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Go Ahead, Buy A Horse, Before They Go Extinct

Originally published on TeslaMondo. It seems like you just met your spouse, but it’s been 25 years. It seems like you just bought your house, but it’s been 17 years. It seems like you just became a parent, but your oldest child is 13. Show More Summary

Are You Handicapping Your Conversion Rate?

As humans, we tend to believe that if we like something, it must have value—how else do you explain our obsession with celebrities? I mean, I’ve never met Tom Brady, but he’s one of my favorite athletes…so he must be a good guy, right? Unfortunately, this sort of thinking doesn’t end with pro athletes or TV stars. As online marketers, […]

Build your favorite board

Alan Copelin loved his Robert August "What I Ride " model so much he decided to build one in wood. And then while on a surf trip to Costa Rica he met up with Robert who gave him a logo to use on his wooden board. Alan with Robert August Nice job.

This Week in Fiction: Joshua Ferris on the Ease of Self-Sabotage

In “The Abandonment,” your story in this week’s issue, a TV actor becomes distraught when he thinks his wife has left him, so he takes refuge by ringing the doorbell of a woman, a painter, whom he’s met only once. In some ways, it’sShow More Summary

Economic View: First Rule of the Job Hunt: Find Something You Love to Do

6 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

To be happy, research suggests, earning a high salary isn’t enough. Once you have met your basic needs, satisfaction comes from developing an expertise.

6 key tips to taking your business global

If your business has seen successful growth in the US, it most likely will see success in other countries as well.  And, you may want to lock up those markets, before some other company does. I recently met a startup that had successfully...Show More Summary

Five Actually-Useful Pokemon Go Tips, From Five Level 25 Players

It’s been just over two weeks since the launch of the app that even your neighbour who you’ve never met is talking about. Pokemon Go is now playable in over 50 countries, with the latest location being Nintendo’s origin country, Japan. Show More Summary

This is how much of your data 'Pokémon GO' is using

"Hey! This app is using up all my data!" I was expecting to see a flood of tweets and comments with similar sentiments shortly after the " Pokémon GO" craze began a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I was met with silence regarding anything...Show More Summary

The Bachelorette Recap: Oh Honey, Reprise

It seems like once a season, the viewers stare at the titular Bachelorette and just go, “Oh honey.” I talked about the How I Met Your Mother character who was named “Oh honey” because every time she opened her mouth, you were shocked by her naiveté and you wanted to ... More »

Eyes to Mouth: Just How Big is Your Wine Glass?

Pam and Stephanie met for dinner after work on Friday. Each drank wine with their meal. They had been to this restaurant many times before and ordered the same wine, so Pam was surprised to see Stephanie drinking much more than she normally drank. What was going on? The difference this time was that the...

Your MLB announcing schedule for 7/18-24

Monday, July 18 New York Mets at Chicago Cubs (ESPN 7 pm) Karl Ravech, Dallas Braden, Eduardo Perez Tuesday, July 19 New York Mets at Chicago Cubs (ESPN 7 pm) Karl Ravech, Dallas Braden, Eduardo Perez Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners...Show More Summary

How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Workload

In an ideal world, you’d have a perfect amount of work to fill your day. But let’s be real: The odds that you’ll just show up and be met with the exact right number of tasks are slim. It’s a lot more likely that you’ll (at least at times) feel overwhelmed, underutilized, or downright bored. Read more...

Life-changing Lessons You Can Learn From Cleaning Your House

Cleaning is a “delicate” subject for all of us – I never met a person who likes to clean the... The post Life-changing Lessons You Can Learn From Cleaning Your House appeared first on Lifehack.

A Mets fan learned that trying to catch a foul ball while double-fisting beers is a terrible idea

This is not a good idea! You would've thought that after the horrible beer splash at the Giants game last week that people would've learned that beer and baseballs don't mix. Your browser does not support iframes. Plays like this always...Show More Summary

Demi Lovato Reportedly 'Hooking Up' With Wilmer Valderrama's Worst Nightmare

Here are some people you don’t want your ex to hook up with after a breakup: anyone you’ve ever met, someone with a threateningly low body fat percentage, Nick Jonas, an MMA fighter... Well, according to Us Weekly, Demi Lovato combined a couple of those worst-case scenarios and shaped them into the drool-worthy Guilherme Vasconcelos. Show More Summary

Watching fireworks with friends, then running for your life in Nice, France

The Canadian couple I’d just met screamed a warning: “Sarah, run!” People scattered all around, fanning in different directions down the maze of medieval streets in this town I’ve called home for the last year. Everyone’s eyes, I remember, looked the same: wide open and full of fear. I had been...

Framing the Debate on GMOs

Framing is a very interesting and intellectually critical concept. It is part of metacognition, the act of stepping back from the details of your beliefs and arguments to think about the nature of the thinking itself. Framing is meta-debate, where you think about the context of the debate itself, not just the details. Framing can […]

New Yorkers peel guns off 'Jason Bourne' ads

It doesn't matter if you're a CIA assassin — Lena Dunham is over guns.  On Tuesday, the actress  reposted a call to action from How I Met Your Mother and Girls producer and writer Tami Sagher that encouraged New Yorkers to rid JasonShow More Summary

Dude tries to impress girlfriend by pretending to be police chief, gets caught by his 'staff'

2 weeks agoChina / Shanghai : Shanghaiist

"Brother, you don't know your new police chief? Must be because I was only transferred here last week. I've been training elsewhere, and haven't met everyone here yet." [ more › ]

Valve adjusts matchmaking in Team Fortress 2 following player complaints

Lots of players met their match in Team Fortress 2's new "Meet Your Match" update, and some of them were none too pleased about it. The launch for Meet Your Match, which added competitive and casual modes as well as matchmaking functionality to Valve's team-based shooter, went less than smoothly. Show More Summary

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