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Beneficial Role Clarified for Brain Protein Associated with Mad Cow Disease

Scientists have clarified details in understanding the beneficial function of a type of protein normally associated with prion diseases of the brain, such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (commonly known as mad cow disease) and its human counterpart, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Plants may form memories using mad cow disease proteins

Prion proteins are infamous for their role in mad cow disease, but they also help yeasts form memories. They have now been discovered in plants

Case of Mad Cow Disease Found in France

5 months agoHealth : Time: Healthland

The news could lead regulators to lower the country's food safety rating

Prions made in SISSA

"They will help us understand the precise mechanisms by which prions cause illnesses like Mad Cow or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease." SISSA, in collaboration with the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, established ideal lab conditions to create synthetic prions which act like biological ones, in a repetitive manner. Show More Summary

What Really Caused the Last Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in Canada

In all likelihood, the two Black Angus cows in this case would have eaten contaminated feed at their birth farm.

Canada Blames Old Feed for Alberta’s Most Recent ‘Mad Cow’ Discovery

The report is not exactly comforting on that Black Angus beef cow discovered with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) north of Edmonton, Alberta, last February. BSE is a progressive and fatal neurological disease in cattle. The first BSE, or “mad cow,” to turn up in Canada since 2011 was blamed Monday by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency... Continue Reading

Mad cow disease changed the diet of the Galician wolf

The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease crisis in Europe was a turning point for the diet of the Galician wolf, which until the year 2000 had primarily fed on the carrion of domestic animals. A new study shows that, after European health regulations...Show More Summary

4 Branding Secrets from Eminem

In 1996 we were a world in transition. From Osama Bin Laden being expelled from Sudan, Mad Cow Disease outbreak in Britain and turbulent economic times in the US, our news was flooded with woes. But quietly that summer an obscure underground...Show More Summary

The New Meat Ain’t Sweet, But It May Save the World One Day

Summary: We’ve had crazy epidemics like the “chicken flu,” which raised egg prices and cut the chicken lines down in some establishments. We’ve had bouts with Mad Cow disease that scared the Sugar Honey Iced Tea out of everyone. Then there’s the shortage of food in some places, and the epidemic of soccer moms hunting their own food and storing it.

Prion trials and tribulations: Finding the right tools and experimental models

Prions are fascinating, enigmatic, and might teach us not only about rare prion diseases like Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, mad cow disease, or scrapie, but also about other more common neurodgenerative diseases. Two studies report progress with novel tools and paradigms to study prion disease.

Solving the next step in the mystery of prions

Working towards the ultimate goal to develop therapeutics to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and BSE (Mad Cow Disease), scientists are investigating the physical principles underlying the formation of misfolded protein aggregates. Show More Summary

How Cannibalism Could Lead to New Treatments For Deadly Diseases

Papua New Guinea’s Fore people ate human brains for centuries. Could they now hold the secret to curing conditions like Parkinson’s and Mad Cow?

Mad Cow Disease

If you ask me, Scottish Labour must be suffering from the political equivalent of 'mad cow disease. Because instead of a period of calm reflection and honest soul-searching, open warfare has broken out and as the BBC reports an organised effort is underway to make Labour's Scottish leader, Jim Murphy, a scapegoat. Show More Summary

US Man likely Contracted Fatal Brain Disease From Eating UK Beef

A new report asserts that a Texas man who died from a rare brain disease likely got it from eating beef contaminated with mad cow disease while living in the Middle East, decades ago.

Maybe Now’s the Time to Worry About the Return of Mad Cow

An investigation into how an Albertan cow recently contracted mad cow disease is intensifying after Canadian officials determined the cow came from the same farm as another cow that was found in 2010 to have also contracted the disease. Show More Summary

Canadian BSE Case Demonstrates Need for COOL, Lobby Group Says

R-CALF USA, which represents the U.S. cattle industry in trade, marketing and private property rights issues, is pointing to a recent case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) — or, as it is commonly called, “mad cow disease” — in a Canadian cow as a reason to maintain country-of-origin labeling (COOL). The World Trade Organization (WTO)... Continue Reading

Canadian cow infected with BSE

Canada has confirmed its first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy - or mad cow disease - since 2011. ||| Winnipeg, Manitoba - A Canadian beef cow infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy was born on an Alberta farm in 2009,...Show More Summary

Canada- Mad Cow Update

Recall that last Friday, a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in Canada. Chester Dawson reported today at The Wall Street Journal Online that, “Canada said Wednesday a beef cow confirmed to have bovine spongiform encephalopathy was born in March 2009, two years after the country enacted a ban on cattle feed containing animal […]

Foreign Markets Cautious on Canadian Beef Pending BSE Investigation

Foreign markets are being extra cautious about Canadian beef until an investigation into an Alberta cow found to be infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) — or, as it is commonly called, “mad cow disease” — runs its course. In the meantime, South Korea has temporarily banned imports of Canadian beef as a precaution. None... Continue Reading

Canada Confirms Case of Mad Cow Disease

Reuters writers David Ljunggren and Scott Haggett reported on Friday that, “Canada confirmed its first case of mad cow disease since 2011 on Friday, but said the discovery should not hit a beef export sector worth C$2 billion ($1.6 billion) a year. “The news, however, helped boost U.S. cattle prices. “The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) […]

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