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Another Brick In The Wall: New Starter Homes Hit a Dead Stop

Another brick in the wall. The Fed’s zero interest rate policy has really benefited the wealthy relative to the middle class. Now we learn that new start homes have hit a brick wall.

Republican Hopefuls Target Middle Class Uncertainty As Economy Improves

3 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

(Reuters) - Facing a recovering economy and a tumbling jobless rate, Republican presidential candidates honing their economic message are trying tap into a lingering sense of insecurity among Americans seven years after the global financial...Show More Summary

The submerged state: Welfare for the well off

The wealthy and middle classes get welfare—but they don't think of it that way. The federal government and the state of California are on the verge of paying me a fair chunk of change. I didn't do any work to earn this money. I performed no services for them. Show More Summary

School removes word ‘feminist’ from 13-year-old’s shirt in class picture

A middle school in Ohio printed class photos of students but only after removing the word “feminist” from the T-shirt worn by one student. The teen, eighth-grader Sophie Thomas at Clermont Northeastern Middle School in Owensville, had been wearing the T-shirt to school with no consequences as it didn’t violate the dress code and nobody […]

This week in the war on workers: Union membership falls. The middle class falls. Not a coincidence.

Oh, look. Another chart showing how declining union membership goes hand in hand with the declining strength of the middle class. Shall we look at some more specifics? Collective bargaining raises the wages and benefits more for low-wage...Show More Summary

Ohio Middle School Removes Word ‘Feminist’ From Student’s Shirt In Class Photo, Calls Term ‘Offensive’

An Ohio eighth grader says that the word “feminist” was photoshopped out of her class picture after the school said the word may be “offensive” to some people. The school backs up their decision to remove the word from the shirt as they...Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s dystopian America: 6 things to know about the war-mongering, faux libertarian

The Kentucky senator is no maverick. His agenda threatens the middle class at home and Middle Eastern peace abroad

Teacher under fire for telling students THIS TRUTH about Obama

Parents in Georgia claimed that a middle school teacher insulted President Obama, calling him “evil” and “a Muslim: in front of her class.  The parents also allege that the teacher

Ohio middle school backs down after deleting ‘feminist’ from student’s class photo shirt

2 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A middle school student in Batavia, Ohio won out over her school after officials deleted the word “feminist” from the shirt she wore for her class photo, Women You Should Know reported. The girl, identified by her mother as Sophie, had worn the shirt to class at Clermont Northeastern...

America's Political Obsession With the "Middle Class" Hurts Workers

If you hadn’t noticed, Hillary Clinton has officially embarked upon her 2016 presidential campaign. For the next 18 months, we’ll hear her appeal to American voters: her experience, her passion, and her goals. But for the moment, her campaign is ostensibly based on meeting the needs of the peopl

Republicans Favor More Tax Perks for Rich People

Erika Eichelberger, Los Angeles Times: If Tax Day fills you with dread and anger, that's not irrational -- at least not if you're poor or middle class. The United States tax code is so warped, so skewed in favor of the wealthy, that it is in effect hastening the arrival of the new Gilded Age. Show More Summary

A Woman Live-Tweeted Her Teen's Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class

A woman named Alice Dreger sat in on her son's sex ed class, and the experience sounds completely horrifying. Dreger, the author of Galileo's Middle Finger and a medical humanities and bioethics professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, attended her son's sex-ed class in East Lansing, Michigan. Show More Summary

Eighth-Grader’s Class Picture Photoshopped Because It Had F-Word On It (‘Feminist’)

Yes, in case you were wondering, “Feminist” is actually a dirty word — dirty enough to get retouched out of an 8th-grade class photo at Clermont Northeastern Middle School in Batavia, Ohio, at least. Thirteen-year-old Sophie — real first...Show More Summary

MSNBC Leftist Melissa Harris-Perry Hit With Lien for Not Paying Taxes

As a progressive, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry is sure to approve of ever more crippling taxes on the middle class (or as liberal oligarchs call us struggling tax slaves, “the rich”),

What Businesses Should Know about the Middle Class Shift

When some businesses think about reaching out to the middle class, they immediately envision American consumers driving Toyota Camrys and driving to work with a cup of Starbucks coffee in hand.

Professor live-tweets her son's abstinence-only sex ed class

Professor Alice Dreger is no newcomer to the study of human sexuality. In 2010, she hosted a TED talk focused on how anatomy often determines fate, and in 2015 she published Galileo's Middle Finger, which covers controversies in academic...Show More Summary

The Funny Things We Learned From The 2016 Presidential Budget

President Barack Obama has the following fun and interesting things to say about his Presidential Budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016. The President’s 2016 Budget is designed to bring middle class economics into the 21st Century. This...Show More Summary

Of Course: Chipotle Manager Says Grandma Burrito Bowl Didn’t Tip

She’s for the middle class, yo. This staged trip to Iowa really worked wonders for her image as a cold, isolated shrew. The manager of an Ohio Chipotle restaurant on Wednesday said Hillary Clinton didn’t drop money in the tip … Continued

New 'Middle Class Economics' Plan to Cut Taxes, Help Families - Obama

Obama claims that the "Middle Class Economics” program will cut taxes for more than 40 million middle income families and will help them find success in the US economy.

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