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Ancient Earth's hot interior created 'graveyard' of continental slabs

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT geologists have found that ancient Earth's hotter interior created a "graveyard" of continental slabs, as higher mantle temperatures than today caused subducting tectonic plates to sink all the way to the Earth's core.

How cytoplasm 'feels' to a cell's components

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) In a study that may guide drug design, MIT researchers find organelles encounter varying levels of resistance, depending on their size and speed, as they move through a cell's cytoplasm.

Designing custom robots in a matter of minutes

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CSAIL ) Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) created a system called 'Interactive Robogami' that lets you design a robot in minutes, and then 3-D-print and assemble it in as little as four hours.

Using machine learning to improve patient care

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CSAIL ) In a new pair of papers, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) explore ways for computers to help doctors make better medical decisions...

Our hairy insides

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT engineers have predicted how tiny hairs lining blood vessels and intestines bend to flowing fluid. The results may help to design microfluidic devices such as hydraulic valves and diodes.

How we recall the past

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Neuroscientists who study memory have long believed that when we recall an event, our brains turn on the same hippocampal circuit that was activated when the memory was originally formed. However,...Show More Summary

Researchers clarify mystery about proposed battery material

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A compound called lithium iodide (LiI) has been considered a leading material for lithium-air batteries, which could deliver more energy per pound compared to today's leading batteries. A new MIT study helps explain previous, conflicting findings about the material's usefulness for this task.

High-quality online video with less rebuffering

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CSAIL ) In experiments, Pensieve could stream video with 10 to 30 percent less rebuffering than other approaches, and at levels that users rated 10 to 25 percent higher on key 'quality of experience' metrics.

MIT Medical to Implement Cerner Millennium EHR to Interact Seamlessly With Patients

MIT Medical, an ambulatory care center serving the 25,000+ members of the Massachusetts Institute Technology community has selected Cerner to implement an integrated clinical, financial and population health management system. MIT Medical...Show More Summary

Lunar dynamo's lifetime extended by at least 1 billion years

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) In a paper published today in Science Advances, researchers from MIT and Rutgers University report that a lunar rock collected by NASA's Apollo 15 mission exhibits signs that it formed 1 to 2.5 billion years ago in the presence of a relatively weak magnetic field of about 5 microtesla. Show More Summary

Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) For more than 20 years, Qing Hu, a distinguished professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, and his group have been working on sources of terahertz radiation that can be etched onto microchips. Show More Summary

New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Researchers at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have devised a new way to monitor sleep without any kind of sensors attached to the body. Their sensor uses low-power radio waves that detect...Show More Summary

ICE denies detained MIT immigrant janitor from witnessing birth of child

Dozens of supporters rallied outside a jail in Suffolk County, Massachusetts on Thursday in support of a detained immigrant who had a carpet-cleaning business and also worked as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Francisco Rodriguez, 43, has been detained at the Suffolk County House of Corrections since July 13, when he went into the […]

TESS mission to discover new planets moves toward launch

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A NASA mission designed to explore the stars in search of planets outside of our solar system is a step closer to launch, now that its four cameras have been completed by researchers at MIT.

Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers.

High Tech Meets High Fashion With Kino ‘Living’ Jewelry

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets :

Static accessories are so 2016: Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created “living” jewelry. The miniaturized robots, dubbed Kino, meander across your clothes, changing location and reconfiguring appearance. Its various applications, […] The post High Tech Meets High Fashion With Kino ‘Living’ Jewelry appeared first on

Fast, noninvasive technique for probing cells may reveal disease

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT engineers have devised a way to assess a cell's mechanical properties simply by observation. The researchers use standard confocal microscopy to zero in on the constant, jiggling motions of a cell's particles -- telltale movements that can be used to decipher a cell's stiffness. Show More Summary

System automatically retouches cellphone images in real-time

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) This week at Siggraph, the premier digital graphics conference, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Google are presenting a new system that can automatically retouch images in the style of a professional photographer. Show More Summary

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) In South Asia, new MIT research suggests that by the end of this century climate change could lead to summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without protection

Inattention, poor memories shape inflation expectations

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) A new study co-authored by an MIT economist reveals that people have a haphazard approach to assessing inflation. Most citizens only pay attention to the topic intermittently, and they overestimate how bad inflation will become.

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