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Crossing the Chasm to Coding: Three Career Backgrounds That Might Help You Convert

Marc Andreessen declared famously in 2011 that "Software is eating the World." With smart phone proliferation, the explosion of cloud services and disruptive innovation running rampant everywhere, his words ring truer today than ever. Show More Summary

History and economics, simplified

Cub economist Marc Andreessen has been thinking again: I understand that data doesn’t explain everything, but in this particular case I would really, really like to see the data that Marc has assembled to back up his argument.

API Economy Sees Increased Venture Capitalists Interest

According to powerful Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, software is eating the world. And if that’s true, APIs are a big part of the trend. But despite the popularity and importance of APIs to the modern software industry, many investors are still somewhat skeptical about API-centric companies. That, however, could be changing in a big way.

Marc Andreessen: Venture capital is not for everybody, but when it works…

Marc Andreessen thinks venture capital is great for entrepreneurs. That’s no surprise, coming from the entrepreneur who cofounded Netscape, Ning, Opsware — all venture-backed companies — and then went on to cofound Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest VC firms in Silicon Valley right now. More to the point, Andreessen thinks VC, while not a […]

5 of Marc Andreessen's Best, No Bullsht Tweets

We sifted through Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen's infinite Twitter stream to bring you some of his best advice for entrepreneurs.

Now That Software's Eaten The World, It's Started To Eat The Company

Marc Andreessen's famous quote has begun to take on a new form, potentially changing the way companies are structured forever

Here's Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Andreessen's plan to make Silicon Valley more diverse

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean In, has been outspoken about tech's miserable diversity numbers. In August, she told USA Today: " I also want to be clear that we are not on the path to get there. In tech, if women are 18% of the graduates, we are not getting to 50% of the jobs. Show More Summary

Why Marc Andreessen and Marc Benioff Are Betting Big on...Buses?

Uber and Lyft revolutionized car-hailing. The race is on to do the same for mass transit.

Marc Andreessen went on an epic, but flawed, tweetstorm about the sharing economy and income inequality

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen went on a tweetstorm on Wednesday night about how the sharing economy reduces income inequality. It was interesting, but fundamentally flawed. For ease of reading, I've post the whole soliloquy in a series of screenshots. Show More Summary

Now anybody can use Robinhood, the no-fee trading app backed by Snoop Dogg and Marc Andreessen

It's sleek. It's easy to use. It's designed to give first time, small-scale investors a leg up on Wall Street hotshots. And after months of waiting, it's now open to anyone who wants to join. Robinhood, a zero-commission brokerage app...Show More Summary

Can You Have Robots, Hoverboards, and Secular Stagnation? Andreessen v. Summers

Diane Coyle says you can have either robots, or secular stagnation, but not both. In a somewhat confused tweetstorm, Marc Andreessen says secular stagnation is BS. Larry Summers, who is one of the guys behind the secular stagnation hypothesis, responds. Show More Summary

PandoLIVE is LIVE now with plans to breed unicorns, LSD, and the always hypocritical Gawker Media

PandoLIVE is live right now! Join the conversation on Twitter, and listen in now. This week we’re talking about (disclosure: Pando investor) Marc Andreessen’s — and many others’– arguments and plans for why we may not be in a super private...Show More Summary

Marc Andreessen’s plan for fostering more “Unicorn” startups

The job of a VC is to identify the highest value companies of a generation and invest early and often to support their growth. The prevailing wisdom within the industry has long been that there are but a handful of companies per era that drive the majority of returns. Show More Summary

This Top Tech Investor Believes Bitcoins Will Beat Apple Pay

Marc Andreessen believes bitcoins will eventually win out over Apple Pay in the next 20 years. But is he comparing “apples” to oranges?

Marc Andreessen was right — people do love to fish

FishBrain, an app and social network for anglers, just caught its 700,000th user.

The fabulous life of billionaire Netscape founder Jim Clark

Silicon Valley legend Jim Clark made it big when Netscape, the web browser company he founded with Marc Andreessen, went public in 1995. Twenty years later, he's now worth an estimated $1.5 billion, thanks in part to large timely investments...Show More Summary

With Story Studio, Oculus VR embarks on its Hollywood takeover

Around the time Oculus VR began experimenting internally with the creation of tech demos, investor Marc Andreessen, impressed with what he'd seen, urged Brendan Iribe, Oculus VR's CEO, to show them off to Hollywood. Andreessen believed the medium was...

Weekend Reading: Marc Andreessen (2011): Why Software Is Eating the World

Marc Andreessen (2011): [Why Software Is Eating the World]( "August 20, 2011: This week, Hewlett-Packard (where I am on the board)... >...announced that it is exploring...Show More Summary

Afternoon Must-Read: Tim Worstall: Facebook Explains Why Marc Andreessen And Larry Summers Disagree

Tim Worstall is, I think, 100% right here. The key difference is between "Smithian" commodities--where it is a safe rule of thumb that the consumer surplus generated is about equal to the producer cost, so that GDP accounts that value...Show More Summary

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