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Russia Tests New "Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle" in Near Combat Conditions

Dave Majumdar Security, Should NATO be worried?  Russia’s Kalashnikov Group has tested a new unmanned ground combat vehicle called the Soratnik under “near” combat conditions. The Russian development points toward a future where armies...Show More Summary

Get Ready, Russia: 34 More F-35s Could Be Headed to Europe

Dave Majumdar Security, If the sale goes through, the deal would be worth some $6.53 billion. The U.S. State Department has notified the U.S. Congress that it has approved the possible sale of some 34 Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to Belgium. Show More Summary

Russia's Status-6: The Ultimate Nuclear Weapon or an Old Idea That Won't Die?

Robert Farley Security, Europe You make the call. According to the latest Nuclear Posture Review, Russia is developing a new nuclear torpedo/drone, the Status 6. While the torpedo (also covered here by Dave Majumdar) offers some alarming new capabilities, it’s not the first such weapon that the Russians have worked on. Show More Summary

Could Russia's S-400 Do the Unkthinkable: Kill a F-22, F-35 or B-2 Bomber?

Dave Majumdar Security, What does the evidence tell us?  Kofman notes that advanced Russian-built air defenses like the S-300, S-400 and forthcoming S-500 family come with systems designed to detect and track the presence of low observable (LO) aircraft such as the F-22 and F-35. Show More Summary

The Only Reason America Could Lose the Next Big War

Dave Majumdar Security, Continuing resolutions—which Congress has often passed as temporary measures in place of an actual budget—combined with automatic sequestration budget cuts, cause severe disruptions to military readiness. TheShow More Summary

'Swarm' Strikes Are the U.S. Military's Worst Fear

Dave Majumdar Security, But there are options to stop them.  Electronic warfare and radio frequency (RF) weapons might be the best way to counter the emerging threat of swarming drone attacks. While in previous years, drones were a tool...Show More Summary

Just How Much of a Threat is Russia’s Status-6 Nuclear Torpedo?

Dave Majumdar Security, Game changer or paper tiger?  The United States’ new Nuclear Posture Review asserts that Russia’s Status-6 intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo (AUV) is a real weapon and could be a genuine threat. Show More Summary

Could This Be the U.S. Military's Secret Weapon to Stop a 'Swarm' Strike?

Dave Majumdar Security, It might be possible.  Last week’s massed attempted drone strike against Russian forces in Syria is a harbinger of things to come. Indeed, it is almost inevitable that American forces could come under similar attack. Show More Summary

This Is the World's Fastest Plane (And Its Rotting in A Museum)

Dave Majumdar Security, Why?  The SR-71’s JP-7 fuel—which also had to be carried onboard specialized KC-135Q tankers to refuel the Blackbird—was designed to be a safe, high-flashpoint fuel that would not vaporize or blow up under extreme heat and pressure. Show More Summary

Is This the Real 'F-52' Fighter?

Dave Majumdar Security, There might one day be an F-52, but technology has advanced a long way since the days of the YF-22 and YF-23.  President Donald Trump recently told reporters that the United States had delivered the F-52 to Norway. Show More Summary

B-2 Bombers in Guam Send a Message to North Korea (and Russia and China)

Dave Majumdar Security, And a simple one at that.  The United States Air Force has moved three of its stealthy Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit strategic bombers to Guam as tensions continue with North Korea. But while the Pentagon does not...Show More Summary

F-14 Tomcat: The Navy Fighter It Wishes It Could Bring Back from the Dead

Dave Majumdar Security, Who cares about the F-35.  The Navy’s F/A-XX program could be used to fill the service’s air superiority gap—which has essentially been left open since the F-14’s retirement and the demise of the NATF and A/F-X programs. Show More Summary

How Just 1 Simple Design Flaw Destroyed an Experimental Russian Attack Submarine

Dave Majumdar Security, When K-27 was first laid-down on June 15, 1958, she was the first Soviet submarine designed with a pair of novel lead-bismuth cooled reactors. All 144 members of the crew had been exposed to radiation—with nine eventually dying of from radiation poisoning. Show More Summary

America's 'Stealth' Air Force vs. North Korea: Who Wins in a War?

Dave Majumdar Security, Asia Hope we never have to find out... But air defenses are less of a problem than targeting North Korea’s artillery pieces— which are dug into hardened positions—that are aimed at Seoul. Indeed, even withoutShow More Summary

The Navy Is Testing a New Missile That Could Be a Game Changer

Dave Majumdar Security, If the weapon proves to be successful, the Army and the Navy will gain a weapon that offer capabilities that far exceed today’s Hellfire. The United States Navy’s Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has completed...Show More Summary

India’s First Nuclear-Powered Missile Submarine Has Been Out of Action for 10 Months

Dave Majumdar Security, Due to an open hatch... India’s first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) appears to have suffered from an accident that has knocked the boat out of commission for the past 10 months. The vessel propulsion compartments were flooded with seawater due to what appears to have been human error. Show More Summary

Russia Came Under Attack by a 'Swarm' In Syria, Says Report

Dave Majumdar Security, Who launched the attack?  Russian military forces at the Hmeymim air base and the Tartus logistics center in Syria came under attack by what appears to have been a swarm of drones. Some thirteen small unmanned...Show More Summary

Oman to Upgrade Fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons

Dave Majumdar Security, The F-16C/D Block 50, which were first purchased in 2010, forms the core of the Royal Omani Air Force. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified the U.S. Congress of the potential sale of a package of upgrades for Oman’s fleet of the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons. Show More Summary

America's New Nuclear Missile Submarines Might Have a Problem

Dave Majumdar Security, Lots of new tech...and lots of problems?  The Government Accountability Office is raising concerns about the technological maturity of the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine. The new boomer, which must...Show More Summary

The Navy Needs More Nuclear Attack Submarines (And Congress Is Coming to the Rescue)

Dave Majumdar Security, Ultimately, even under a best-case scenario, it will take the Navy decades to reach its stated requirement for attack submarines. A bipartisan group of Congressmen are lobbying the House Appropriations Committee to increase funding levels for the U.S. Show More Summary

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