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Egg Pan, Sugar Softener, and 50 Other Uses for Citrus Peels

After years of drought, it's raining in California, and that means backyard citrus trees are springing to life, delivering green, yellow, and orange packets of deliciousness. But after you make your key lime pie, your lemonade, and your fresh juices, pause before throwing out those peels. Far from...

Real Madrid forward claims his future is at the club despite lack of playing time

Not much playing time James Rodridgez may have spent the majority of life under Zidane on the bench, but that doesn’t mean he wants to leave Real Madrid. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, with James prepared to wait on the sidelines, take his chances when they come and also try and impress his manager […]

Next Season of American Horror: Election 2016

5 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

For me, the most effective horror stories involve an aspect of reality to it; meaning that events that take place within the movie or television show that could occur in real life. This eliminates a lot of paranormal and supernatura...

Do the Child-Free Live Longer?

If you’re of childbearing age, you’re surely used to the refrain that one of the most sublime joys of life is parenthood. A baby means bliss, love and the proxy immortality that comes from passing your genes down to the next generation. You’re also probably used to the other refrain, about how the very act…

Life as a Self-Improvement Project

You are well-advised to view your life as a self-improvement project, but beware of viewing the lives of others likewise. I mean: as your improvement project. If you are drawn to a member of the opposite sex, be sure you...

My Valentine's Day (Night) Makeup Look

The one above was an outtake, since Gloria was there helping me get ready (meaning: reaching for brushes, dipping her paws in powder, headbutting, singing about the glorious life of being Gloria the kitten, and taking off with stuff that will never be seen again). Show More Summary

Siri's latest Easter egg lets you become 'Lego Batman'

Apple's personal assistant Siri is known for its Easter eggs and its oddball answers to questions like, "What is the meaning of life?" Now, its latest trick will help you get in touch with your inner Dark Knight. Source: Mac Rumors

Why Gratitude Is The True Secret To Happiness

Being grateful does not mean you have to forget the wrong that was done to you. Being grateful means you remember that there is a lot of good that is left in your life.

12 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breathe

Here at Goodlife ZEN we’re all about supporting you to lead a happier and more meaningful life. And one of the main modern diseases that kills happiness and meaning is…complication. Complication is rife in our modern lifestyles: complicated...Show More Summary

Judge: 'Wretchedly Unhappy Marriage' No Reason for Divorce

When Tini Owens says she's trapped in a loveless marriage, she means it. Owens, 65, was denied a divorce from her millionaire husband of 39 years after he told a UK judge their "minor" disagreements are simply a part of married life, reports the Times. In a case last year,...

Economic Impact: Women, Monetary Worth, and the Role of HR in Enabling Financial Equity

What does worth mean to you? That is the question Amanda Steinberg, poses in her new book, Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms. Steinberg is a serial entrepreneur, CEO/Founder of WorthFM, a practical savings and investment platform for women, and founder of the brilliant financial advice website for women, The Daily Worth. Show More Summary

This Is The Reason People Get Their Financial Goals Wrong

Money is a component of our well-being, and a means to supporting our life goals, so it warrants careful consideration.Deck

Children Matter Most

In the still moments of life I am reminded just how much my children mean to me.  Their laughter.  Their morning breath.  The way I make them laugh and vice versa. Teaching them to love themselves and ask God for forgiveness. Teaching them to say sorry and forgive others for their wrongdoings. Show More Summary

The hidden life of the office candy dish and what it means when you take a piece

last weekHealth : The Checkup

We dish on secret office signals, your co-workers and the person who takes the last one.

Wonder What Would Disney Characters Look Like in Real Life? Take a Look!

Disney characters are known to bring so much joy and dreams to their viewers and fans. I mean, have you seen the parades in any of the Disneyland franchise? The actors look so much like the Disney characters they dress up as. Kids would...Show More Summary

Agree? “The Serious Problems in Life Are Never Fully Solved.”

“The serious problems in life, however, are never fully solved. If ever they should appear to be so it is a sure sign that something has been lost. The meaning and purpose of a problem seem to lie not in its solution but in our working at it incessantly. Show More Summary

“You Carried Me.” How God Saved Me From a Botched Abortion

“You Carried Me”: That’s the title of my memoir, which was released through Plough Publishing House in early 2017. The title has so many meanings behind it. God has carried me through all of the peaks and valleys of my life. My adoptive parents carried me in their hearts long before they held me in […]

Liza Restaurant, Lebanese Food in Paris

Where does the time go? When people used to say that, I thought they were being overly dramatic. Or worse, meant that I was getting older at a faster clip than I thought. But what I think it means, for all of us, is that life used to roll along at a more leisurely clip, but nowadays, I wake up and find another year has passed....

Android Nougat update for the Shield Tablet K1 is now live

The Shield Tablet is still great and the Android 7 update means you won't have to buy a new tablet this year. Android 7.0 is on the way for your Shield Tablet K1, extending the life of everyone's favorite 8-incher and bringing all the...Show More Summary

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