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Mathematical model helps explain C. elegans decision-making process

The C. elegans roundworm sees by eating, sucking in big gulps of bacteria to learn about its surrounding environment. As researchers watched, they noticed an odd pattern marked by "bursts" of eating.

The mathematics of golf

(—The official Rules of Golf, which are continually being revised and updated as new equipment emerges, have close ties to mathematics. In many cases, math is used to place limitations on golf equipment, such as restricting the distance the ball will travel, as predicted by mathematical models. Show More Summary

Her problem-solving theorems helped pave the way for women in mathematics

Cathleen S. Morawetz, the first female mathematician to receive the National Medal of Science, died Aug. 8 at 94.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Learning To Make Art And Music

There is "a growing effort to generate art through a set of A.I. techniques that have only recently come of age. Called deep neural networks, these complex mathematical systems allow machines to learn specific behavior by analyzing vast amounts of data. By looking for common patterns in millions of bicycle photos, for instance, a neural […]

What is a photon?

Introduction Popular science writing about quantum mechanics leaves many people full of questions about the status of photons. I want to answer some of these without using any tricky mathematics. One of the challenges is that photons are very different to ordinary everyday objects like billiard balls. Show More Summary

My 100 Favorite Programming, Math, Physics and Science Books: Part Seven

This is part seven of my 100 favorite programming, mathematics, physics and science books. Quick intro for anyone joining: I've been collecting interesting books for more than 15 years. I'm interested only in books that push thinking and challenge what I already know. Show More Summary

Martin Gardner puzzle: red, white, and blue weights

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Here's a good puzzle from Martin Gardner's Mathematical Circus. The book is out of print but used copies are cheap. Problems involving weights and balance scales have been popular during the past few decades. Here is an unusual one invented by Paul Curry, who is well known in conjuring circles as an amateur magician You have six weights. Show More Summary

The health care quality debate has a myopic view

Medicine is a lot like grade school mathematics. The days are long gone when instantly knowing or quickly arriving at the right answer was enough. Now it’s all about showing your calculations. Process is everything. It’s almost like having the right answer doesn’t matter anymore. If you ask a patient with a given symptom, like […]

The Kolmogorov option

Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov was one of the giants of 20th-century mathematics.  I’ve always found it amazing that the same man was responsible both for establishing the foundations of classical probability theory in the 1930s, andShow More Summary

Creating Curiosities in Mathematics

Something that’s always fascinated me about Dan Meyer’s approach to creating curious mathematical learners is the carefully scaffolded approach he puts into his “any questions” activities. There’s no strict formal guidelines for adhering...Show More Summary

A Summer School for Mathematicians Fed Up with Gerrymandering

Dawn Chan discusses an initiative at Tufts University to apply the concepts of advanced mathematics to the problem of partisan gerrymandering.

Using Intersectionality Theory to Attack Mathematics

As George Orwell observed, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.” But in academia, 2 + 2 = whatever makes people who are not heterosexual

Pokémon Go's new legendary bird Zapdos defeated by just three players

Last night brought the arrival of Pokémon Go legendary creature Zapdos - and players were ready to take it on. Already, a team of just three players have defeated the bird - the smallest number mathematically possible. The game's (overly cautious) recommendation is you bring 20 people to the fight. Show More Summary

How to Overcome Your Biggest Enemy in Life: Fear

Have you ever heard someone say “Me? I’m rubbish at mathematics!” or “It’s no good asking me I’ve always struggled... The post How to Overcome Your Biggest Enemy in Life: Fear appeared first on Lifehack. The biggest impactor on your performance can be a lack of confidence and that comes down to dealing with the hidden fears to your success.

Mathematicians wield geometry, train experts to fight gerrymandering, uphold voting rights

(Tufts University) National experts in mathematics, law, politics, and voting rights are gathering at Tufts University this week to discuss nonpartisan solutions to gerrymandering and promote fair electoral districting practices across the country. Show More Summary

Bobby DeKeyzer: Riddles In Mathematics Part

Witness Bobby DeKeyzer’s quick footed sorcery here in his “Riddles In Mathematics” part for Transworld Magazine.

Yanking The Bank Of Japan's Chain - "It's Basic Math, Stupid!"

Authored by EconomicPrism's MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum, Mathematical Certainties Based on the simple reflection that arithmetic is more than just an abstraction, we offer a modest observation. The social safety nets of industrialized economies, including the United States, have frayed at the edges. Show More Summary

Riddles In Mathematics, Bobby De Keyzer

Bobby blew minds when his Riddles in Mathematics part dropped. Watch it online for the first time ever right here! The post Riddles In Mathematics, Bobby De Keyzer appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding.

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For representation theory aficionados, George Lusztig has put on the arXiv a long document with comments on his papers (for a bit more about him, see this). For a new idea exemplifying the potential grand unification of mathematics and physics, … Continue reading ?

The Rise and Spread of Algebraic Topology

I'm giving a talk on the history of algebraic topology, and how it led a new conception of mathematics.

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