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University of Arkansas Chemist Receives $1.5 Million Award From the National Institutes of Health

A new $1.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health will allow a University of Arkansas chemist to develop mathematical models to improve the reliability and efficiency of computer-aided drug design. The research could reduce the cost of drug discovery and lead to improvements in public health.

Quantum Questions Inspire New Math

In order to fully understand the quantum world, we may have to develop a new realm of mathematics.

Fewer malfunctions and lower costs thanks to smarter maintenance model

Researchers at the University of Twente have developed a mathematical model for improving the maintenance schedule for trains, rails, aircraft, self-driving cars, robots and nuclear power plants.

In new research on social networks, 'a mathematical argument for stable families or for stable friendships'

Large social networks foster connections by erasing national, geographic, and even linguistic barriers. But when it comes to fostering cooperation, global connectivity leaves something to be desired, new research says.

Bad Brexit Deal Better Than No Deal? Mathematical Idiocy!

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, At the top of the list of absurd Brexit advice is the notion that a bad deal is better than no deal. But that’s what Andrew Duff at the European Policy Center says. Drop the Clichés The British side should stop pretending that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. Show More Summary

Mathematician Lillian Lieber on Infinity, Art, Science, the Meaning of Freedom, and What It Takes to Be a Finite But Complete Human Being

15 hours agoHumor / odd : Brain Pickings

Mathematics and poetry converge in an ode to the "sweet reasonableness" at the heart of a psychologically balanced character.

Lenses and Pinholes: What Does “In Focus” Mean?

In introductory physics, the optics unit often teaches about virtual and real images, focal lengths, indexes of refraction, etc. Some questions that are sometimes glossed over in the rush to present the mathematical formulas and definitions is: What does it mean for an image to form at a particular location? What does it mean for […]

A mathematical model of "Pride and Prejudice."

Do you like math? Are you a fan of "Pride and Prejudice"? Then have we got the paper for you! Here, the authors propose a set of differential equations that describe the romance between Elizabeth and Darcy. Apparently, the mathematical...Show More Summary

Evolutionary dynamics on any population structure

Evolution occurs in populations of reproducing individuals. The structure of a population can affect which traits evolve. Understanding evolutionary game dynamics in structured populations remains difficult. Mathematical results are known for special structures in which all individuals have the same number of neighbours. Show More Summary

M.C. Escher Demonstrates His Artistic Process

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

M.C. Escher was an uniquely gifted artist who had a knack for infusing art with mathematics, even though Escher himself claimed he had "no mathematical ability". Obsessed with perspective, geometry, and pattern (Escher described tessellation...Show More Summary

A Long-Sought Proof, Found and Almost Lost

When a German retiree proved a famous long-standing mathematical conjecture, the response was underwhelming.

Momentum isn't magic – vindicating the hot hand with the mathematics of streaks

It's NCAA basketball tournament season, known for its magical moments and the "March Madness" it can produce. Many fans remember Stephen Curry's superhuman 2008 performance where he led underdog Davidson College to victory while nearly outscoring the entire determined Gonzaga team by himself in the second half. Show More Summary

The mathematics of how sperm swim

6 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

A better understanding how a sperm swims its way toward an egg could help inform new treatments for male infertility. Researchers from the University of York have now come up with a mathematical formula to model how large numbers of moving sperm interact with fluid they're swimming through. Show More Summary

Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function

Unlike experimental neuroscientists who deal with real-life neurons, computational neuroscientists use model simulations to investigate how the brain functions. While many computational neuroscientists use simplified mathematical models...Show More Summary

Mathematical framework explains diverse plant stem forms

It is well known that as plants grow, their stems and shoots respond to outside signals like light and gravity. But if plants all have similar stimuli, why are there so many different plant shapes? Why does a weeping willow grow downwards while nearby poison ivy shoots upwards?

Most cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying 'mistakes'

Scientists report data from a new study providing evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying 'mistakes' account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations that cause cancer. Their research is grounded on a novel mathematical model based on DNA sequencing and epidemiologic data from around the world.

Fighting malaria through mathematical analysis of parasite's metabolism

(PLOS) A new mathematical model, based on the deadliest malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, could help develop antimalarials by identifying key metabolic targets, according to a study published in PLOS Computational Biology by Vassily Hatzimanikatis at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, and colleagues.

Why Polls Seem To Struggle To Get It Right – On Elections And Everything Else

Daniel Alexander, Drake University I am a professor of mathematics, so my ears perk up when I hear someone say that polls seem inaccurate. The public understandably focuses on polling results and how much these results seem to vary. Take two presidential approval polls from March 21. Show More Summary

The Commodore 64's "secret colours"

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Commodore's C64 had a famously decisive, if drab set of 16 colors to choose from, a note of artistic intent amid the unthinking mathematical extremities of other 8-bit color palettes. But did you know there were secret colors? AaronShow More Summary

Women Mock ‘Women and Math’ Trope with Math Brain [Video]

Women: If you have trouble with math, get a Math Brain. Related on EcoSalon What Your Favorite Music Says About You, According to Science Finally, a Mathematical Concept We Love What to Cook for a Mathematician The post Women Mock ‘Women and Math’ Trope with Math Brain [Video] appeared first on EcoSalon.

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