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Mike Daisey, monologist and Trump-era soothsayer, is back in Chicago

After Donald J. Trump became president of the United States — which, you may recall, actually was a massive surprise to most of us — the amount of analytical bloviating about the reasons for his ascendancy would have been enough to sink the great Library of Alexandria. Had it been spewed out on...

Three Mike Daisey shows coming to Chicago

The prolific monologist Mike Daisey will return to Chicago next month to perform three new shows about present-day America, Theater Wit announced Tuesday. The three plays, titled “This is Not Normal,” “The End of Journalism” and “The White Man’s Burden,” will explore the normalization of Trump’s...

Watch Mike Daisey’s Acclaimed Theatrical Monologue The Trump Card Live from New York

All summer and into fall, monologuist Mike Daisey has been performing his show The Trump Card to sold-out crowds at some of the top theaters in the country: New York’s Public Theater, Washington’s Woolly Mammoth; Minneapolis’ Guthrie. Show More Summary

In 'Trump Card,' Mike Daisey explains unlikely, undeniable pull of The Donald

How did Donald Trump pull this off? How did Fred Trump's aggressive, narcissistic son — whose business failures are well-documented, whose unhinged nocturnal Twitter explosions imply a cocktail of instability and aggression and who has been caught on tape talking of his predilection for grabbing...

Trump as theater: Mike Daisey's one-man show, 'The Trump Card,' delves into the Donald phenomenon

Monologist Mike Daisey has made his name channeling outrage on a range of contemporary issues while seated calmly behind a desk before an audience. His manner may be that of a homeroom teacher calling the roll, but he brings an artist’s outsider perspective and comports himself like a radical of...

Mike Daisey to perform 'The Trump Card' in Chicago

Mike Daisey, monologist and the creator of "The Trump Card," will perform the piece for one night only in Chicago to kick off the run of Theater Wit's production. Daisey will perform his monologue examining the rise of the nation's potential next commander-in-chief on Sat. Oct. 15 at the Athenaeum...

"He’s Not Smart at All. He’s Just Very Good at Performing." Talking Trump with Mike Daisey

by Sean Nelson Mike Daisey performs The Trump Card tonight at 8pm at the Neptune. 8pm, $25 Before Mike Daisey became briefly but intensely notorious for his show about Steve Jobs a few years back, he made a name for himself as a solo performer, doing what you might call moral inventories of thorny subjects and complex humans via comedic monologues. Show More Summary

A dark theory of Trump, from one performer to another

"The Trump Card," the latest work by the monologist Mike Daisey, begins and ends with an unprintable word. After they settle into their seats, the members of Daisey's audience are told that they are "f---ed." (There's an implication that we knew this already.) After two or so hours of a performance that dives and bobs from Daisey's […]

The next Trump will be even worse, Mike Daisey says

In his new show, "The Trump Card," the monologist explains the forces that brought The Donald to power, and how the next demagogue will be smarter and scarier.

Why Mike Daisey Implicates Democrats In His New Monologue About Trump

2 years agoArts : Modern Art Notes

“People in the theater are the left. I’m always interested in skewering, examining and implicating the people in the room because they are the ones that showed up for the performance. Once you implicate them, then they actually start thinking about what their position is. I’m doing the monologue and if I’m telling you, ‘You […]

A Word With: Mike Daisey: A Political Monologuist’s Summer of Trump

Mr. Daisey talks about his new show, “The Trump Card,” and why he pushes Democrats to engage in self-reflection instead of just blaming the Republicans.

Was Mike Daisey right about Apple being doomed?

Back in November, theatrical performer Mike Daisey was given the opportunity to write about Apple in the Technology section of the The Guardian. He's now claiming "reverse claim chowder," insisting that some of what he wrote about actually turned out to be true, given Apple's recent earnings report showing the first decrease in year-over-year, quarterly iPhone revenues.

Have we reached ‘Peak Apple’? Not even close

For reasons that defy explanation, The Guardian recently ran an article from Mike Daisey who posits that we’ve hit ‘Peak Apple.’ Hot on the heels of Apple’s most successful fiscal year in company history, Daisey employs the same recycled lines about how Apple, by mere virtue of its success, is destined to fall. Show More Summary

The Guardian Runs Piece on Apple Written by Mike Daisey

Here’s Daisey’s deep conclusion: It is possible we will look back in a decade and know we couldn’t have seen that this was the moment of Peak Apple because it is always clearer in retrospect when something is past its peak. Time will tell. Show More Summary

The Guardian trots out notorious Mike Daisey to speculate about how Apple could be doomed

A British newspaper has published a meandering, conspiracy-chasing fantasy piece written by discredited theater-journalist Mike Daisey... in its technology section.

Correction of the Day

Time we had a little humor in the Mike Daisey affair...A writer named Jason Mick, at the Daily Tech site, criticizes, as I have, the things that Daisey got wrong or made up. Then he adds: Mr. Daisey is married to Deborah Fallows, a Chinese native who wrote the book Dreaming in Chinese.It is true that Deborah Fallows... Show More Summary

Around Town - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

01-02 Oct Mike Daisey, American comedian, social commentator and a big fan of Apple products, began discovering another side to the “Apple experience” after...

Theater Review: The Daisey-splaining of Yes This Man, Formerly Known As Yes All Women

Yes This Man, the title of Mike Daisey’s slender new monologue, has a kind of “Ecce Homo” quality to it, and Daisey, declaredly, plays his own Pilate here. As a white male monologist, monologuing about the plight of women, he tries and convicts himself of “the original, Aristotelian version of... More »

Mike Daisey Mansplains Himself

“Just so we’re clear: This is a wonderful dramatic staging of privilege,” Mike Daisey said as he took the lone seat on an East Village stage last night to deliver a monologue on the topic of “how our world is built on the subjugation...Show More Summary

David Sedaris, Mike Daisey, and the Problem With American Storytelling

When your career is telling true stories — not writing fiction — and somebody accuses you of lying, that’s got to be tough. When somebody combs over your work and finds evidence that this is, in fact, the case, that you and your publisher are misrepresenting your partially fabricated work as truth, big problems arise. Show More Summary

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