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The Problem with Economists

As has bothered some of you, I think the field of Economics is largely intellectually bankrupt, a field specializing in mathematical formulas that tell us almost nothing about human behavior, a field serving as intellectual hacks for free-market global capitalism that provides justification for the exploitation of the world’s workers without actually caring about those […]

New Bitcoin Rival Currency Will Offer More Anonymity, Say Its Creators

The currency, now in alpha testing, will deploy mathematical techniques that let users keep transaction parties and amounts encrypted. Digital currencies like bitcoin are touted for their anonymity. But in practice, it can be possible to trace transactions across the shared bitcoin ledger known as the blockchain and figure out who's sending bitcoin to whom. Read Full Story

Born This Day: G. Hardy

image Hardy (Feb. 7, 1877 – Dec. 1, 1947) was an English mathematician known for his work in number theory and mathematical analysis. Although Hardy considered himself a pure mathematician, he nevertheless worked in applied mathematics...Show More Summary

Cats + Mathematics = the Furbonacci sequenceThe Fibonacci...

Cats + Mathematics = the Furbonacci sequence The Fibonacci sequence is found in many places in nature, including the branching of trees, leaves on a stem, the flowering of an artichoke, or an uncurling fern. But what if you applied this...Show More Summary

Rutgers Talk

Slides from my talk at Rutgers are now available here. The idea was just to advertise to physicists there the point of view that is all too familiar to regular readers here. The final speculative comments about relations to mathematics … Continue reading ?

Modelling how the brain makes complex decisions

Researchers have constructed the first comprehensive model of how neurons in the brain behave when faced with a complex decision-making process, and how they adapt and learn from mistakes. The mathematical model, developed by researchers...Show More Summary

Model helps decide drug dose for clinical testing

A mathematical model may offer a valuable tool for selecting the proper dose of antiviral drugs for further testing in clinical trials. Researchers showed that the model can accurately predict the results of a clinical study of a herpes drug and pinpoint the most effective dose for treatment. Show More Summary

Mathematics of medical plastics

In this interview, I talk with Ray Rilling about applying mathematics to manufacturing medical plastics. JC: Ray, could you start by saying a little about yourself? RR: Sure. My name is Ray Rilling, and I am the Director of Technology at Putnam Plastics. My initial training was cellular biology with an emphasis on epidemiology, but […]

Culture, mathematical models, and Neandertal extinction

I am not philosophically opposed to building a mathematical model of Neandertal populations. Some of my best work has involved mathematical model-building. Models have an important place in helping us to understand evolutionary history. Show More Summary

Greenland model could help estimate sea level rise

University of Alaska Fairbanks mathematicians and glaciologists have taken a first step toward understanding how glacier ice flowing off Greenland affects sea levels. Andy Aschwanden, Martin Truffer and Mark Fahnestock used mathematical computer models and field tests to reproduce the flow of 29 inlet glaciers fed by the Greenland ice sheet. Show More Summary

Making Parametric Models in Fusion 360

We all know and love OpenSCAD for its sweet sweet parametrical goodness. However, it’s possible to get some of that same goodness out of Fusion 360. To do this we will be making a mathematical model of our object and then we’ll change variables to get different geometry. Show More Summary

Using mathematics to improve human health

Scientists at the Universities of York and Torino have used mathematics as a tool to provide precise details of the structure of protein nanoparticles, potentially making them more useful in vaccine design. Working with a world-leading...Show More Summary

New model could solve inventory problem for retailers

Inventory management has been the focus of three researchers for more than 10 years, Their latest study developed a new mathematical model to apply to inventory problems.

Technique helps predict likelihood of migraines in concussion patients

OAK BROOK, Ill. - Researchers are using a mathematical tool to help determine which concussion patients will go on to suffer migraine headaches, according to a new study published online in the journal Radiology. read more

Why taxes and snooker rules are not that different

Pretty much anyone with even the sketchiest understanding of economics knows that a competitive market is the mother of all driving forces for efficiency. In fact, Kenneth Arrow and Gérard Debreu have a mathematical proof called the Arrow–Debreu model which shows that if the conditions are propitious in terms of a competitive free market there […]

This 8-Bit Guess-the-Correlation Game Is Way More Fun Than It Should Be

Guess the Correlation is a very simple game indeed: Look at a scatter plot, guess the correlation coefficient, win or lose. Are you mathematically minded enough to take on the challenge? Read more...

The Internet's favorite conspiracies don't make mathematical sense

If NASA really faked the moon landing in 1969, about 411,000 people would have worked together to keep that information from the public, and the whole thing would have been exposed about four years later, according to an Oxford researcher who has found a mathematical way to examine the viability...

How Nigeria's First International Male Model Became The New Face of Missoni

Once upon a time he was a regular Applied Mathematics student from Anambra State, Nigeria. Flash forward to this month's recently concluded men's fashion weeks across London, Milan and Paris, and he's stomping down the runway for some of world's most recognized luxury brands. This runway season, the list went [...]

'Astonishing' Clay Tablet May Rewrite Math History

A newly deciphered clay tablet from ancient Babylon has science writers buzzing because it just might "rewrite the history of mathematics," as Live Science puts it. The tablet shows that Babylonians were using sophisticated geometric principles to track the path of Jupiter in the sky, says researcher Mathieu Ossendrijver of...

A new, cheap and fast IT system which allows to predict crimes and to better organize police shifts

Scientists from the Spanish National Police Corps (CNP) and from the University of Granada (UGR) have developed an IT system based in mathematical algorithms which allows to predict how many and what type of crimes are going to be committed...Show More Summary

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