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Investing Wisdom from Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Chris Sacca, and Others

This episode contains some of the best lessons I’ve learned about investing, making money, and growing your personal wealth. It was inspired by my recent talk with Ray Dalio, which has been incredibly popular and led to many additional questions about money and investing. There is no doubt we need to create systems and procedures […]

Former GE CEO Jeff Immelt says 2 things inspired him to transform the company: a 2011 article by Marc Andreessen and a tech book he 'literally read in a day'

Jeff Immelt was CEO of GE for 16 years He turned to Silicon Valley for advice on keeping GE relevant and competitive In an essay published by the Harvard Business Review, he credits much of his inspiration to a 2011 article by Marc Andreessen,...Show More Summary

Why hardware is eating software

As Marc Andreessen famously remarked, software is eating the world. But now Intel hardware is biting back, with x86 instruction set extensions taking on more jobs. Beyond the why, is this a good thing?

Transcript: Andreessen MIB Podcast

Zach Ullman does a nice job transcribing and cleaning up my podcast conversation with Marc Andreessen here. If you would prefer to spend 30 minutes reading rather than 90 minutes listening, well then this is for you. Here is a quickShow More Summary

MIB: Marc Andreessen, Entrepreneur and Investor

This week on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we sit down with venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen has embraced blogs, Twitter and podcasts to educate entrepreneurs about their industry. This is de rigeur among venture investing, but no firms seems to have embraced it as aggressively as A16Z. Show More Summary

Tesla's cars are either the next iPhone — or a 90's Mac, VC Marc Andreessen says

The two scenarios outlined by Andreessen illustrate two drastically different trajectories for Tesla's electric car business.

Worrying Too Much About Valuations? Marc Andreessen Thinks You Are

Marc Andreessen Answers the Tech Valuation Question The venture capitalist says many investors don’t grasp what’s changed     Are you a venture capitalist, angel investor or start-up entrepreneur? Do you seed new technology firms, or...Show More Summary

MIB: Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist at A16Z

This week on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we sit down with venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen has embraced blogs, Twitter and podcasts to educate entrepreneurs about their industry. This is de rigeur among venture investing, but no firms seems to have embraced it as aggressively as A16Z. Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. Why Korean companies are forcing their workers to go by their English-language nicknames. 2. Profile of Richard Spencer, recommended. 3. From jobs to flying cars, a podcast chat with Marc Andreessen. 4. A third of Metropolitan Opera seats went unsold this year (NYT). Show More Summary

Investor VCs and Operator VCs

The Venture Capital business is full of great firms that were founded by entrepreneurs/operators who became investors mid/late career. From Gene Kleiner and Tom Perkins in the early 70s to Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz at the end of the 00s, this is the iconic model of the venture capital firm and the formula that […]

How the cult of the founder turned into a divine right to be an asshole

9 months agoTechnology : Pando Daily

All those entrepreneurs turned VCs… the ones that the industry has spent much of the last decade lauding as the new template of investors, the ones like Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, and Marc Andreessen (all of which are Pando investors)...Show More Summary

Technology has eaten the world

10 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

GUEST: A few years ago, Marc Andreessen first declared that “software is eating the world.” We have been mostly inclined to intuitively believe the trend he was referring to, but we were missing undisputable proof. Now we have quantified proof, at least for the domination of the technology as a whole if not specifically for software. […]

That time Marc Andreessen's first company shipped a $7 million CD in a plastic baggie from the kitchen (GOOG, GOOGL)

These days, Marc Andreessen is one of the most prominent and well-respected venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, as well as a member of Facebook's board of directors. But circa 1994, he was fresh out of school and serving as a cofounder...Show More Summary

Marc Andreessen is still an optimist about the future of news, three years post-tweetstorm

21 is a startup that initially got attention for developing hardware and software to optimize bitcoin mining. But earlier this month, it (pivoted? expanded? diversified?) into providing a sort of paid email service. (This shift was, of course, predicted by the prophets of old.) With 21, you set a price at which people can send...

AI continued its world domination at Mobile World Congress

Silicon Valley investor and web pioneer Marc Andreessen said in 2011 that "software is eating the world." The explosion of app ecosystems seems to prove his point, but things have changed dramatically even since then. These days, itShow More Summary

I Paid $20 to Ask Marc Andreessen Why He Blocks Me on Twitter

If Twitter has seemed rather short on rose-tinted techno-optimism of late, the populist tide sweeping Western politics may not be the only reason. For the past six months, the service has also been missing the voice of its most voluble...Show More Summary

Marc Andreessen Returns to Twitter With an Offer: Pay Me $20 to Ask Me Anything

Marc Andreessen broke his five-month Twitter hiatus, offering to answer questions for $20 each, with the proceeds donated to Black Girls Code.

Marc Andreessen, Tweetstorm and Internet pioneer, returns to Twitter

11 months agoTechnology : USAToday: Tech

Marc Andreessen, who coined the term "Tweetstorm" and helped popularize it, is back on Twitter after a five-month absence.        

How Marc Andreessen got Cisco's John Chambers to invest in a startup that's conquering 'the next interface' (CSCO)

"I viewed voice as the past, where it's really the future," says Cisco Executive Chairman and former CEO John Chambers. That's why he's made a personal investment in hot voice security and fraud-fighting startup Pindrop, and it's why he's joining the company's board of directors, Chambers tells Business Insider. Show More Summary

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