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random_bytes() in PHP 5.6 and 5.5 - Rob Allen

Last week, I needed some random data and using the power of the PHP manual, came across random_bytes which does exactly what I need. However, it's PHP7 only. As I target both Linux and Windows, I needed to do a bit more work to get it...Show More Summary

Why Upgrading from Windows XP to Linux is Easier than You Think

Since at least the mid 1980’s, I’ve been a Microsoft Windows guy. After testing a few interesting Linux distros, I can honestly say that Linux is actually winning me over. From MS-DOS through Windows 8.1, I remained staunch in my defense...Show More Summary

What Is SU & Why Is It Important to Using Linux Effectively?

Linux has a lot of security measures in place that are meant to protect your system from threats and sometimes (admittedly) our own stupidity. There are three main features that exist to limit and provide access as needed — file permissions, file ownership, and the root user account. Show More Summary

3 UNIX-Like Operating Systems That Aren’t Linux

Over the past decade or so, people have really started to confuse “UNIX” with “Linux” as if they are basically the same thing — but that’s not true. It’s a murky area to tread, but the distinction basically comes down to how you define the terms. Show More Summary

FREE Online Course: Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Last week we offered you the Linux Utility Cookbook for free (still valid), and this week, we have a free online course for you guys! Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking – FREE Video Training Course At the conclusion of this...Show More Summary

Four short links: 31 August 2015

Linux Workstation Security Checklist — This is a set of recommendations used by the Linux Foundation for their systems administrators. Giant Bags of Mostly Water (PDF) — on securing systems that are used by humans. This is what DevOps is …

NVIDIA reveals GPUs for blade servers, Linux desktop support

VDI-focussed for now, but the street finds its own use for things VMworld 2015  NVIDIA has announced the second version of its Grid desktop virtualisation software, complete with a pair of GPUs for blade servers.…

Nvidia Grid 2.0 Virtualization Platform With Blade Server, Linux Support

Nvidia's Grid 2.0 platform brings the company's Maxwell architecture to the enterprise level, promising double the performance, with twice as many users as the previous generation.

Where to Download the Best Linux Games Without Any Hassle

Not even a decade ago, native gaming on Linux was barely a conceivable reality save for a few open source cross-platform games. Today, it’s clear that the “no games on Linux” myth is dead. Sure, hardcore gamers will probably still choose...Show More Summary

FREE eBook: The Linux Utilities Cookbook (a $26.99 value)

Update: The offer will expire soon, so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts! Just a quick deal for you geeks. This deal will only be good for a limited time: The Linux Utilities Cookbook, usually priced at $26.99, is now free for a limited time. Show More Summary

Play ARK: Survival Evolved For Free Right Now

If you haven't tried out survival game ARK: Survival Evolved just yet, this weekend is a good opportunity. The PC/Mac/Linux game is free-to-play through Steam for the full weekend.Click To Continue Reading

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Linux

Anyone considering the switch from one operating system to another needs to spend some time thinking about what functionality they might gain or lose. With a switch from Windows to Linux, you might, for instance, feel that you don’tShow More Summary

?Ubuntu Linux continues to rule the cloud

Ubuntu is more than twice as popular on the Amazon cloud as all other operating systems combined.

FREE eBook: The Linux Utilities Cookbook (a $26.99 value)

Just a quick deal for you. This deal will only be good for a limited time: The Linux Utilities Cookbook, usually priced at $26.99, is now free for a limited time. Over 70 recipes to help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks in Linux quickly and efficiently. Show More Summary

The Forest of the Clouds Desktop

apagajewski’s linux desktop reminds us of the cold winter mornings that are on the way. It’s crisp and refreshing, even if it’s still on the warm side where we are. Here’s how he set it up. Read more...

Everspace: 10 min. of gameplay

With two weeks remaining, the Kickstarter campaign of Everspace has almost reached its goal, leaving time hopefully to reach stretch goals for Mac/Linux support and one can hope for the PS4/X1 version. Check inside two devblog videos...Show More Summary

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/26/15

Today's Water Cooler: Mr. Market calmer, for now, Trump blocking and tackling, Biden boomlet, ObamaCare networks, Linux bday, origin of life

Google’s WiFi router runs Linux, offers home automation hooks

Google and TP-Link unveiled a Gentoo Linux based “OnHub” WiFi-ac router for consumers with 13 antennas, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, controlled by a mobile app.Google’s embedded and IoT horizons appear to be expanding beyond its own Nest subsidiary. The company, which is now technically just another company in the new Alphabet umbrella organization, has partnered with […]

Experimental Unity Editor Arrives On Linux

An experimental build of the Unity editor arrived on Linux, joining Mac OS X and Windows as the third main platform.

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