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For his own self-respect, Turnbull should quit

As I mentioned in my last post, Turnbull’s narrow win has left us with a government standing for nothing but delaying various inevitable outcomes, including equal marriage; participation in global action on climate change; and, most notably Turnbull’s removal from office, whether by voters or, more likely, by his own colleagues. The […]

How Chelsea Clinton Helped Get Her Parents To Come Around On Marriage Equality

yesterdayLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

Logo Correspondent Raymond Braun is at the Democratic National Convention, where he caught up with Chelsea Clinton.

Marriage Equality Plaintiff Jim Obergefell: GOP Doesn't Consider Us Human

As Democrats and Republicans embrace diametrically different party platforms in regard to the LGBTQ community, the presidential race has become one of the most divisive ones yet. To learn what’s at stake for queers this election cycle,...Show More Summary

6 Times Hillary Clinton Took Great Risks To Do The Right Thing For LGBTQs

yesterdayLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Hillary Clinton has taken some well-earned lumps for her caution on marriage equality and other issues. Clinton is an inherently cautious politician, but then again, if you were targeted by right-wing nutburgers (and a certain presidential candidate) who alleged you murdered a friend and were a secret lesbian, well, you might be a little gun-shy yourself. Add to [...]

Tegan And Sara Make A Statement About Marriage In New “BWU” Video

yesterdayLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

Tegan and Sara discuss their thoughts on marriage equality in the new song, "BWU."

Apple adds its voice to Australia's marriage equality debate

Apple has added its logo to the Australian Marriage Equality website, joining dozens of other companies such as Microsoft and Atlassian in calling for same-sex marriage to be legalised. "Apple believes all people should be treated equally," the company said in a statement. Show More Summary

Adoption In America: The Good, The Bad, And A Path To Reform

What is the state of adoption in America today? Honestly, it depends. It depends on where you live because our laws vary widely from state to state. It depends on who you love because even with a win for marriage equality, the rights of the LGBTQ community aren't recognized everywhere. Show More Summary

How Trump REALLY Feels About Queer People, Explained In One Sentence

Donald Trump has vowed to appoint judges who will overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, has stated that he supports states’ rights to pass laws that give permission to discriminate against queer people, and he recently...Show More Summary

#AM_Equality Tip Sheet: July 21, 2016

TONIGHT AT THE RNC: DON’S NEXT CON: If last night was any indication, watch for Donald Trump to try to (falsely) rebrand himself as an ally to the LGBTQ community. Here’s the reality -- Trump opposes marriage equality; endorses Kim Davis-style...Show More Summary

Republicans Are Ready To Move On From An Anti-LGBT Agenda, But Their Party Leaders Won't Let Them

CLEVELAND ? What a year it’s been for marriage equality. Same-sex couples can now get married anywhere in the country, and public support for marriage equality remains strong. A majority of young Republicans back same-sex marriage; in...Show More Summary

Video: Get the Facts on Donald Trump

HRC has released a new video detailing the harsh reality that everything we’ve fought for is on the line: LGBTQ worker protections, the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Supreme Court, marriage equality, global LGBTQ equality, transgender equality, and more. Don’t take our word for it, though. Show More Summary

GOP, Hate Group Advocating Abusive Anti-Gay 'Therapy' In Party Platform

As many of you know by now, the GOP platform is a huge mess of homophobic nonsensical junk marshaled in by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. Amongst other things, it includes attacks against marriage equality, the right...Show More Summary

Kim Davis Loses Yet Again, Appeals Court Denies Her Request To Have Antigay Record Cleared

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Another loss for Kim Davis. The infamous Rowan County Clerk dedicated all of last summer to denying same-sex couples their legal right to marry despite the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. This summer, she’s spending her time trying to scrub that illegal antigay behavior from her official record. Related: Kim Davis Is Trying To Rewrite Her Antigay History; Too [...]

How four Californian 'Political Animals' helped set the stage for marriage equality in the U.S.

Women have a way of leading society into its sociopolitical future, putting their livelihoods on the line for what can be seen as the greater good. Like Claudette Colvin, the first person arrested for resisting bus segregation in Montgomery, Ala. Or Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi,...

Openly Gay Republican Delegate on Party's Platform: ‘The Worst Kind of Silence’

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay :

While Rachel Hoff accepted that changing her party’s stance on marriage equality would be tough, the 15-year openly gay Republican was still shocked by the GOP’s unwillingness to tackle LGBT rights.

Bryan Fischer: “It’s Not Okay for Christians to Have Diverse Opinions About Evolution.”

Religious Right leader Bryan Fischer said on his show this week that Christians must agree on issues involving marriage equality and evolution. He was implicitly saying people who supposed gay marriage or accept science can't be True Christians™.

Britain’s New Prime Minister Theresa May Acknowledges Marriage Equality in First Official Speech

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay :

The second woman to hold the post in the country’s history has a spotty record on LGBT rights, but vows to lead the post-Brexit nation into a time of unity.

A Voting Glitch Almost Kept This Church From Approving Marriage Equality

Over the course of two days, the Anglican Church of Canada supposedly rejected a resolution allowing marriage equality... but then reversed that decision.

Jim Obergefell Takes on 'Religious Liberty' Bill in Congressional Hearing

The First Amendment Defense Act would make second-class citizens of LGBT people and others, the marriage equality plaintiff tells a House committee.

Congress Should Abandon Latest Anti-LGBT Effort

Let’s focus our efforts on protecting LGBT people, women, and others from harm. Obergefell, a former ACLU client, was the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling. June 2015 was a joyous time for me and LGBT people across the country. Show More Summary

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