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The myth of the ‘middle class drink epidemic’

With alcohol consumption falling every year for over a decade it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the myth that Britain is in the grips of a drinking epidemic, but… Continue reading The post The myth of the ‘middle class drink epidemic’ appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Innovations: Why Uber is winning in China, where most U.S. tech companies have failed

The state of the stock markets in China looks rocky, but China as a market continues to look rock solid for American companies hungry for growth.  With its under-tapped middle class — estimated to reach over 850 million by 2030 by some measures — it is hard to imagine how businesses can enjoy long-term global growth without a strategy to crack China. Show More Summary

RIP, Middle Class. It Was Nice While It Lasted

I'm old enough to remember when it was okay not to want to be a zillionaire, but still have a comfortable life with some measure of security. As we all know by now, those days are long past. A new study shows that even those considered...Show More Summary

Does American Allow First Class Awards Between The Middle East And Africa?

One of my favorite uses of American AAdvantage miles is for travel in first class on the Middle Eastern carriers, including Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. They have among the most over the top first class products out there, at least on their newer planes. Show More Summary

Why the gap between worker pay and productivity might be a myth

By James Pethokoukis, Versions of the above chart are pretty common in news stories about inequality and middle class stagnation. While US output continues to rise decade after decade, the benefits don’t go to workers despite their obviously rising productivity. (And capital grabs more and more of national income.)

Right-Wing ALEC Now Says School Vouchers Are For Kids in Suburbia, Not the Poor

Privatizers go where the money is: the middle class. School vouchers were never about helping poor, at-risk or minority students. But selling them as social mobility tickets was a useful fiction that for some twenty-five years helped...Show More Summary

The Democratic Party’s problem with blue collar whites, in one chart

It’s now widely predicted that the 2016 election will be fought heavily around the idea that the economy works far better for the wealthy than it does for working and middle class Americans, who are being left behind by stagnating wages, stalled economic opportunity, and a recovery that’s disproportionately rewarding top earners. One subplot of […]

What Happened to Middle Class America? - The Business of Life (Episode 7)

5 days agoNews : Vice News

As we inch closer to the 2016 election, presidential candidates and politicians have begun to phase out the term "middle class" from their vocabulary. Terms like "everyday Americans" and "hard-working taxpayers" are replacing the once-common term. Show More Summary

United CEO Admits They’re Getting Rid of International First Class & Makes Several Other Claims

Buying Business Travel interviewed United Chairman and CEO Jeff Smisek who made several interesting comments about international first class, his competitors (!), and about the big Middle East airlines. Continue reading United CEO Admits They’re Getting Rid of International First Class & Makes Several Other Claims...

Uh-oh, NoHo road closures coming today with Vice President Joe Biden visit

Vice President Joe Biden will visit North Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon to discuss living wages for the middle class, part of a three-day swing through Southern California that includes a fundraiser.

A Global Middle Class? Not Yet

People around the world are pulling themselves out of extreme poverty. But outside of China, it's a big stretch to claim the middle class is thriving. In recent years, we've heard a lot about the emergence of a "global middle class."...Show More Summary

Charting The Slow, 30-Year Death Of The US Middle Class In A Global Context

When it comes to the favorable aspects of capitalism, one thing is clear: with the largest concentration of millionaires and billionaires from around the globe, the US is second to none when it comes to letting the entrepreneurial spirit flourish and rewarding it (and letting the rich get even richer). Show More Summary

Even if you're pinching pennies, there's a good chance you're in the 'global middle class'

This little exercise might make you feel a bit better about your standing in the world. As part of a huge study on the state of the global middle class, the Pew Research Center has created a new tool that lets you see how your income stacks up with that of households worldwide. Show More Summary

Putting the "Affordable" Back Into the Affordable Care Act

As part of a pledge to protect the middle class, Hillary Clinton is taking a second look at aspects of the ACA that hurt working men and women. That's good news, and the only responsible position for politicians interested in providing more and better healthcare at lower cost. Show More Summary

Are You In The Global Middle Class? Find Out With Our Income Calculator

On a global scale, just 13 percent of the world’s population could be considered middle income in 2011, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of the most recently available data. Most people in the world were either low income...Show More Summary

Page and Perspective: Trickle Down? No, Middle Out

David Madland will speak at Politics and Prose about his new book, Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn't Work without a Strong Middle Class.

Hillary Clinton’s top goal as president could be effectively impossible to achieve

Hillary Rodham Clinton says the "defining economic challenge of our time" is raising incomes for working Americans, specifically for the middle class. It is no mystery why: Middle-class incomes have been stagnant for a generation and a half. Many Americans have not really benefited from an economic recovery that is now in its sixth year. This week […]

Why Is the NY Times Basically Doing a Blackout on Bernie Sanders?

The New York Times' Sanders coverage is intellectually dishonest. The front page story is about such issues as “work force anxieties,” “shrinking middle class,” “stagnant wages,” and a growing income gap at pre-Depression levels. The candidate who has been raising these issues longer and louder than any others is Bernie Sanders. Show More Summary

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