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Underwater Tour

2 days agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

This looks really odd. Flooding left a garden path underwater in Brazil, and the water is so clear you can see every detail. (YouTube link) A machine translation from the YouTube page says, Faced with the repercussion of the video released...Show More Summary

The Algorithm That Helped Google Translate Become Sexist

Widely-used machine learning models are picking up social biases, and the only way to fix the problem is get more humans involved.

Bike Rider DX series coming as complete package to JP Switch eShop this week

The following information was translated by Perfectly Nintendo...- includes a selection of 295 levels from all 3 Nintendo 3DS games- also features 40 different costumes that you can get using a capsule-toy machine, only takes tickets...Show More Summary

AI that cracked ancient secret code could help robot translation

Breaking ciphers is like learning to translate a language, so a technique that unscrambled one of the earliest known examples could assist machine translation

Why Brigham Young University Had a Secret Cola Vending Machine

There’s a joke in the Mormon community that requires a bit of translation for outsiders. Here goes: “How do you tell the difference between a good Mormon and a bad Mormon?” The answer? “By the temperature of their caffeine.” It’s often claimed that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prohibits their members from consuming caffeine. Show More Summary

Machine translation studies

So, are the machines taking over ? Will they come to dominate even literary translation ? Antonio Toral and Andy Way considered What Level of Quality can Neural Machine Translation Attain on Literary Text ? (warning ! dreaded pdf format...Show More Summary

Unbabel raises $23M for AI translations backed up by human editors

Artificial intelligence may eventually become the perfect universal translator, but even though machine translation may be lightning fast, it still falls behind the accuracy of human translators. Portuguese startup Unbabel believes its “AI-powered, human-refined” translations combine the best of both worlds. Show More Summary

Unbabel raises $23 million from Microsoft, Salesforce, others to grow its machine-human translation platform

Unbabel, a machine translation platform that uses humans to verify translated content, has raised $23 million in a series B round of funding from Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Samsung Next, Scale Venture Partners, Notion Capital, Caixa Capital, and Funders Club. Show More Summary

Protect Your Network With a Bastion Host in Just 3 Steps

Do you have machines on your internal network that you need to access from the outside world? Using a bastion host as the gatekeeper to your network may be the solution. What Is a Bastion Host? Bastion translates literally into a place that is fortified. Show More Summary

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will host machine translation hackathon

(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) DeepHack.Babel hackathon has opened registration for the qualification round. This is the fifth in a series of DeepHack events organized by Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab at MIPT. This...Show More Summary

Apple could use machine learning to shore up LiDAR limitations in self-driving

Apple has a new paper published in Cornell’s arXiv open directory of scientific research, describing a method for using machine learning to translate the raw point cloud data gathered by LiDAR arrays into results that include detection of 3D objects, including bicycles and pedestrians, with no additional sensor data required. Show More Summary

Flitto’s language data helps machine translation systems get more accurate

Artificial intelligence-powered translation is becoming an increasingly crowded category, with Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook all working on their own services. But tech still isn’t a match for professional human translations and machine-generated results are often hit-and-miss. Show More Summary

Microsoft Translator expands neural machine translation (NMT) to 10 new languages

One year ago, Microsoft announced that neural networks are now powering all the speech translation on Microsoft Translator. Microsoft also made it available to all developers who use the Microsoft Translator speech API inside their apps...Show More Summary

Salesforce shows how to bypass a key bottleneck in AI translation

4 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

Salesforce Research unveiled a new technique today that’s supposed to speed up machine translation using AI by doing away with one of the historical limitations of those systems. Instead of translating word by word, the system will now generate whole sentences at once. The approach massively accelerates the process of machine translation compared to the […]

Scientists Use Machine Learning to Translate 'Hidden' Information that Reveals Chemistry in Action

New method allows on-the-fly analysis of how catalysts change during reactions, providing crucial information for improving performance.

Machine learning translates 'hidden' information to reveal chemistry in action

UPTON, NY--Chemistry is a complex dance of atoms. Subtle shifts in position and shuffles of electrons break and remake chemical bonds as participants change partners. Catalysts are like molecular matchmakers that make it easier for sometimes-reluctant...Show More Summary

Machine learning translates 'hidden' information to reveal chemistry in action

(DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory) Scientists have developed a new way to capture the details of chemistry choreography as it happens. The method -- which relies on computers that have learned to recognize hidden signs of the steps -- should help them improve the performance of catalysts to drive reactions toward desired products faster.

Voices in AI – Episode 1: A conversation with Yoshua Bengio

5 months agoTechnology : Gigaom

In this episode Byron and Yoshua talk about knowledge, unsupervised learning, how the brain learns, creativity, and machine translation. Guest Yoshua Bengio…

Using deep learning to forecast ocean waves

Scientists have made amazing advances enabling machines to understand language and process images for such applications as facial recognition, image classification (e.g., "cat" or "dog") and translation of texts. Work in the IBM Research...Show More Summary

How to make use of custom DNS in Windows 10

 A — for those unfamiliar–DNS is a Domain Name System, this is the part of a service that lets you use the web and all its services. DNS provides a way for computers to translate domains from machine readable addresses to IP addresses that computers can understand. Your DNS is usually provided by your ISP, […] Read More: How to make use of custom DNS in Windows 10

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