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Devo’s Origin Story Explained via Adorable Cartoon

Most people love Devo, but it's likely many from younger generations don't know much about how the group came to be. Well, Mark Mothersbaugh is here to explain, with a cute animated short for Google Play. In it, he tells the story of how learning to see for the first... More »

Like a Virgin — Who’s Getting Hymenoplasties and Why as Told By the RealSelf Community

They were in love. RealSelf Top Doctor Michael P. Goodman could tell by the way the couple in his office looked at one another. Their story seemed a familiar one: Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall... Visit for the full story, cosmetic procedure reviews, and much more!

A Love Story Filmed Exclusively Looking Down On A Bed

Jack Tew and Sorcha Anglim came up with such an awesomely creative way to tell a love story and one that makes so much sense: From the sole perspective of the bedroom. The short, Me & You, is filmed completely from the ceiling of the room, giving you a bird’s eye view of the entire relationship, from start to finish. More »      

Girl Without Speech Speaks Her Mind

photo by H.Heydemann I saw this story in the Huffington Post recently: "Man With ALS Tells His Wife 'I Love You' Out Loud For First Time In 15 Years." I thought, how sweet. His first words were his expression of love for his wife (and primary caregiver). Show More Summary

Murder Case Involving Texas Justice of the Peace To Be Developed As HBO Film

The shocking story of a former Texas Justice of the Peace-turned-convicted murderer will be the subject of Preserve, Protect, And Defend, a movie in development at HBO Films. It is being written by Big Love creators Mark V. Olsen & Will...Show More Summary

This is Not a Love Story

21 hours agoHumor : Thought Catalog

Humor was your wall, your shield, to deflect the emotions that were building high.

This Video Proves Love Stories Are A Lot More Romantic When Old People Tell Them

You know that guy who approached you while you were reading in the park and asked you out? It was totally creepy, right? Well, your grandma probably would have found it romantic. College Humor put together a sketch called "The Same Love Story: Old People vs. Show More Summary

Miniature Projection-Mapped Diorama Tells a Universal Story of Love

GIFv by the author. Images courtesy the artists A routine evening on the couch sets the scene for an exploration into the nature of togetherness in Intimacy, the projection-mapped installation by Ravensbourne University students Mike Alger, Ana Mickovic, and Jenil Buria. Show More Summary

No Escape Trailer: “How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love?”

21 hours agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

The Weinstein Company have released the trailer for their international thriller No Escape. No, this isn’t the big screen adaptation of Dan Trachtenberg’s Portal: No Escape you’ve been hoping for… The story follows Owen Wilson‘s family...Show More Summary

'Toy Story 4' Is a Love Story, Won't Continue Trilogy

22 hours agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Pixar studio president Jim Morris says that 'Toy Story 4' won't continue 'Story 3', and won't include humans. [...]

How I Learned To Love My Gap Teeth

A story about how a Parisian teenage boy helped me learn to love my gap teeth. More » How I Learned To Love My Gap Teeth is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

Monumental Love: A Closer Look at the Reception

So we bloggers all do things a bit differently around here, but I for one enjoy seeing some of the reception details while we’re still “on location” in the story. So before we close out the rest of the night, … read more

I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Daredevil Defeated Ultron With a Stick

Every installment of I Love Ya But You’re Strange I spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have a suggestion for a future installment! In honor of the latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, […]

Vid We Love: Watch Sintha the Dog Ski in the Swiss Alps

It's been a long, trying winter for certain areas of the country, and there haven't been many bright spots. Yeah, one of our writers created a path-to-poop for his dog and wrote a nice long story about it, but lost in all the recordShow More Summary

An Old Woman and Young Woman Tell Near-Identical Love Stories to Demonstrate How Romance Has Changed Over Time

yesterdayHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

In a recent video by CollegeHumor, an old woman and young woman tell near-identical love stories to demonstrate how the idea of romance has changed over time. What was once considered endearing is now seen as creepy and cause for firearms.

The difference in dating for you and your grandparents

You know, thinking about it in the context of 2015, your grandparents love story probably seems pretty messed up Things like "we were married after two months" to "he wouldn't take no for an answer" might seem sweet when it's your grandparents,...Show More Summary

Why #TheDress Belongs to Us All

Why #TheDress Belongs to Us All March 05, 2015 People the world over are captivated by this optical illusion, this point of contention, this disambiguation of perspectives. We love the back story, the celebrity involvement, the semi-ironic banality of the whole thing, the brand bandwagoning, and the meta-media commentary.

WTF: Aren’t You Glad This Homophobic ‘Back to the Future’ Scene Got Cut?

For a story that centers around a woman’s unwitting love for her future son, Back to the Future manages to be admirably non-creepy. Sure, there’s a WTF factor that kicks in the second we realize Lorraine has the hots for Marty, but Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale manage to keep things on the right side of the funny / awful divide. Show More Summary

What’s the Best Sad-Movie Snack?

A new study revealed that people snack more while watching sad movies. Researchers from Cornell set up two groups to watch either Sweet Home Alabama (reportedly funny) and the 1970 tearjerker Love Story. The Love Story viewers ate 55 percent more popcorn.  A confirmation about a tendency to sad-snack is... More »

Ron Conway And Y Combinator: A Love Story

With Demo Day fast approaching for the current batch of YC founders, we check in with legendary angel investor Ron Conway. "No one, VC or angel, has invested in more of the top startups than Ron Conway," Y Combinator founder Paul Graham recently wrote. "He knows what happened in every deal in the Valley, half the time because he arranged it." Read Full Story

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