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Realtime Twitter Stream Visualization with .NET Core, Emitter and JavaScript

Visualizing a stream of tweets using Emitter Publish/Subscribe in real-time. Deploying.NET Core on Linux with Docker.

How to Reduce Eye Strain on Linux Ubuntu Systems

While eyes are unarguably one of the most precious organs of the human body, the kind of life we live today – excess use of TVs, gaming consoles, and computers (especially) – isn’t good for our eyes. If you use these digital devicesShow More Summary

Daily Deal: VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer + Ultimate Dock

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

A whole lot of computing power is packed into VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer, an open source Linux computer and fully functional wireless router that is smaller than a coin. The applications of this tiny computer are virtually endless; use it as a VPN gateway to secure your network, an AirPlay music streaming station, and much more. Show More Summary

4 of the Most Underrated Features in VLC Player

VideoLAN Player (known commonly as VLC or VLC Player) has been around for many years and has seen widespread use on both Linux and Windows because of its insane amount of versatility and comprehensive set of features that many other video players failed to deliver. Show More Summary

Fantasy RPG ‘The Dwarves’ now available for Xbox One

Developers King Art Games and Nordic Games fantasy tactical RPG ‘The Dwarves’ is now available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is based on the bestselling novel The Dwarves by Markus Heitz, which follows an orphan dwarf by the name of Tungdil Goldhand, raised by humans. In the game, players must […]

Canonical partners with Docker for cloud container management

Linux power Canonical will support Docker Engine, as well as Kubernetes, for cloud container management.

One Bit, One Instruction Discrete CPU

There is a certain benefit to being an early adopter. If you were around when Unix or MSDOS had a handful of commands, it wasn’t hard to learn. Then you learn new things as they come along. If you started learning Linux or Windows today, there’s a huge number of details you have to tackle. Show More Summary

SUSE acquires HPE’s Cloud Foundry & OpenStack assets

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. has announced that it’s selling the bulk of its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets to Linux provider SUSE for an undisclosed sum. The deal will also see SUSE acquire some of HPE’s “talent”, meaning employees, when it closes in the first quarter of 2017. Show More Summary

SUSE acquires HPE OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets

SUSE has become not only HPE's Linux of choice, but it's now its chief cloud developer as well.

HPE-SUSE partnership aims to help OpenStack customers do more in the hybrid cloud | #HPEDiscover

Earlier this year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and SUSE announced plans for a commercial partnership. Additionally, HPE named SUSE as its preferred Linux partner, bringing together HPE’s Helion OpenStack and Stackato solutions with...Show More Summary

SUSE buys HPE’s OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets

SUSE, which probably is best known for its Linux distribution, has long been a quiet but persistent player in the OpenStack ecosystem. Over the last few months, though, the German company has also emerged as one of the stronger competitors in this world, especially now that we are seeing a good bit of consolidation around OpenStack. Show More Summary

Linux (Bash Shell) on Windows 10 – My Experiments

A few days ago, I needed to rebuild my primary box to more efficiently use the space. Over time, the previous disk-plan had proved wrong with some drives being used up close to capacity and others lying eerily vacant. With that decision came the million buck question “What OS?”.

One PowerShell cmdlet to manage both Windows and Linux resources — no kidding!

Posted by Quoc Truong, Software Engineer If you're managing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources from the command line on Windows, chances are you’re using our Cloud Tools for PowerShell. Thanks to PowerShell’s powerful scripting environment,...Show More Summary

Microsoft announces experimental support for Node-ChakraCore on macOS

Back at the NodeSummit, Microsoft announced experimental support for Node-ChhakraCore on Linux. Today, the company has announced experimental support for Node-ChakraCore on macOS. With Node-ChakraCore, developers can use Node.js with ChakraCore. Show More Summary

$89 Linux laptop? Check out the new Pinebook from Raspberry Pi rival Pine

The Pinebook is a low-cost Linux laptop with an ARM CPU that undercuts the cheapest Chromebooks.

4 of the Best Linux Distributions You Can Run on ARM Devices

Day by day, ARM devices get more and more popular, especially in the world of Linux. Years ago ARM just meant the Raspberry Pi. Now it means a host of devices: hobby boards like the Pi, servers, compact desktop computers and even laptops!... Show More Summary

Red Hat revamps Developer Toolset, Software Collections

As one of the leading Linux vendors, Red Hat Inc. offers a variety of operating systems for its multitude of customers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the company’s main offering, an ultra stable workhorse OS for businesses. Then there’s the Fedora Linux distribution, targeted at developers who want the latest and greatest development tools. Show More Summary

Red Hat Developer Toolset 6 released

Want the latest and greatest tools for programming on Red Hat Enterprise Linux? They're here.

5 of the Best Application Launchers for Linux

Don’t you really hate it when you install a new Linux program, and you can’t find it in the Application menu right away? Sure, you can run it from a command line, but isn’t there an easier way? Yes, there is an easier way, and it’s called an app launcher. Show More Summary

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