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One American's True Story: "How I Went From Middle Class To Homeless"

Meet Joe. He used to make a steady income in manufacturing, but the work has disappeared. Now, he is selling everything and moving into his van. Joe is one of the 71% of Americans who think the U.S. economic system is "rigged in favor of certain groups," according to a new poll by Marketplace and Edison Research. Show More Summary

A Strong Middle Class Doesn't Just Happen Naturally

In the 20th century, America invested in policies that created widespread prosperity. Can the country do so again?

Elizabeth Warren Says Competition ‘Dying,’ More Merger Scrutiny Needed

Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a prominent voice to supporters of tougher antitrust enforcement, saying corporate concentration in many sectors of the economy was harming innovation, small businesses and the middle class.

The First Post-Middle-Class Election

Harold Meyerson, American Prospect: Two years ago, a pollster for Democratic candidates told me he'd begun advising his clients to cease emphasizing "the middle class" when speaking of those Americans whose interests they were defending. Show More Summary

America’s shrinking middle class is killing the economy

The middle-income class is hollowing out and it's hurting US economic growth. Only about a quarter of a percent of US households have climbed up the ladder from the middle class into the upper income bracket since 2000, according to the latest review by the IMF. Show More Summary

Fragile Middle Class: There's No Need To Be Ashamed

When nearly half of Americans couldn't handle a financial emergency, the nation has a problem

Skyrocketing Housing Costs, 'Endless' Taxes Prompt Exodus Of Californians; Inequality Worsens As Middle Class Jobs Are 'Vaporized'

San Jose Mercury News, California's Skyrocketing Housing Costs, Taxes Prompt Exodus of Residents: A growing number of Bay Area residents -- besieged by home prices, worsening traffic, high taxes and a generally more expensive cost of living -- believe life would be better just about anywhere else but here. During...

Todd Solondz, The King Of Feel-Bad Cinema

The middle class vision of human brutality. But, you know, funny.

Robert Samuelson Doesn't Think that Wives Should Get Paid for Their Work

That's only a small exaggeration. He touted a study by Steve Rose showing substantial income gains for upper middle class households over the last four decades. The study did not take account of the extent to which incomes rose because...Show More Summary


TL:  My sons new middle school for next year announced that they do not have inclusion (called ICT classes here in NYC) honors classes for the next school year. My son is a twice exceptional student. He has ADHD and Dysgraphia. By 5th grade he wound up in an ICT class again, but not as a special education student. Show More Summary

Euro 2016 — the vanishing middle class

(Paul Mirengoff) It has taken 36 matches for the Euro 2016 field to be reduced from 24 teams to 16, the number that should have been invited to begin with. As one would expect, the quality of play improved a bit after the first set of matches as teams got used to playing together in competitive matches. Show More Summary

The mass exodus of middle class households continues from California: One-third of Bay Area residents would like to leave sometime soon.

The cost of California housing in the form of mortgages and rents is forcing many families to pack up and leave.  And many others are seriously contemplating the decision.  A recent survey by the Bay Area Council found that one-third of respondents would like to leave the area sometime soon.  Recently I purchased an item […]

Quotes: Segregation & White Middle Class Voters

School segregation is the result of intentional policy choices and governmental interventions. It was constructed, and to end it we must deconstruct it through further interventions. We also must acknowledge that segregation was created at the behest of middle class white voters and business leaders and it can only be undone at their behest. Show More Summary

G-7, Central Bank Governors, Christine Lagarde Issue More Statements To Calm Markets

Showing once again that the world's elite has not learned any lessons from the UK Brexit, instead of focusing on the core issue at hand, namely the deterioration of the living standards of the developed world's middle class, the world's...Show More Summary

The Growing Size and Incomes of the Upper Middle Class

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Men At Work …Or Not

We’ve heard a great deal this campaign year about the plight of the working class. The left tells a story about the middle class being destroyed by predatory millionaires and

Schirn Kunsthalle presents comic-strip pioneers of the early 20th century

6 days agoArts : Artdaily

Spectacular, large and colorful ? this is how comic strips captivated their audience, beginning back in 1897. The middle classes, working classes, and a host of immigrants were equally fascinated by the unfamiliar visual experience they encountered in American newspapers. Show More Summary

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