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Mentally Ill and Guns (Cartoon)

Blaming Gun Violence on the Mentally Ill Is Easy, but Ignorant

A meme that circulated recently on social media suggested that the days of going to our comedians for levity and our politicians for public policy are over. According to the post, we now get our belly laughs from Donald Trump and discussions...Show More Summary

Honest Video Captures The Real Problem With Mental Illness Stigma

12 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

When someone has cancer, society doesn't label them or criticize them for their disease. So why isn't the same standard extended to those with a mental illness? People are not defined by their health conditions -- and there's no further proof than the BuzzFeed video above. Show More Summary

Twitter chat: Addressing the mental health stigma

For people living with a mental illness, factors such as isolation, stigma, delayed care and inadequate community support can be barriers to living well. Join @NewsHour for a Twitter chat to discuss these issues at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday. Continue reading ? The post Twitter chat: Addressing the mental health stigma appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Lovecraftesque – A Tabletop Role Playing Game Review

15 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, you’ve run into the racism, sexism, and ableism (the latter particularly in regards to mental illness) that pervade his stories. Nevertheless, Lovecraft has a diverse fandom that loves to interact with the mythos in many different ways.

If you think you’re depressed, don’t wait — find out

October 8, 2015 is National Depression Screening Day, which is the embodiment of Dr. Douglas Jacobs’s belief that screening for mental disorders should be no different than screening for other physical illnesses. If you think that you may be suffering from depression, take the first step and find out. Show More Summary

Words can wound. Let’s stop calling people ‘crazy’.

This Mental Health Week, Erica Dodd explains why casually using terms that deride mental illness can have more of an effect than you might think.

Breaking the Social Stigma of Mental Illness

By Filza Hussain, M.D., a Mayo Clinic Health System behavioral health provider. As a psychiatrist who also is a self-confessed film buff, I get very excited to watch films with psychological themes. Whether it’s a film based on a Nobel-prize-winning schizophrenic mathematical genius in “A Beautiful Mind" or the fictional story “The Sixth Sense,” about a boy […]

Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

October seems to be the month of awareness. I feel very aware of mental illness. I watch it drag him down, bring him to his knees, smack him around for good measure. It’s interesting to see the manifestations of mental illness when personified or anthropomorphised. What kind of monster will it be? If I’m honest, … Continue reading Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

‘View’ Hosts Gang Up on Gov. Kasich Over Gun Control

On Wednesday, the co-hosts of ABC’s The View repeatedly ganged up on Republican presidential candidate John Kasich over the issue of gun control. Throughout the heated interview, Kasich stressed that mental illness was the root cause of many mass shootings that occur across the nation but the show’s cast repeatedly called for greater restrictions on gun ownership.

Powerful Photo Series Shows Mental Illness Doesn't Discriminate

One activist wants to remind the public that mental health issues are “not a white person’s disease.” Dior Vargas, a self-described Latina feminist, says the mainstream narrative around people with mental illness often neglects men and women of color. Show More Summary

This Is What It's Really Like To Live With Schizophrenia

One of the common misconceptions about schizophrenia is that people who experience the disorder can't have productive, stable lives. But a new campaign is here to prove that couldn't be further from the truth. Rethink Mental Illness produced...Show More Summary

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Have a Mental Illness, and I Shouldn't Be Allowed to Own a Gun

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

It hasn’t even been a month, and I’m ready to say the “L” word.I love Prozac.It’s working. It doesn’t usually work this quickly, if it works at all. But this week, I haven’t once gotten to work and thought – the way many people think about headaches or period cramps – “Oh. I’m going to feel sad all... Continue reading

Over-conforming to Masculinity? Don’t Shoot.

Following yet another mass shooting, social scientists and the American community at large are engaging in some familiar conversations. While some folks are looking at mental illness as a trigger to violence and others are asking for gun laws that would put restrictions on gun ownership, sociologist Tristan Bridges wants to draw some focus on […]

The Real Enemy and True Heroes

Mass shootings like the one in Oregon last week leave many of us with feelings of despair and frustration. Are we helpless to stop these incidents? They also lead to questions about guns and mental illness. Investigators have portrayed the Oregon shooter as an angry young man disconnected from others. How can prevent people like …

John Oliver: GOP Using Focus on Mental Illness to Divert From Liberal Push for Gun Control

No sooner than President Obama jumped the gun (no pun intended) and literally said he was politicizing the mass shooting in Oregon, John Oliver took to his Comedy Central show on Sunday and accused GOP presidential candidates as using mental illness as a “means of steering the conversation away from gun control.”

What You Should Know About Psychiatric Genetic Testing

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Managing medication for a mental illness can be a drawn-out, trial-and-error process for many patients. Now, the growing field of psychiatric genetic testing may change that by testing a patient's DNA to determine which medications he or she is likely to respond well to. Show More Summary

Debtors prisons: How counties use poor people to fund criminal justice

After struggling with addiction and mental illness, Jayne Fuentes served her time, found a job and got her life back on track. She's been sober and crime-free for three years, but one thing still dogs her: fear of being jailed or forced to do physical labor because she can't afford to pay the government. Show More Summary

Let's Ask the Right Questions About Mental Illness and Workplace Safety

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that it will review its security and hiring standards to prevent a tragedy such as the downing of the Germangwings plane by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz at the expense of 150 lives....Show More Summary

New study reveals the widespread problem of mental illness in soccer

The tragic suicide of Wales manager Gary Speed in 2011 rocked the soccer world and shone a light on the previously overlooked mental (...)

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