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50 Cent Blames Empire's Ratings Drop On Too Much Gay Stuff

However, over the course of its Season 2 return, Empire's numbers have dropped a wee bit. Many believe the surge in ratings each week was not sustainable over the long haul, but 50 Cent believes there?s another reason the numbers have dropped a bit: There?s too much gay stuff. Click To Continue Reading

Latest ‘Spectre’ Trailer Released Filled With Explosions, Car Chases, And Infamous One-Liners

A new and final Spectre trailer is out. The movie sneak peek is just over a minute long and is jammed with fiery explosions, eye dazzling car chases, and, of course, the famous Bond one-liners. The short clip starts out with 007 riding in a helicopter while examining a ring inscribed with the mysterious Spectre... Show More Summary

Here's the First Look at Renee Zellweger in 'Bridget Jones's Baby'

At long last, production has started on the oft-delayed threequel to "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Bridget Jones's Baby." Now, fans have their first image from the flick to decipher. Of course, there really isn't too much to gather from the shot, which features titular star Renee Zellweger smiling and clutching an iPad. Show More Summary

Enough about your “thoughts and prayers”: Gun violence isn’t about God — it’s about our shameful refusal to act

Of course we should sympathize with victims and families -- but for too long, we've pretended that's all we can do

Five Myths and Misstatements From Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Before Congress

After listening to a nearly five-hour long hearing, late yesterday we posted “Five Takeaways from House Oversight Committee hearing on PPFA’s governmental funding.”  Of course, the five could have been 20. Here are five additional thoughts. There are many goals Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards had in mind as she testified before the House Oversight […]

This Jabba the Hutt lawn inflatable is my kind of scum

What's six feet tall, 10 feet long and has a college degree in carbonite freezing? Why, this new Jabba the Hutt lawn inflatable from, of course. Jabba has a built-in blowing fan for easy inflation and even includes stakes so that you can bolt …

GT6 Track Path Editor Lets You Unleash Your Creativity

The Sony PlayStation just turned 20 not too long ago, and with that, it brought back fond memories of Gran Turismo 2 which offered photo realistic graphics (back then, of course), alongside impossibly long load times that was pretty frustrating, but it felt worth it whenever a track was loaded. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Preview: The Pope Casts a Long Shadow Over the New Term

The U.S. Supreme Court begins its new term Monday, so what follows may surprise you. I'm not going to begin my annual court preview with a rundown of the top pending cases (I'll get to them in due course), but with a few questions and observations about Pope Francis' landmark visit to the United States. Show More Summary

How to Hunt Geese Solo

 Photograph by Lon Lauber There are few things more enjoyable than sharing a duck blind with your favorite hunting partners. Over the course of a long season, though, there are bound to be days when you just have to hunt but can’t find anyone to join you. Show More Summary

I'm Glad We Knew

For the weekend we were a family of four. It wasn't for long, of course, and it was our secret. Your existence most alive in our heads. But not entirely. The second faint line -- it was there. The doctor saw it. I saw it (you), too. You were there, little more than a shadow. Show More Summary

I'm Glad We Knew

For the weekend we were a family of four. It wasn't for long, of course, and it was our secret. Your existence most alive in our heads. But not entirely. The second faint line -- it was there. The doctor saw it. I saw it (you), too. You were there, little more than a shadow. Show More Summary

In the U.K., Deloitte will stop looking at what school job applicants attended

Resumes say a lot about job candidates: where they've worked, what they've accomplished, how long they've stayed put on the job and, of course, where they went to school. While employers may think that last piece of information tells them something about applicants' intelligence and capabilities, it also creates a huge potential for bias about the person's background […]

Ranking the Most Optimistic Fanbases in the AFC East

The AFC East has long been the domain of the New England Patriots. Their fanbase has come to expect division championships and playoff appearances as a matter of course. Successful seasons are measured by Super Bowl titles. Prior to the start of the season, there was a feeling a change might be in the offing. Show More Summary

Goldman Capitulates, Cuts S&P 500 Earnings Forecast And Price Target; Sees Market At 2,000 By Year End

With three months left in the year, we were wondering how long it would take before Goldman's equity strategist would throw in the towel on his increasingly improbable (unless of course the Fed launches QE4, NIRP and/or helicopter money in the coming months) year-end S&P500 price target of 2100. Show More Summary

Girls' golf: Irvine University wins Long Beach Wilson Invitational

With Ellen Takada shooting a 68, Irvine University won the Long Beach Wilson Invitational in girls' golf on Monday at Recreation Park Golf Course.

Captain America: Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie on Who Could Take on the Name Next

It’s been a huge question ever since Marvel’s Cinematic Universe took root: just how long will Marvel Studios be able to lock down these actors? With each passing film, the asking price for each actor only grows. And then, of course, there’s the simple question of whether or not the actor wants to even play the character anymore. Show More Summary

Et Tu, Janet Yellen?

Barely a week after Fed Chair Janet Yellen cheered her many admirers by fending off pressures to raise interest rates in a weak recovery, Yellen reversed course. In a long, dense, technical lecture at the University of MassachusettsShow More Summary

SLC Update (23/09/15)

I'm still reading the witness statement prepared by the local Unison branch secretary, Stephen Smellie, in connection with the long running Employment Tribunal case against South Lanarkshire Council (SLC), which SLC lost of course. Since...Show More Summary

New 3DS Cover Plates On Nintendo’s Online Store

Nintendo is a very good marketer of their products – otherwise, how else do you think that their games and franchises are able to survive for so long? Of course, quality has something to do with it as well, since people will be able to see through the thin veil of marketing jargon after a while. Show More Summary

Harry Reid: I Will Miss Speaker Boehner

"I have had a relationship with John Boehner for a long time. His becoming Speaker, of course, made those relations much more close. I have not always agreed and I wasn't always happy with what John told me, but he never, ever misled me.... Show More Summary

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