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Bodhicitta: The Nectar of Immortality

In Sanskrit, the word amrita means “immortality.” In traditional Indian mythology, amrita is the nectar or “sweet dew” of the gods that grants immortal life. Amrita appears in different contexts within Buddhism. It might be water or food that is blessed through the act of chanting, or it may be a sacramental drink taken at [...]

How To Get Five Days Out Of Your Smartwatch's Battery

We usually have the luxury of regular charging for our electronic devices, which means that atrocious battery life isn’t necessarily a terrible thing for super-thin phones, tablets and smartwatches. But there are some times when youShow More Summary

Liam Payne Isn’t A Confident Shopper

Just because Liam Payne is a member of the biggest boy band on the planet doesn’t mean he’s confident in every single aspect of his life. Although fans may have a difficult time swallowing this information, but Payne struggles with inner turmoil from time to time. Show More Summary

Eek! Climate Change “…Might Cost Us…Chocolate”

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale A GlobalPost article by Sara Yasin includes the latest climate change and global warming scare. The headline: Our love for things that cause climate change could mean the end of life with chocolate. After a typical climate-change lead-in, the article reads: But now, it looks like our inability to address…

In Gambia, Being LGBT Now Means Torture, Life in Jail

The west African nation has been cracking down on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people — and will now throw away the key for those convicted of "aggravated homosexuality." read more

Giveaway: $200 IKEA Gift Card

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Hectic mornings are the stuff of family life and provide some of the most beautiful, heartwarming memories. But most often, they also mean stressful and rushed moments. And the bathroom is the most critical spot for a stress-free morning. Show More Summary

The secret life of passwords

3 days agoOdd :

Ian Urbina writes about what passwords mean to people beyond gaining access to emails or bank balances. I began asking my friends and family to tell me their passwords. I had come to believe that these tiny personalized codes get a bum rap. Show More Summary

‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Whether ‘Too Many Cooks’ Says Something About the Meaning of Life

3 days agoOdd : Laughing Squid

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores whether Adult Swim‘s popular parody “Too Many Cooks” says something about the meaning of life in the show’s latest episode. Specifically, Rugnetta turns to Albert Camus and absurdism to discuss the nature of such things. Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” is awesome, bizarre, and like so many other […]

The Secret Life of Passwords

We despise them – yet we imbue them with our hopes and dreams, our dearest memories, our deepest meanings. They unlock much more than our accounts.

Single? Here Are 9 Ways to Enrich Your Own Life!

Just because you choose to live a single life doesn’t mean you have to feel alone! There are a lot of reasons to remain single these days, and many women are happy to do so. Unfortunately, other people often view single women with pity or misunderstanding. They think single women sit home every night eating […]

Happy Birthday, Ted Turner: The Media Pioneer and Philanthropist on Religion, the Meaning of Life, and His 10 “Voluntary Initiatives” in Place of the Commandments

4 days agoOdd : Brain Pickings

"Our reason for being here is to have a productive, good, long life and to experience the truth that we're in paradise right now." Brain Pickings takes 450+ hours a month to curate and edit across the different platforms, and remains banner-free. If it brings you any joy and inspiration, please consider a modest donation – it lets me know I'm doing something right.

Imagine life without a proper toilet: That’s the reality for 36 percent of the world’s population

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

It’s 2014. So why do we still need World Toilet Day? Because 2.5 billion people still need one. World Toilet Day remains a critical means to raise awareness globally about one of the many important things we take for granted. Every day, 1400 children die from preventable diseases, like diarrhoea,...

Quote of the Day

Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning to life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible. - Viktor Frankl

Reshaping the meaning of life apologetic

Theists who argue the life cannot be meaningful without God run into the problem of going up against sincere autobiographical reports to the effect that "I don't believe in God and I find life meaningful for reasons X. Y, and Z." IfShow More Summary

A curious squirrel stole some guy's GoPro to make a short documentary about life in the trees.

5 days agoOdd : Happy Place

"Hey, I've been meaning to pick up one of these." Squirrel finds GoPro camera. Squirrel carries GoPro camera up into the trees with intention to make really moving low budget film about life as a young squirrel in the city. Squirrel can't figure out finer points of GoPro camera's operational devices. Show More Summary

When Your Desire To Travel Is Stronger Than Your Desire To Date

last weekOdd : Thought Catalog

The pull to travel is what fuels me in every aspect of my life and I don't think that they fully grasp what that means.

2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13

For today’s prompt, write an optional poem. And no, that does not mean that writing a poem is optional today–I know a few of you were thinking it. No, no, no. No, I’m thinking of how some things in life are completely optional; in fact, most things are. So you have options for today’s poem–maybe too many–but can one ever have too many options? Write a Poem That Wins […]

Adrienne Rich on Lying, What “Truth” Really Means, and the Alchemy of Human Possibility

last weekOdd : Brain Pickings

"The possibilities that exist between two people, or among a group of people, are a kind of alchemy. They are the most interesting thing in life. The liar is someone who keeps losing sight of these possibilities." Brain Pickings takes 450+ hours a month to curate and edit across the different platforms, and remains banner-free. Show More Summary

The meaning of life without God

Here is a comment on that issue by former atheist and Catholic convert Jennifer Fulwiler.

21 Gifts For Millennials That They’ll Actually Be Impressed By

Millennials are known for having a "me me me" attitude. This means they are extremely difficult to shop for. What do you get the person who is already on top of the tech/music/fashion game? Don't worry, me, a real life "self-entitled" millennial, is here to help you out. Show More Summary

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