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I’m Sanguine About Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick and Nail Color in Gash

Please try not to stare at my T. rex claws…but of course now that I’ve brought them up, you’re going to be staring. “RrrrAAAaarr!” T. rex! I’m holding a purse here because I’ve discovered — well, actually, I’ve know this for a long time...Show More Summary

Yasiel Puig Reminds Us That His Arm Is a Cannon (GIF)

In case anyone forgot over the course of a long offseason, Yasiel Puig has a cannon for an arm. He reminded us on Sunday. Cutoff man?  Puig doesn’t care for cutoff men.  Watch him launch a dart from right field to third base to keep the runners from advancing during a Cactus League game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San […]

Open Letter To Tesla, From The Car Dealership Associations (Satire)

Want to laugh your ass off? Of course you do. Following a very long line of descent that goes back at least to the time of the ancient Greeks, satire has remained one of the most effective ways of making people lol to the point of crying,...Show More Summary

Upgrading Love

“What is love?” asked the singer Haddaway in his one-hit wonder all the way back in that innocent year of 1993. People were asking that question long before him, of course, and it will likely persist as long as humans are around and some future totalitarian government hasn’t restricted sex a la 1984. Show More Summary

Obama at War

There’s an air of tragedy about President Obama. He wants to chart a new course—pivot to the Pacific, end the long decade of war, do nation-building at home—but the old world’s most derelict, dysfunctional quarters keep pulling him back in. Show More Summary

“Who Wants to Sex Mutombo” Is the Best Pickup Line of All Time (Video)

There’s long been a rumor among NBA insiders that, back in his glory days, the great Dikembe Mutombo would just walk into a night club and ask, “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” Of course, Mutombo has long denied this rumor. So have most other former NBA stars who, having sewn their wild oats and settled […]

83% Off Arduino Starter Kit and Training Course – Now Just $84.99

Staring longingly at people doing amazing stuff with an Arduino will only get you so far. At some point, you need to jump in and start tinkering with the devices yourself. Once you do, you’ll realize that building amazing projects them is challenging but doable. Show More Summary

Here's a golf course alligator just eating a turtle

HOW LONG BEFORE HE TURNS ON US? A couple of weeks ago, we asked how terrifying this Florida golf course gator was. WELL MAYBE THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND: Lots of people are asking what alligators is Goliath having a turtle for breakfast. Show More Summary

Wrigley Field Is Fucked

5 days agoSports : Deadspin

This off-season marked the start of a long, expansive, expensive, and arguably unnecessary renovation project at Wrigley Field, which was supposed to be completed over the course of four off-seasons and leave the stadium fully operational during the summer. According to Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, things aren't exactly going as planned. Read more...

Newswire: Lana Condor to play Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse

Over the last 50 years of X-Men movies (or however long it has been), Fox has learned one thing: The more of something there is, the better. That applies to sequels, conflicting origin stories, alternate timelines, and, of course, the number of characters onscreen at any given time. Show More Summary

From Teakettles to Libraries, the Wide-Ranging Career of Architect Michael Graves

6 days agoArts : Slate: The Eye

New Jersey–based architect Michael Graves died Thursday at age 80. An influential postmodern architect and member of the New York Five, Graves taught at Princeton University for four decades. Over the course of his long career, heShow More Summary

Expect "Long Delays" On The Ent Line Tonight During Fall Of Sauron Celebrations

You can't not go to tonight's "Fall of Sauron" dance party in the Crack of Doom, but getting there and back again is really going to be a pain in the neck. Unless, of course, you're a rich dwarf who can afford a Great Eagle to fly you out. Show More Summary

2002/2008 BITD Ford Ranger Class 7300 - The Opporeview

last weekVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

The Ranger is dead. Long live the Ranger. Ford, of course, killed off the beloved small truck a few years ago, but after over two decades of sales the light duty workhorses are still an everyday sight on roads all across the country....Show More Summary

Flying Without Wings: Speeches, Part Two – The Parents and Us

Between the pasta and main course, it was time for Mother and Father Goose to speak. Like a gentleman, Father Goose let Mother Goose go first. I’ve known these two people, well I’ve known Mrs. Goose for a very long … read more

Sister Sam of St. Vincent's 'Meals on Wheels' -- My Idea of a Saint!

Sister Sam with LL Cool J, his wife Simone Smith, and Wolfgang Puck photo from Meals on Wheels It's no secret to my Huffington readers that I'm not a great fan of organized religions. Over the course of a long life I have witnessed too many examples of the deleterious effects many religions have inflicted upon the world. Show More Summary

Mat Staver Calls For "Many Thousands" Of Christians To Disobey SCOTUS Ruling

last weekLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"Civil disobedience has a long and noble history in Western culture, and we will need a primer on it if, as seems likely, the Supreme Court rules against natural marriage in June. Of course, civil disobedience is not justified just because we disagree with a human law, but only when that law conflicts with a higher revealed or Natural Law. Show More Summary

‘Scarface’ Remake Gets Approval From Al Pacino

The Scarface remake is moving forward, whether fans of the 1983 Al Pacino version like it or not. Of course, it has taken a long time for the remake to get underway. The Inquisitr first ran reports about the new Scarface film back in 2012. At that time, it was reported that the film wouldn’t ‘Scarface’ Remake Gets Approval From Al Pacino is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Rockin' Smoothies For The Perfect Start to The Day

Start your day with a quick healthy breakfast that is packed with nutrients and of course, deliciousness. We are talking about smoothies! They have come a long ways since the days of milk and bananas.

Can Republicans end their long exile in Washington state? The Daily Kos Great Mentioner investigates

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee Potential candidates are constantly getting "mentioned" for higher office, but who's doing all that work? Why, the Great Mentioner of course. In this new ongoing series, Daily Kos channels the Great Mentioner...Show More Summary

Of Course It's Going to Snow Tomorrow, the First Day of Spring

Forecasters have growing confidence that it's going to snow tomorrow in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Some cities from Pennsylvania to Long Island could see five or more inches of snow by the time it's over on Friday night. Oh, and tomorrow is the first day of spring. Nature has a twisted sense of humor. Read more...

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