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As Unsustainable VIP Model Crumples, Macau's Mass Market Future Arrives Too Soon

Investment bank Sanford Bernstein says Macau’s $20 billion Cotai buildup should focus on China’s middle class.

Leaving the Middle-Class Trap

In 1996, The Onion described the irony of modern life for the middle class. It's incredible that most of us live like that, unable or unwilling to see the irony. Our family is going through some difficult changes now. To escape the ironic lifestyle, to be able to see her kids more than a tired hour per day, my wife has found a new job. Show More Summary

Rauner, leading Democrats try to define each other's political agenda

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic lawmakers spent Thursday trying to define the other's agenda as detrimental to the middle class as state government's political impasse is in its fourth month. Rauner attempted to reframe the debate by arguing Democrats already have voted for various union-weakening...

The best airlines for long trips in economy class

There's nothing like a middle seat on a long flight to remind you how uncomfortable flying can be. But some airlines do better than others, and has announced its picks for the best economy service. To earn a spot on...Show More Summary

6 Advantages of Solar Panels You Probably Haven’t Considered

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common among middle class consumers, with more and more people realizing they offer considerable benefits and advantages. In fact, between 2010 and 2014, usage in the United States grew by a staggering 418 percent. Show More Summary

Lawmakers Who Opposed Free Trade Cash In As Lobbyists For Trans-Pacific Partnership

During both of his presidential campaigns, former U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt stuck to the theme that defined his 28 years in Congress. Free trade deals, the Missouri Democrat said, were destroying America’s middle class. He aired ads with the tagline: “ I'm Dick Gephardt. Show More Summary

MoneySmart Raises Series A To Bring Personal Finance Tools To Southeast Asia’s Growing Middle Class

For most consumers who aren’t Scrooge McDuck, learning about personal finance is like dental checkups—boring, sometimes painful, but necessary. Vinod Nair, the founder and chief executive officer of MoneySmart, wants to change that.Show More Summary

Australia key to Expedia's Asian strategy

Online travel giant says rise of Asian middle class makes Australian market increasingly important.

Quotes: Suburban Parents Don't Want/Need Charter Schools

The middle class doesn’t want charter schools—they don’t need them. The demand is in the city. - UC Berkeley's Bruce Fuller in The Atlantic on the lack of suburban charters (Why There’s Little Demand for Charter Schools in the Subur...


THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY IS A GILDED AGE, IN WHICH MONOPOLISTS GROW FABULOUSLY RICH WHILE THE MIDDLE CLASS SUFFERS: The War of Amazon, Apple and Other Near-Monopolies. Four companies — Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple — are all jockeying to control as much of our technology experience as possible. A legal expert that I interviewed a […]

The middle class are urbanizing at a rapid speed, can the global food system keep up? Is reducing food waste the key?

Between 2010 and 2025 one billion people earning more than $10 a day will move from rural areas into a city. These new city-dwellers will be introduced to more diverse foods, and while this has the potential to reduce malnutrition numbers...Show More Summary

‘The Underage CEOs’ Will Convince You That Entrepreneurship Is Indeed Magical [Book Review]

An 18 year old middle class Indian youth is often troubled by only two factors: Doctor Engineer Syndrome and What will Sharmaji say about his career decisions! Doctor-Engineer Syndrome is the tragic, vehemently agreed view in India that only those who end up becoming an Engineer or Doctor can be considered as a success. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: 'Carried interest' loophole widely hated, but Congress won't touch it

At In These Times, Jim Hightower writes—Even Donald Trump Wants To Eliminate This Tax Loophole for the Rich, Yet Congress Won’t Do It: With the 2016 presidential campaigns in full swing the burdens of the working middle class have taken center stage. Show More Summary

Ignore the Angry Middle Class At Your Peril

There's an interesting article today by John Judis in the National Journal about the rise of the "Middle American Radical." These are essentially Donald Trump's voters and Ross Perot's voters,...

China Just Opened A Communist Party Theme Park

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Theme parks are booming in China right now, thanks to the rise of the country's middle class. Disney Resort is gearing up to open its doors in Shanghai in early 2016 and Universal Studios, which Steven Spielberg will help design, is slated to arrive in Beijing in 2019. Show More Summary

Selling Access to Pope Francis

As much as Pope Francis criticized hyper-capitalism’s cruelty to the poor and the middle class, it was business as usual for the Catholic Church bureaucracy, selling access to the Pope’s events with front-row seats going to well-heeled benefactors, notes Michael Winship. By Michael Winship Many of you know the words: “And again I say unto you, it…

Sanders Vs. Clinton: Who Has The Best Plan For America's College Students?

The differences between the college financing plans offered by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are important - both for their impact on the middle class, and for what they tell us about the candidates and their governing philosophies. Elementary and high school education is correctly seen as the bridge to a better future for young people. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Large Tax Cut for the Middle Class

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump released his tax plan on Monday, and we released our analysis on Tuesday. When we analyze tax plans, we do it to help guide an accurate conversation about the revenue and distributional effects of the substantive proposals put forward by candidates. Show More Summary

They deny it, but the middle classes have a subconscious positive bias toward the rich

"Eat the rich, it’s all that they’re good for" is a refrain familiar to my growing-up-in-the-90s ears. To many people today, the upper classes remain fair game for criticism, whether derided as Ivy-League elites, tax-dodging CEOs, or the undeserving gentry. Show More Summary

“Refugees” invade Europe in first class

Mark Steyn catches a train from Denmark to Sweden, joining a flood of “refugees” from the Middle East who are

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