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Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera: Enhancing auto mode through artificial intelligence

Smartphone cameras have improved significantly over the last couple of years, but the majority of people still use auto mode and just like to point and shoot. Many phones have manual mode for highly customizable shots, but Huawei is attempting to combine the best of both convenience and power with intelligence.

How to Shoot in Manual Mode Cheat Sheet for Beginners

The “Manual Photography Cheat Sheet-Reloaded” by The London School of Photography is a clean-cut, visual way of showing you how to step-up your photography game from automatic to manual shooting. Not only does shooting in Manual Mode...Show More Summary

The Panasonic Lumix TZ90 is a Mighty Little 4k Camera, but is it Good Enough? (Review and Giveaway!)

Our verdict of the Panasonic DC-TZ90:If you're after an everyday camera, then the DC-TZ90 is a great choice. If you want to get creative in manual mode, or become the next YouTube hit, then maybe give this a miss.710 We're giving away a Panasonic DC-TZ90. Show More Summary

Automated OS greases the wheels of distributed DevOps

Automation not only cuts costs by abstracting away undifferentiated labor, it’s also grease on the wheels that keep developer operations rolling along in the technology sector. Elements stuck in manual mode can cause hiccups. That’sShow More Summary

LG's focus on the V30 cameras is great for pros and amateurs

Manual mode? LOG video? Focus Peaking? A smartphone after my camera nerd heart. Almost every phone these days comes with at least an adequate camera. Some, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 have exceptional cameras, but it takes a phone like the LG V30 to say that it was designed with camera buffs in mind. Show More Summary

How to Understand the Difference Between TTL Versus Manual Flash Modes

It is no secret that the popup flash which comes built-in to your digital camera simply isn’t enough in most situations. For a variety of reasons, shooting using just the popup flash is not a feasible option. That is why you will find...Show More Summary

How to Understand ISO on Your Digital Camera

In this article we’ll look at how to use and understand ISO on your digital camera better. Do you use auto modes? Are you the type of photographer who shoots in Manual mode? Or do you go to the other extreme and use one of your camera’s...Show More Summary

SNES Classic Edition tidbits - reactive borders, My GamePlay Demo, manuals and more

- save points cache at least one minute’s worth of gameplay - borders can change color during key gameplay moments. - three display modes: 4:3, Pixel Perfect and CRT. - demo mode option includes footage from your own gameplay saves, or you can use pre-recorded footage by Nintendo - icons that lead to scans of the original manuals - new manual being created for StarFox 2

Optimizing Exposure: Shutter Speed

Shutter speed represents the amount of time the sensor is exposed to light. We use shutter speed to freeze motion. We use shutter speed to create movement and emphasize the feeling of motion. The various shooting modes of manual, aperture priority and shutter priority impact and manage shutter speed. Show More Summary

Yooka-Laylee’s latest patch fixes camera issues with manual mode

Update 2: After months of waiting we finally have a patch. The developers of Yooka-Laylee added a manual mode to control the camera which fixes the lingering problems the game has. This is a welcome addition. For the full patch notes, visit their Kickstarter page. Show More Summary

When, why and how to use exposure compensation

Exposure compensation can be a tricky subject to wrap your head around. The biggest puzzle often being “why do we even need it? Isn’t it easier to just go into manual mode?”. Well, sure, it might be, but it’s not always possible. And...Show More Summary

How to take a photo in manual mode on your smartphone – Gary explains

Many camera apps offer a manual or pro mode that gives you direct control over the camera. But what do all those settings mean? Let me explain.

Caffeine: prevent sleep on Android devices

5 months agoTechnology :

Caffeine is a free application for Android devices that prevents sleep, lock or screen dimming automatically or manually. Power saving modes are essential on mobile devices as these modes will preserve battery when active. That's handy on the one hand, but not so handy in other situations. Show More Summary

Twitter on Android automatically enters 'night mode' after dark

Twitter added a "night mode" option almost a year ago that ditched a big white background for big dark background so users could nocturnally scroll without keeping themselves awake. But the only thing better than manually switching to the eye-saving light is having your phone do it for you. Show More Summary

Driving The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV With A Manual Box

6 months agoHumor / odd : The Sideshow

The Giulia Quadrifoglio deserves to be in Race mode all the time, because it's a proper Alfa Romeo, and the sports sedan we've been waiting for.

Manual Mode or Exposure Compensation – Which is Best?

As you may know, cameras often get exposure wrong. The question is, what do you do when you realize that the exposure settings suggested by your camera are not right? You have two options. One is to switch to Manual mode and set the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed yourself. Show More Summary

Sport mode: Get it right, or get…

8 months agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

Call me old fashioned, but I reckon it’s bullshit. There are a stack of reasons I love my 1989 Nissan Sil80. It’s manual. It’s rear-wheel drive. It’s turbocharged. The thing I love about it more than anything else, though, is when you turn the key (oh yeah, it’s got one of those too), that’s it. […]

3rd Flight of Ranger EX 757-3

8 months agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Finally had the time for the next flight.  I increased the Roll and Pitch gain settings as the first two flights were quite sluggish to control inputs.  I was hoping to complete the "Manual" mode trim setup this flight but I continue to have too much starboard roll for the trim setting on the controller.   The gain setting increases…

Intro to Manual Mode and When to Use It

For those of us who are inherently control freaks, shooting in manual a good thing. If you are getting started with photography, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which settings to use for a given shot or with changing light conditions. Show More Summary

These are 28 common mistakes in Street Photography you should avoid

1.Always using the Manual Mode One common misconception and Street Photography mistake is the believe that professional photographers always use the manual mode and therefore it is also useful for Street Photography, right? Firstly, professional photographers don’t use the manual mode every time. Show More Summary

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