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WELL, WHEN YOU HAVE A CLIMATE OF MASS HYSTERIA, THIS KIND OF THING WILL HAPPEN: The Destruction of Matt Taibbi. “Matt Taibbi has never been accused by any woman of sexual assault or impropriety. The women he is accused of harassing (those who weren’t fictional) based on satirical passages from a book he co-authored nearly […]

Nonfiction: ‘I Can’t Breathe’: Eric Garner’s Life and Death

In “I Can’t Breathe,” Matt Taibbi reports on the people and the policies that shaped the course of Garner’s life.

RIP Edward Herman

3 months agoUtilities / Energy : Peak Energy

Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone has a farewell to "Manufacturing Consent" co-author Edward Herman - RIP Edward Herman, Who Co-Wrote a Book That's Now More Important Than Ever. Edward Herman, the co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent, has died. Show More Summary

Matt Taibbi Exposes The Great College Loan Swindle

Authored by Matt Taibbi via, How universities, banks and the government turned student debt into America's next financial black hole... On a wind-swept, frigid night in February 2009, a 37-year-old schoolteacher named Scott Nailor parked his rusted '92 Toyota Tercel in the parking lot of a Fireside Inn in Auburn, Maine. Show More Summary

Matt Taibbi’s powerful new book, 'I Can't Breathe,' shows why Eric Garner mattered

Author Matt Taibbi looks at the complexity of the Eric Garner 'I Can't Breathe' case in New York and restores Garner's humanity. A 4-star book review.        

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi faces sexual harassment furor over memoir

4 months agoNews : The Raw Story

A Rolling Stone journalist and author canceled one of his two appearances at a humanities festival in Chicago on Saturday after backlash over a memoir he co-wrote in 2000, which critics say recounts his sexual harassment of female employees. Matt Taibbi, author of a new book about the death of a...

Meet Pro Wrestling's Hot New Villain, 'The Progressive Liberal'

4 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Matt Taibbi: "[Daniel] Richards is pitch-perfect. He enters wrestling halls in small towns in states like Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky to boos and jeers, dressed in a horrific shirt emblazoned all over with Hillary Clinton's face. The 6-foot-5, 37-year-old then harangues crowds with choice barbs culled from the fairly tepid liberalism that courses through his […]

The Media Created a World Dumb Enough for Trump

Matt Taibbi: “Donald Trump didn’t just take advantage of these conditions. He was created in part by them. What’s left of Trump’s mind is like a parody of the average American media consumer: credulous, self-centered, manic, sex-obsessed, unfocused, and glued [...]

Matt Taibbi: Media Is The Real Villain (For Creating A World Dumb Enough For Trump)

Authored by Matt Taibbi via, The craziest part of Donald Trump's 77-minute loon-a-thon in Phoenix earlier this week came when he rehashed his shtick about the networks turning off live coverage of his speech. Trump seemed...Show More Summary

‘Xenophobia and racism sells ads’: Matt Taibbi shreds media for creating Trump – then profiting off of him

6 months agoNews : The Raw Story

The Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the book “Insane Clown President” claims Donald Trump didn’t just take advantage or America’s shallow media system, but was created by it. “For more than two years now, it’s been obvious that Donald Trump is a disaster on...

Taibbi: Why Trump Can't Quit the Alt-Right

Matt Taibbi: When [President Trump] finally did make a statement, it was only to issue a preposterous parody of presidential even-handedness, decrying bigotry and violence "on many sides." Those three words instantly set a new standard for Trump-iniquity. Show More Summary

MATT TAIBBI: There Is No Way to Survive the Trump White House. The heads – you’re looking at th…

MATT TAIBBI: There Is No Way to Survive the Trump White House. The heads – you’re looking at the heads – are beginning to pile up in number. Donald Trump rose to fame as a TV star with his cruel punchline firings of hapless reality-show contestants. As chief executive of the world’s mightiest nuclear superpower, […]

There’s No Way to Survive the Trump White House

Matt Taibbi: “Some see in all these maneuverings an effort to purge GOP loyalists like Spicer and Priebus. Others see a Nixonian lunge to hire thugs in a crisis. This to me is all overthinking things. There is no strategy. [...]

Matt Taibbi Bids ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ to the Centrism That’s Been Duping Voters for Decades

8 months agoNews : Truthdig

      “Corbyn’s strong showing came as a surprise to American readers,” writes Matt Taibbi, “who were told repeatedly that Britain’s support for the unvarnished lefty would result in historic losses for liberalism.” (Plashing Vole /Show More Summary

“Trump Was A Woman With A Serious Email Server Problem, And the Dems Still Couldn’t Beat Him!”

Above: the Democratic Candidate for MT-AL You will shocked to know that Matt Taibbi has a column arguing that the Democrats are DOOMED and need better MESSAGING. I’m not saying it’s phoned in, but: Gianforte is a loon with a questionable mustache who body-slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs for asking a question about the Republican […]

Greg Gianforte's Win Confirms The Democrats Need A New Message

Authored by Matt Taibbi via, Democrat Rob Quist was beat by Greg Gianforte in Thursday's special election in Montana The story of Greg Gianforte, a fiend who just wiped out a Democrat in a congressional race about ten...Show More Summary

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