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Look for Nessie on the Loch Ness livestream

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Loch Ness Monster researcher Mikko Takala presents Nessie on the Net livestreams from cameras on Scotland's famed loch. Did I just see a tree branch or was it a plesiosaur? Remember, what you're seeking may look something like this, the hoaxed "Surgeon's photograph" (1934):

A Loch Ness Apparition

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

There's no doubt that one can see strange things in the mists of Scotland's most famous lake, especially at night. Any weird shape can be a monster! But, of course, we know there's only one Nessie. That's a tragedy …for her. This is the latest comic from Strange Kingdom. See a bonus panel to this story at the link. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Loch Ness’ Other Mysterious Residents

Over the years, numerous theories have been put forward to try and explain what the creatures of Loch Ness, Scotland may be. The theories range from paranormal monsters to giant eels, from huge salamanders to giant frogs and from sturgeon to catfish. Certainly, the most popular theory is that the beasts are plesiosaurs – marine... Read more »

UFO Scientists Claim to Find Loch Ness Monster in Wrong Loch

If you’re an expert at UFO photography, do those skills translate to taking good pictures of cryptids like the Loch Ness Monster? Does Nessie move about on land or transport itself hundreds of miles via some sort of portal or teleportation power? A couple of Austrian UFO scientists walking around Loch Creran in Argyll, Scotland... Read more »

How the search for mythical monsters can help conservation in the real world

After fears the Loch Ness Monster had "disappeared" last winter, a new sighting in May 2017 was celebrated by its enthusiasts. The search for monsters and mythical creatures (or "cryptids") such as Nessie, the Yeti or Bigfoot is known as "cryptozoology".

Land Nessie Reported by Dog Walker in Scotland

If the Loch Ness Monster is spotted on land rather than in the water, is it still a tree stump? If Nessie can live out of the water and travel around Scotland on land, who gets to give it a new name? Those are just some of the questions being asked by Scots living near... Read more »

Divertimento #131

2 months agoHumor / odd : TYWKIWDBI

The fourth "gifdump." Lets start with a funny one:LoCH NeSs MoNSter drOWNS iNNocENt WoManJust a little girl watching TV. With her 12-foot pet snake. You do the interview while I get out of this lifejacket.You can lead a horse to water,...Show More Summary

New Sightings of Lake Iliamna Monster in Alaska

Hot on the heels of lake monster sightings in Loch Ness and Lake Khanto in Siberia comes a report from Alaska of new sightings of an old monster – Illie. That’s the alleged aquatic cryptid rumored to live in Lake Iliamna in southwestern Alaska. Its tales go back to the native Tlingit people with sightings... Read more »

New Loch Ness Monster Movie Coming from Meg Producers

3 months agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Author Steve Alten's novel The Loch is getting a movie adaptation from the same team behind giant killer shark movie Meg.

The Loch Ness Monster getting his own film from the producer of Meg

The upcoming killer shark flick MEG will be hitting us all on August 10th of next year. But before we all get too excited about that we have news that the author of MEG has another monster movie in the works, and this one sounds like a blast. To clarify, the upcoming Jason Statham vs shark flick MEG is based off a book by author Steve Alten. Show More Summary

Ogopogo: A Cousin of Nessie?

While Loch Ness, Scotland’s Nessie is certainly the world’s most famous lake monster, it most assuredly does not stand – or swim – alone. Numerous lakes around the world are said to be the lairs of monstrous serpents of the deep. In all likelihood, some sightings of...

Video Shows What May Be Maine’s Penobscot River Monster

The sudden extended disappearance and alleged sudden reappearances of the Loch Ness Monster have given other lake and river monsters an opening to get some much needed publicity. That could explain the recent sighting of something in Maine’s Penobscot River that has already been dubbed the Penobscot...

Early Monster Confrontations at Loch Ness

While I’m still on a bit of a Nessie kick, I figured I would share with you a number of early reports of sightings of – and references to – strange creatures in Loch Ness, Scotland. Certainly, the most well-known of all the early encounters is that...

From Black-Eyed Kids to Loch Ness & Death

Reading Brent Swancer’s May 8 article, “Mysterious Deaths and the Black Eyed Kids,” reminded me of the strange story, and untimely death, of a certain pursuer of the Loch Ness Monster. His name was F.W. “Ted” Holiday. He was the author of a number of very good...

New Loch Ness Monster Footage Stirs Debate

I saw it quite far across the Loch near the castle, but by the time I stopped the van, It was very close and other people stopped to take photos too. Sadly I don’t believe in monsters, but would love to know what it was. Right there...

Daily 2 Cents: Was Nessie Seen in Recent Video? -- 'Woman in Black' Experience -- Betty's Ghost

Was Nessie Seen in Recent Video?After more than eight months without a sighting, the Loch Ness Monster appears to be back with a bang.Rob Jones, 35, from North Wales, filmed this footage on Sunday, of a mysterious shape moving across...Show More Summary

The Loch Ness Monster isn’t dead after all

This is the moment the fabled Loch Ness Monster was “officially” spotted for the first time this year — bringing more than eight months of uncertainty to an end.



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