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Royals Round-Up, August 14th, 2015

There are A LOT of people on boats right now. That said, Prince Harry HAS popped out and proved that he’s still alive. And so is his beard. Elsewhere: Marie Claire takes a look at royalty that have lived in the United States Let’s take a look inside Clarence House! This article is quite interesting, Read More...

RepiTitiationes ~ 01.13.15

Ceiling tile portrait from Dura-Europas, ????????? ????????? (Heliodorus the Actuary), 3rd c.AD via @YaleArtGallery — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) January 13, 2015 Mary Beard explains the ground-breaking workShow More Summary

What’s On TV Tonight? TV Listings for Tuesday 02/10/2015

Mary Jane is Mark's "beard" on an all-new Being Mary Jane! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the listings for Tuesday, February 10, 2015: The post What’s On TV Tonight? TV Listings for Tuesday 02/10/2015 appeared first on Rickey - Entertainment News and Videos.

Knitted Beards on Babies

When they're young enough, they don't know why we're laughing at them. From Ravelry, by Ashlee Prisbrey, Megan Graddy and Kylie Marie Brown.

The 10 Most Anticipated Poetry Books of 2015

Although many books aren’t slated until later in the first quarter, 2015 is already shaping up to be a major year for American poetry, especially with the return of favorites like Mary Jo Beard, new collected works from masters like Jorie Garaham, and a book from perhaps our greatest living poet, John Ashbery. Show More Summary

How To Write An Email

11 months agoHumor : The Hairpin

by Haley Mlotek Mary Beard knows everything about everything, so if she says she knows the right and wrong way to send an email, I believe her. I have to say that, despite what I have just said, I actually prefer those emails which are...Show More Summary

Making Sense Of Seneca

In a review of a pair of new books about Seneca, Mary Beard explores the less-than-virtuous life of the famed philosopher Seneca, claiming that the “contradictions in this career are obvious and they troubled many ancient observers, just as they have troubled many later ones.” She reconsiders the Roman Stoic’s perspective toward his death: In […]

Things I Read That I Love #143: What You Fight For, You Love.

Topics include the writing business, clothes & class, memes & misogynoir, Mary Beard, earthquakes, finding a place to be gay and so much more!

Brilliant Women Who Explain Things To Me

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy Rebecca Mead describes the challenges Cambridge classics professor Mary Beard has faced as a prominent female academic: At Cambridge [in 1972], the inequities of gender began to dawn on Beard. “Most of the people who taught us in the faculty were blokes,” she says. “There were only twelve per cent women […]

Mary Beard is a genius at disarming her critics – and I should know

Mary Beard, the classicist with a mane of grey hair and a penchant for Jimmy Choos, has shown how to deal with foes: smother them with kindness. In an interview about her experience at the hands of internet trolls she reveals that she wrote references for one of her tormentors because she feared his misogyny, [...]

Long Read: Mary Beard, “The Troll Slayer”

Rebecca Mead, in the New Yorker: In February, Mary Beard, a classics professor at the University of Cambridge, gave a lecture at the British Museum titled “Oh Do Shut Up Dear!” With amiable indignation, she explored the many ways that men have silenced outspoken women since the days of the ancients. Her speech, which was [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

"The Troll Slayer": Don't Miss This Fascinating Profile of Mary Beard

Here is a partial list of things for which the British historian Mary Beard has gained reverence and notoriety: Positing that Pompeiians had bad breath, based on tartar levels on their fossilized teeth. Theorizing that Romans didn'tShow More Summary

Quickies: New Tropes vs. Women in video games, Mary Beard, and when good journals go bad

Categories: Quickies Women as background decoration, part 2 – Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is out! The troll slayer – A New Yorker piece on Mary Beard, her work as a classicist, and... (Read more...)

“Keep Arguing”

There are plenty of good reasons to read classic literature, but Mary Beard reminds us that there’s a different kind of classic that’s worth revisiting and questioning. “You do the ancient world much greater service if you keep arguing with them.”

An Interview with Mary Beard

"What have the Romans ever done for us?" John Cleese grouches in Monty Python's Life of Brian. To be fair, didn't they give us the aqueduct? Roads? Modern sanitation? Medicine? "Alright, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine,...

Rod Liddle vs Mary Beard – the re-match. Tune in tonight to Any Questions

Last year, Rod Liddle waded into the Mary Beard ‘misogyny’ row. You may recall that Beard appeared on Question Time, and then complained about the ‘misogynistic’ abuse she received on… Continue reading The post Rod Liddle vs Mary Beard – the re-match. Tune in tonight to Any Questions appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Reading Between The Laughs

Reviewing Mary Beard’s Laughter in Ancient Rome, Gregory Hays points to the deeper meaning she finds in their mirth: On Beard’s telling, ancient laughter is generally associated with unease, especially the unease generated by differences of status and power. In the Life of Aesop, jokes articulate the power relationship of master and slave. Roman comedies […]

Four short links: 19 May 2014

Your Coffee Machine is Watching You (Mary Beard) — the future of surveillance isn’t more CCTV cameras, it’s every device ratting you out, all the time. Economics of Apologies — apologies work to restore relationships but are costly for the …

#TBT: The Hairpin as "A Weapon Against Male Speech"

last yearHumor : The Hairpin

by Emma Carmichael Thanks to our pal Silvia for pointing out this wildly important historical anecdote from Mary Beard's winter lecture for the London Review of Books, entitled "The Public Voice of Women," which you should go read in...Show More Summary

A Point of View: Is the archaeological dig a thing of the past?

Archaeological discoveries are more likely to be found by technology than with a trowel and a torch, writes classical historian Mary Beard. If you want a vivid glimpse of ancient Roman life, the best place to go - after the more famous Pompeii - is the town of Ostia, a 30-minute train ride from the centre of Rome, near the coast. Show More Summary

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