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Using black-box machine learning predictions as inputs to a Bayesian analysis

Following up on this discussion [Designing an animal-like brain: black-box “deep learning algorithms” to solve problems, with an (approximately) Bayesian “consciousness” or “executive functioning organ” that attempts to make sense of...Show More Summary

Immuta adds new tools for anonymizing data and personalized access

Hoping to help data scientists speed up their artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, data management startup Immuta Inc. today is updating its platform with new features that deliver personalized data access and automated differential privacy. Show More Summary

Why Machine Learning Is Key to the Search Marketing of Tomorrow by @cchaitanya

Learn how machine learning and automation are empowering search marketers today and how it can tackle digital marketing's data problems. The post Why Machine Learning Is Key to the Search Marketing of Tomorrow by @cchaitanya appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Data Science Use Cases

It is only when Data Analytics start meshing with advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning that enterprises will reap the benefits of their analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) activities. Those technologies require well-planned Data Science principles built around business need. Show More Summary

Deals: 100 Hours Of Computer Science Training For 90% Off

With giant strides being made in machine learning, cloud computing, and web development, it's safe to say that the tech sector is booming. As a result, a myriad of jobs are opening up in the field--you just need some training to get your foot in the door. Show More Summary

Bug brains help AI solve navigation challenges

GUEST: Drones and other autonomous robots require mobile and efficient solutions to real-life issues, from mundane package transportation to urgent search and rescue missions. Using machine learning and a vector-based navigation system inspired by insects, agents could navigate to key locations without relying on a GPS — becoming truly autonomous. Show More Summary

Percona Live Europe Featured Talks: Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-Scale Machine Learning with Dana Van Aken

Welcome to another post in our series of interview blogs for the upcoming Percona Live Europe 2017 in Dublin. This series highlights a number of talks that will be at the conference and gives a short preview of what attendees can expect to learn from the presenter. This blog post is with Dana Van Aken, […]

Materialize.X is using machine learning to disrupt the $300B engineered wood industry

What’s the next $300 billion industry to be disrupted by technology? Wood. Specifically engineered wood. For background, engineered wood is the technical name for any wood product (like particle board) that is created by bonding wood chips into different shapes using an adhesive. Show More Summary

Search more intuitively using natural language processing in Google Cloud Search

Earlier this year, we launched Google Cloud Search, a new G Suite tool that uses machine learning to help organizations find and access information quickly. Just like in Google Search, which lets you search queries in a natural, intuitive way, we want to make it easy for you to find information in the workplace using everyday language. Show More Summary

How publishers can take advantage of machine learning

As the publishing world continues to face new challenges amidst the shift to digital, news media and publishers are tasked with unlocking new opportunities. With online news consumption continuing to grow, it’s crucial that publishers take advantage of new technologies to sustain and grow their business. Show More Summary

Machine Learning Is Making Video Game Characters Smarter And Robots More Competent

Unity Technologies has linked its game engine to machine learning software, in order to train better virtual characters and physical robots. For years, video game developers have used artificial intelligence to animate those characters encountered by a player, but non-playable characters, or NPCs, have been based on sets of rules coded by humans. Show More Summary

Mobile payments company iZettle raises $36 million in debt for R&D into AI, machine learning, and more

European mobile payments processor iZettle has raised a €30 million ($36 million) debt round to fund a host of research and development (R&D) initiatives covering areas including machine learning and artificial intelligence. The latest...Show More Summary

Swedish payments company iZettle gets €30 million to invest in Artificial Intelligence for small businesses

Swedish payment terminal company iZettle has won €30 million (£26.6 million) in funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for small businesses. AI and machine learning...Show More Summary

Aruba integrates machine learning into behavioral analytics-based security suite

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. subsidiary Aruba Networks is expanding its footprint in the security market with the announcement today of the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, an analytics framework for attack detection and response. The software combines machine learning with existing products and new technology that HPE acquired when it bought Niara Inc. Show More Summary

BT launches Sydney cybersecurity centre

The BT cybersecurity R&D centre will provide more than 170 jobs across cybersecurity, machine learning, data analytics, big data engineering, cloud computing, and software engineering, the NSW government said.

A Hybrid of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Is Spawning New Ventures

At the intersection of two challenging computational and technological problems may lie the key to better understanding and manipulating quantum randomness

Advertisers are upset with Safari's new anti-tracking features

One of the lesser talked about announcements from Apple's WWDC event is that High Sierra's Safari will have something called "Intelligent Tracking Prevention," which uses machine learning to identify ad tracking behavior. Specifically,...Show More Summary

DOE Backs AI for Clean-Tech Investors

Data science company Rho AI will use machine learning to build better networks for clean-tech companies and private investors

Robots are really good at learning things like racism and bigotry

Despite our best efforts, we’re teaching AI the wrong lessons. Bias has crept into our machines and, unless we urge developers to change business as usual, it’s there to stay. We’ve asked the computers to try and see the world as humans do, and they’ve responded by showing the potential to be as racist and ignorant as we are. Show More Summary

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