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America Needs A Healthcare System Built For Care, Not Profit

As well as making Americans healthier, Medicare for All would change our understanding of what we can and should demand of our society.

Deals and Parties—Not Rising Costs—Dominate Must-Attend Health Conference

It’s all about lofty ideas and billion-dollar deals at J.P. Morgan’s elite annual conference. Cuts to Medicare and ballooning costs for struggling Americans? Not so much.

Buying Into Medicaid: A Viable Path for Universal Coverage

  Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images The audience waves signs as Senator Bernie Sanders speaks during his event to introduce the Medicare for All Act of 2017  This article appears in the Winter 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine...Show More Summary

FreeStyle Libre CGM Now Available to Medicare Patients

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre–a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system is now available to all Medicare patients with diabetes who use insulin and who meet the criteria for eligibility. The FreeStyle Libre CGM eliminates the need for routine finger sticks and does not require any calibration. Users of the system can dose insulin based on the system’s […]

Would Medicare for All Be Immune to Republican Sabotage?

Republicans continue to try to sabotage both Medicaid and Medicare decades after they were established.

Is “Medicare for All” a Winner for Democrats in 2018?

Atrios says: Gotta Give People Something to Vote For The issue has never been annoying bernie bros who piss you off on the internet. It’s the vast number of people who don’t bother voting because why should they…. “Trump sucks” might win 2018, but if Dems don’t deliver then “Dems suck” will win in 2020. […]

The education of Kamala Harris

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted a photograph of himself with a smiling Senator Kamala Harris, a progressive looks into her record on the Muslim ban, immigration reform, and Medicare for all and finds it stellar. Then discovers her unabashed support for Israel and is shocked.

Susan Collins Is Sure This Will All End Great for Everyone

McConnell promised Collins that the GOP won’t slash Medicare — and will shore up Obamacare — if she votes for tax cuts first.

Berniecare Would Cover Illegal Aliens

I recently took a hard look at Berniecare — what he calls Medicare for All, but which is better described as Medicaid for All. It would really bust the bank — increase federal spending by $32 trillion according to the Urban Institute...Show More Summary

This is the one thing will make Medicare for all possible

The tide is finally rising under the idea of health care for all in America. It is no longer possible to tar this simple and ubiquitously implemented idea as a bid to “take away our freedom” or “destroy the free market.” Hearteningly, the debate is shifting towards the harder questions of when, and how. One […]

How Big Medicine can ruin Medicare for all | Phillip Longman

The pursuit of a ‘single-payer’ healthcare system in the United States will degenerate into corporate welfare unless America takes on healthcare monopolies In 2013, Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist,” couldn’t...Show More Summary

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare for All

A single-payer system will degenerate into corporate welfare unless we take on health care monopolies.

STEVEN RATTNER: Why ‘Medicare for All’ Will Sink the Democrats. Privately, many moderate Demo…

STEVEN RATTNER: Why ‘Medicare for All’ Will Sink the Democrats. Privately, many moderate Democratic senators are harshly critical of Sanders’s tactics. “It’s radioactive for me,” one Democrat facing re-election in 2018 told me. But publicly, even Democratic senators who have declined to endorse Medicare for All have done so in measured terms to avoid antagonizing […]

Your Pension Is A Lie: There's $210 Trillion Of Liabilities Our Government Can't Fulfill

Authored by John Mauldin via, In the US, we have two national programs to care for the elderly. Social Security provides a small pension, and Medicare covers medical expenses. All workers pay taxes that supposedly fund the benefits we may someday receive. The problem is that's not actually true. Show More Summary

Medicare for All: A Quick Guide to the Bernie Sanders Universal Health Care Plan

Click here for reuse options! It's single-payer, not a public option. The bold health care proposal by independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders would create a government-run health care plan intended to achieve universal coverage for all Americans. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" Is 'Good For None'

Authored by Richard Kocur via The Mises Institute, Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a single-payer healthcare plan called “Medicare for All.” Sanders titled his approach for nationalizing one-sixth of the American economy as “Medicare for All” in order to offer a template for his vision of the U.S. Show More Summary

To Trump & Congress: “We Want Health Care Action. When Do We Want it? NOW”

Our progressive desire for Universal, or Single Payer, or Medicare For All health care is a crucial goal, but it ain’t gonna happen under a Republican Congress and a Trump administration. There are far more immediate concerns. Under various current...Read more

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