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Stellaris Cheats

Looking for Stellaris cheats on PC, Mac & Linux? Here we’ll list Stellaris cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Paradox Interactive’s new 4X grand strategy game. Here we will show you how to unlock all Stellaris codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, Mac & Linux title (where available). Take a...

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Hat For The Headless Linux System

Connecting a headless Raspberry Pi to a wireless network can be quite a paradoxical situation. To connect it to the network, you need to open an SSH connection to configure the wireless port. But to do so, you need a network connection in the first place. Show More Summary

Get Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection on Mac and Linux for $29.99

In the world of turn-based strategy games, is there a bigger name than Sid Meier? Is there a more beloved franchise than Civilization? Probably not. And with good reason, because the depth of gameplay offered in every Civ game is truly staggering. Show More Summary

Are You Using the Best Web Browser for Linux in 2016?

Is there any program on your system that’s more frequently used than the web browser? For most of us, the answer is a resounding no. It’s our window to the rest of the world. Without it, we feel isolated and depressed. And when there’s...Show More Summary

Thursday Jam: Joe Bonamassa, "Different Shades of Blue"

YouTube I've been coding all day. PHP. Javascript. Linux shell scripts. MySQL. I've covered the waterfront. And registered LGF folks can now save their Donald Trump Bumper Stickers directly to their LGF Image Library. And now I feelShow More Summary

6 Linux Distros Designed for Artists, Musicians and Editors

If I had a dollar for every person who told me they’re switching to Linux because it’s free, I could buy a few copies of Windows 10. It’s a wise reason to choose Linux; after all, financial responsibility is something everyone should practice. Show More Summary

Should You Get an Ubuntu Touch Phone or Tablet?

Unveiled in 2013, the Ubuntu Touch platform is designed for smartphones and tablets, and represents the first full Linux operating system for touchscreen devices. Since the first device, the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, was released in 2015, a steady flow of other handsets and tablets has been unleashed. Show More Summary

Steam on PS4 Hack: Steamote Play

Alert the masters! YouTuber OsirisX must be banished, for they have orchestrated an unholy union. OsirisX installed Arch Linux on a PlayStation 4 that still had version 1.76 of its firmware, and then installed Steam on…

Hacker group demonstrates Steam games running on PS4 via Arch Linux

A hacker has found a way to boot Linux on the PS4, fire up Steam, and play at least some titles. It's an interesting experiment in what Sony's platform can do, but we don't expect to see the company embracing Linux as it initially did with the PS3.

Best Windows, iOS, Android and Linux tablets of 2016

No matter whether you want iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux - yes, a Linux-powered tablet - this list of the best tablets for 2016 has you covered! There are also budget-conscious options for those who suffer from price-tag shock.

DuckieTV Tracks Your Favorite Shows, Automatically Downloads New Episodes

Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome: DuckieTV is a no-hassle, fool-proof calendar to track TV shows you’re watching, and it also automatically searches for torrents of new episodes and downloads them to your hard drive. Read more...

The Difficult Way One Player Got Steam Games Running On The PS4, See The Video

Using the PS4 to play PC games seems like a backward dream come true, given that a lot of PC gamers would probably love to play PS4 games on their PCs. Nevertheless, one enterprising gamer managed to get Sony's system to run Linux, and from Linux they were able to boot into Steam's Big Picture Mode.Click To Continue Reading

A Minitel Terminal As A USB Linux Terminal

If you paid a visit to France in the 1980s the chances are you’d have been surprised to see a little brown screen and keyboard sitting next to the telephones wherever you went. At the time, it was another reason apart from the food, wine, and super-fast trains to envy our Gallic cousins. Show More Summary

Watch a Linux Steam Game Run on a PS4

A video shows someone managed to boot a Linux Steam game on PlayStation 4.

?Chromebook + Android apps = Trouble for Windows PCs

Chromebooks are already outselling Macs. So Linus Torvalds is wondering if this really might be the year of the Linux desktop? Maybe, with the addition of Android apps to the Chromebook, maybe it really will be.

Virtually Free Rapsberry Pis

One of the nice things about the Raspberry Pi is that it runs Linux and you can do a lot of development right on the board. The converse of that is you can do a lot of development on a Linux desktop and then move things over to the Pi once you get the biggest bugs out. Show More Summary

Purism builds a secure tablet with physical wi-fi and camera switches

Purism, proud makers of one of the first truly open laptops, is moving into the world of pro-level tablets. Their latest product, the Librem 11, is a tablet that runs any GNU/Linux version (they recommend the ultra-secure Qubes) and can double as a laptop. Show More Summary

7 Apps That Prove You Don’t Need Adobe Creative Suite on Linux

People have been asking Adobe to make Creative Suite available on Linux for several years now, but Adobe has been adamant about its answer: no. Why not? Most likely because the market share is too small to be worth the effort. But the demographic is there. Show More Summary

Console and PC Puzzle Platformer 'Never Alone' Heading to Mobile as 'Never Alone: Ki Edition'

Never Alone is a 2014 puzzle platformer from Upper One Games that originally launched on Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 before seeing ports for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Mac, and Linux in 2015. Now we can add two more platforms to the mix as Upper One has announced a special version of Never

Linux 4.6 is a major release: Here's what's new and improved

With better security, improved ARM support, and, oh yes, better gaming hardware support, Linux 4.6 is a major update.

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