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5 of the Best Image Editing Software For Linux

Most people don’t think of Linux as a great platform for image editing and digital art, but even though Adobe has never ported any of their Creative Suite to Linux, it’s still a capable operating system for creating digital artwork and working with images. Show More Summary

10 Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts That You Might Not Know

Ubuntu is changing. From its position as the most well-known Linux distro with its own unique desktop environment, Unity, Ubuntu’s evolution is continuing. From Ubuntu 18.04 onwards, the operating system will abandon Unity and return to the GNOME desktop. Show More Summary

Linux SambaCry

Great news everyone, Windows is not the only operating system with remote code execution via SMB. Linux has also its own, seven-year-old version of the bug. /s This Linux remote execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-7494) affects Samba, the Linux re-implementation of the SMB networking protocol, from versions 3.5.0 onwards (since 2010). Show More Summary

Update Your Linux Machines Folks

Researchers found a major bug in Samba, a core component of many Linux and Unix systems as it controls storage and interfaces with Windows and other non-Unix things. The issue allows a bad guy to run unapproved code uploaded remotely as a root user. Your firewall has to have the right port open, but lots […]

Red Hat to acquire Codenvy as part of its growing container strategy

Red Hat, which has made its name as the enterprise Linux company, has been making clear in recent years that it sees the cloud and containerization as a significant part of its future. Today, it announced its intent to acquire San Francisco...Show More Summary

Qubes OS 3.2: The Most Secure Linux Operating System

There’s no shortage of Linux operating systems available. However, many Linux distributions (distros) are niche OSes. For instance, Kali Linux is an ethical hacking and penetration testing Linux distro. There are server Linux operating systems, media center Linux distros, and more. Show More Summary

Time for Linux on the Desktop?

As everyone knows, Linux has grown dramatically in the server market capturing 20+% market share in a few years. Many of you also know that there have been a number of attempts to bring Linux to the desktop. Eazel founded in 2000 wanted to make a Linux GUI as easy to use as a Mac.... The post Time for Linux on the Desktop? appeared first on BeyondVC.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 beta adds new security, performance enhancements

Red Hat Inc. has said its upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 release will come with a number of new features aimed at boosting security and performance. The company has just released a beta version of RHEL 7.4, giving organizations the chance to preview some of those new features. Show More Summary

Linux on the Desktop (continued)

In an earlier post, I talk about 2004 as a year where Linux begins to make inroads on the desktop. Here is a recent article from Infoworld suggesting the same. In the article Nat Friedman, cofounder of Ximian which was recently sold to Novell, makes some interesting points. 1. It is not a David vs.... The post Linux on the Desktop (continued) appeared first on BeyondVC.

Teslagrad was most profitable on Wii U

Acclaimed puzzle-platformer Teslagrad launched on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Vita, and Wii U. And you know which platform ended up being the most lucrative for developer Rain Games? The Wii U. That's...Show More Summary

How to build from source code in GNU/Linux

Most repositories for many GNU/Linux distributions have mass amounts of software and packages available within them; it’s becoming more and more rare you are required to build anything from source (unless you use Gentoo), however, many users are left unaware of how to do so if the need ever arises. Show More Summary

How to Build a Custom Kernel on Ubuntu

The thought of compiling your own kernels strikes fear in the hearts of new Linux users. It sounds terrifying, building the most crucial part of your system from scratch. The truth is, though, building the Linux kernel is really easy. Show More Summary

Novell in Microsoft’s crosshairs?

Novell to buy Suse “This is not about competing with Microsoft. This is about addressing the impediments holding Linux back,” says Chris Stone, Novell’s Vice Chairman in the office of the CEO. What a great quote! I have worked with Chris in the past having invested in his prior company, Tilion. Show More Summary

Sunless Skies now offering closed beta registration

Text-heavy roguelike Sunless Skies, the spiritual successor to Sunless Sea, has opened up registration for a closed alpha on PC, Mac and Linux. There's no strings attached to sign up for this early look, though there's no guarantee you'll be selected either. Show More Summary

Widgets on Linux: 5 Plasma Applets You Should Try Out

The Linux world above all else consists of lots and lots of choices. You can mix and match software to your liking, from things like file managers to your entire operating system. The same applies to your desktop environment, the bundle of software that you run your programs on. Show More Summary

Linux Kernel 4.11.2-1 released

The 4.10.y Kernel has come to pass on into the netherworld, and paved the way for Kernel series 4.11.y, which comes with fixes for fscrypt, a boatload of new support for ARM devices such as the BananaPi device for example, enhancements...Show More Summary

You can use Windows 10 Continuum for Phones with Samsung’s DeX dock

With the launch of the Galaxy S8 this Spring, Samsung poached one of Windows 10 Mobile’s unique features–Continuum. The Galaxy S8 shipped with an additional, optional accessory known as a DeX Dock which provided a Linux like desktop operating system complete with support for android apps and advanced desktop multitasking features like multi-window support, drag and […]

Daily Deal: CentOS And Red Hat Linux Certified System Administrator Course

6 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Start mastering Red Hat Linux and even prepare for the RedHat Certified System Administrator Exam (RHCSA) with the $19 CentOS and Red Hat Linux Certified System Administrator Course. Seeing as Linux powers most of the Web, every full stack hacker should be familiar with the operating system and its various tools. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know About WannaCry Infecting Linux

Several days have passed since WannaCry has wreaked havoc on the world with its clever use of an SMB exploit found within Windows, yet the malware continues making the news with new information and speculation surrounding its origins, its trajectory, and the potential for more massive attacks. Show More Summary

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