North Bridge find that today, and tomorrow, belong to open source

65 percent of companies are using open source for development, while 55 percent are using it in their production infrastructure. Any doubters still that Linux and open-source software rule the enterprise software world?

5 Best Linux Distros for Installation on a USB Stick

I regularly find myself writing about USB sticks. Why am I currently obsessing over these cheap dongles, which many have come to regard as fundamentally obsolete? Because they’re still useful. Sure, you’re probably not going to use them to store your files on. Show More Summary

Ubuntu Linux and OpenStack cloud come to IBM servers

IBM partners with Canonical to bring not only Linux, but the OpenStack cloud and Juju-assembled programs as well, to big-iron servers.

How Microsoft Learned Its Open Lessons

Just how and when did Microsoft start to work towards a new and deeper understanding and appreciation of open source, Linux and open standards in general? How justifiable are claims of its appreciation for the community contributionShow More Summary

Steam now offers Hunger Games and other Lionsgate movies for rent

Valve has announced that Lionsgate will offer a large number of its movies, including the hit Hunger Games and Twilight films, for rent from the Steam service for Windows, Mac and Linux users. ...

Gentoo Emulated on Tesla Model S: mv /home/ /office

Tesla Motors’ cars are some of the nerdiest vehicles you can get. But programmer su – tesla made her Model S even smarter by rooting the car’s on-board computer, allowing her to emulate the Linux distro…

Open365 Is An Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Office 365

Windows/Mac/Linux/Android: One of Microsoft’s Office 365 program chief advantages over open source alternatives is the ability to sync documents via the cloud so you can edit them everywhere. Open365 has stepped up to finally match this feature set. Read more...

Microsoft's Open Source Strategy Is Incomplete Without This Acquisition

Not long ago, the industry was primarily divided into two camps – Microsoft, and anything but Microsoft (ABM). But today the scenario is very different. The company that once waged war on Linux is going all out to make it an integral part of its long-term strategy. Microsoft is wholeheartedly [...]

Salesforce: How The Platform Builds New Software

Salesforce can’t be the next Windows or Linux and presumably doesn’t want to be… it wants to provide a componentized world of pick and mix functionality for people to build software. Not everyone who builds apps on App Cloud is an expert programmer -- and that’s by design.

Microsoft Windows Kernel team details Windows Subsystem for Linux

Last month, Microsoft announced Bash on Ubuntu on Windows which enables native Linux ELF64 binaries to run on Windows via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL was developed by the Microsoft Windows Kernel team. Since the announcement was made last month, many people were interested in knowing how kernel team build this subsystem. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Provides In-Depth Look At The Linux On Windows Subsystem

Now that we’ve had a chance to come to terms with the whole Bash on Windows thing, it’s time Microsoft delivered a deeper look at how the integration works. For the curious, that explainer — the first of a series — is finally here. More »      

Under the hood of Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux

Microsoft is revealing more details about how Bash on Windows 10 works, and the company's 'Drawbridge' pico-process work figures prominently.

This Teddy Bear Steals Your Ubuntu Secrets

Ubuntu just came out with the new long-term support version of their desktop Linux operating system. It’s got a few newish features, including incorporating the “snap” package management format. One of the claims about “snaps” is that...Show More Summary

How to Kill Programs and Check System Information in Linux

Oh no, something seems to be going wrong with your computer! On Windows, you bring up the task manager using Ctrl + Alt + Delete to confirm your suspicions. Then you use close whichever program is running amok. But now you’re using Linux, and that keyboard shortcut isn’t doing what you expected. Show More Summary

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