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Mock Paper Scissors: The victory of gay marriage may be all but inevitable, but Maggie Gallagher still has battles to fight. David Ehrenstein: Larry Kramer's magnum opus is a new look at American history. Eclectablog: No, Obama did not...Show More Summary

NOM cofounder Maggie Gallagher proposes new org: NORL

last weekLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Claiming that she and her "traditional marriage" supporters are a minority group and bemoaning that "big business" is coming out strongly against the so-called "religious liberty" (i.e. license to discriminate) bills that are emerging in conservative-led legislatures across the nation,...

Science doesn't believe homosexuality is genetic, claims noted geneticist Maggie Gallagher

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Actually, the most recent major study—and one featuring brothers, to boot—suggests that homosexuality does have some sort of a genetic link. But not so, demands omnipresent gay rights opponent Maggie Gallagher. According to the doyenne of marital discrimination, science is...

Maggie Gallagher Turns On Ben Carson

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"Apparently the pounding from CNN led Dr. Carson not only to apologize but say he supports the right of states to choose gay marriage: 'I support the right of individual states to sanction gay marriage, and I support the right of individual states to deny gay marriage in their respective jurisdictions.' Only Dr. Show More Summary

I'm pretty sure Maggie Gallagher just called the National Org. For Marriage ineffective

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Maggie Gallagher, cofounder of the National Organization For Marriage and person most fully associated with the 21st century's fight against marriage equality, on her movement and its flaws: Only Dr. Carson knows why he chose to apologize [ed. note: apology...

Maggie Gallagher's new gig

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Maggie, the person probably most (and forever) associated with marriage inequality in this country, is now editing a political site with its eye on 2016 [Pulse2016] The site is a project of the American Principles Project, which is essentially a...

READ: Full text, signatories of offensive and hubristic 'Evangelicals and Catholics Together' statement

last monthLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Rick Warren, Maggie Gallagher, Ryan Anderson, Robert George, and Rob Gagnon. Those are just some of the notable movement conservatives who have signed on to a new religious statement on marriage, the full text of which has finally been released....

Maggie Gallagher pushes GOP to ignite anti-gay 'culture war'; where (and from whom) have we heard this before?

last monthLGBT / Gay : Good As You

If the GOP sweeps in 2016, Maggie Gallagher knows what she wants to be her party's top priority. It's the unfettered right to deny LGBT people goods and services, natch: If the GOP would like to leave a legacy that...

Photo: Supreme Court's Thomas poses with NOM's cofounder, major equality opponent

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Robert George is the cofounder (along with Maggie Gallagher) of the National Organization For Marriage. Ryan T. Anderson is a Heritage Foundation staffer and a top voice against marriage equality. Today, the two men managed to hug up against a...

Maggie Gallagher Says Only God Can Stop Gay Marriage

3 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

According to the Daily Beast, 2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the conservative opponents of LGBT rights. Though public support for gay marriage is at an all-time high, writes Tim Mak, organizations like the National Organization...

Polls and referenda and strategizing now for naught, Maggie Gallagher looks to God

3 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Maggie Gallagher, the person who is most likely to serve as the face of the 21st Century's marriage inequality movement, has long balked at the idea that anything, including marriage equality, is inevitable. But now that it marriage equality, in...

An "Ex-Gay" At Vatican Marriage Meeting

4 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Jeremy Hooper writes at Good As You: Here's the scene at Day Two, where participants (including Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, Ryan T. Anderson and a whole host of anti-gay political activists) were greeted with a video...Show More Summary

Maggie Gallagher: We're Still Losing

5 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"I myself am struck by the fact that given politicians and the academy and Fox News have all abandoned the issue, exit polls show Americans continue to be split 50–50 on gay marriage. The biggest problem we face is not that our arguments lack appeal, but that the debate has been closed down, and Americans rarely hear our arguments. Show More Summary

Maggie Gallagher's admission by omission

5 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Maggie Gallagher, the person who will forever be most associated with the 21st century's marriage inequality push, wrote a column for National Review Online titled "Why the Democrats Lost." Knowing Maggie, most everyone from every political corner would expect her...

Maggie Gallagher Has The Vatican Sadz

5 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"I hope to respond intellectually to the synod report. Tears right now are streaming from my face, and it is not about objections to welcoming gay people. There is something more profoundly at stake for me. Is this me? In the corner? - Maggie Gallagher, writing for the National Review. Show More Summary

No, I'm not even kind of 'happy about this,' Ms. Gallagher

6 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Here's Maggie's take on the Oregon bakers who have admitted that they discriminated against lesbians because they believe homosexuality is a sin, who have owned up to the fact that they turned away other gay customers before they were finally...

Orientation is not a 'vision,' Maggie

6 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Check out this flawed comparison that Maggie Gallagher makes between a Christian college that refuses to hire LGBT employees or accept LGBT students and a theoretical campaign that she could have (but has not) waged against the Human Rights Campaign:...

Maggie Gallagher Says Duck Dynasty Is Responsible For Dip in Public Support for Gay Marriage

6 months agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

In a new post over at the National Review, NOM co-founder Maggie Gallagher offers her take on the recent Pew poll that found a 5-point dip in public support for gay marriage (49%). Writes Gallagher: It may well be an...

Maggie Gallagher: Marriage Poll Dropped Because Of Phil Robertson & Brandon Eich

6 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

According to Maggie Gallagher, the recent five-point drop in marriage equality polling can be sourced to public outrage over the treatment of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and former Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich. She writes at National Review: Salon may be right — this polling result may well be temporary or an outlier. Show More Summary

Audio: NOM's former counsel says God can't 'stay his hand of justice' if we keep 'testing' him with gayness

7 months agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Charles LiMandri was the National Organization For Marriage's general counsel during its foundational years and during its Prop 8 fight. Maggie Gallagher has touted the virtues of her friend and currently serves on the board of his new organization, the...

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