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The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen – the more the merrier

If you face long days that start early in the morning and end late in the evening, you understand how important it is that you bring everything you need for the day. Of course, life being the spontaneous little nugget of joy that it is, you never know what you need. While food and water are your main concerns to help keep you alive, you never quite know what sort of...

Taking the Long View

There is a fascinating new study out the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences pointing to a connection between the slow story of climate change and the Syrian Civil War, which of course is the setting out of which ISIS and the current regional war war emerged. Show More Summary

The 12 Best Games on the 3DS

Ah, the Nintendo 3DS. The days when we weren't sure about Nintendo's handheld are long since behind us. Four years after the original 3DS launched, there's a new version with better 3D, improved controls, and of course, a wealth of excellent games to play. Read more...

Patience is a Virtue!

My grandmother used to tell me, my brother and sister that “patience is a virtue.” Of course, she used to say it while we were playing gin rummy and she was taking too long to drop a card. But her point was not lost on the Hornik siblings. My grandmother...

How much is that kitty in the window?

While I was out the other day dodging hail, the weather took a breather long enough for me to notice the window display at the bookstore on the Stadhuisbrug. (Polaris? Selexy & Broese? Something else completely?) Of course, a window … Continue reading ?

The Walking Dead's Season Finale Will Be Supersized - Find Out How Long It Will Be

Do you want more of The Walking Dead? Well of course you do, and AMC has heard you loud and clear. The zombie drama's Season 5 finale will run longer than usual to satiate fans' appetites. The Walking Dead postmortem: Danai Gurira on Michonne's big choice The episode, which airs Sunday, Mar. 29, will... Read More > Other Links From The Walking Dead

NYPD Cops Say Training Inspired by Eric Garner's Death Is a 'Waste of Time'

6 days agoNews : Vice News

Cops have reportedly been falling asleep during the three-day long retraining course billed as a way to change how the city's cops interact with New Yorkers.

Latest Network Denial Likely Means MSNBC Not All In with Chris Hayes Anymore

last weekNews : Mediaite

When reporting on a TV personality possibly getting the boot from their network, it's par for the course to request for official comment on the matter. When you do this long enough, you begin to notice some patterns as it pertains to certain networks. In the case of MSNBC (and NBC News in general), I think I’ve found — as they say in poker — their tell.

A Beer Bottle For Babies Helps Kids Unwind After a Long Day At the Park

If you thought pushing papers at the office all day was stressful, just imagine what your baby has to deal with. The average playground is a full-on obstacle course to an infant, with dogs to dodge, quicksand to avoid, and slides that seem a mile long. Show More Summary

True Root of Black Death: Giant Gerbils?

Much-maligned black rats and their fleas have long been blamed for spreading the Black Death that claimed millions of lives in Europe over the course of a few hundred years, but scientists now have a new critter they think was at fault. By studying tree rings to learn about precise...

'Gotham' Recap: Meet the Red Hood Gang

Even if you don't think the "Red Hood" episode of Gotham qualifies as good television, you still have to admit that a lot happens over the course of the hour. And for the first time in a long time, a lot of it couldn't have been seen coming a mile away. Show More Summary

If the Classics Used 'Literally'

For years we've been bombarded with the word "literally." For a while, I thought it would run its course but it's only been picking up speed, flying like literal shrapnel. I long ago gave up thinking that NPR reporters and hosts would avoid it. Show More Summary

Want Your Own LEGO Oscar? (Of Course You Do!)

If you want a LEGO Oscar of your own, turns out you might not have to wait long: The artist who made them, Nathan Sawaya, has gotten so much positive feedback about the statuettes presented to Oscar audience members during the performance of “Everything is Awesome” that he submitted the design to LEGO Ideas in […]

The Animal Kingdom: A Visitor's Notes

What a long, strange trip it's been. Every step confirmed the truth: that life on earth is not weirder than we imagine: it's weirder than we are capable of imagining. In the course of my journey through the entire animal kingdom I realized...Show More Summary

Is the FAA on a Collision Course With America’s Drone Operators?

Los Angeles, CA—I just spent a long time on the telephone with an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector. I’m not going to name him. He was knowledgeable and helpful under the circumstances. My question involved the use of a somewhat small multi-rotor drone for photography and videography. Show More Summary

While visions of sugarplums danced through their heads

Molecules of sucrose tore apart in their bellies letting glucose course free in their veins. Luckily for us, a system evolved long ago to capture that glucose and minimize it’s potential for damage. Removing sugar from the blood and sequestering it in liver, fat, and muscle cells, minimizes the harm that might result if sugars were free to…

Snapchat tells underage teens to stop sexting: 'Keep your clothes on!'

Snapchat has long been heralded as a sexting app. It seemed so consequence-free initially; your pictures disappeared after a few seconds, so sending risque photos was harmless (Of course, users quickly realized you could screenshot snaps, and people created workarounds to let you record Snapchats surreptitiously). Show More Summary

ITEXPO Miami 2015 Videos Being Posted

If you missed ITEXPO a few weeks back in Miami, FL – I am sorry to hear that… It was one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time. Then again of course I am a bit biased as the conference chairman. Brett Williams of AudioCodesShow More Summary

Martyrologies and Boundary-Making

Elesha Coffman The recent horrific beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya makes me long for many things, foremost among them, of course, an end to the wrenching violence in that region. In an academic vein, the event and the many...Show More Summary

A Photographic Essay on “Global Warming”

By a UK paper, of course.  Worth a look IMO. Oh, and you know that nearly 20 year pause in global warming we keep hearing about?  Wanna guess how long solar activity (as measured by the periodic sunspot cycle) has been observed to be in decline? If you guessed “at least 17 years” – pat […]

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