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The physically sick are rarely unaware of their state; the morally usually.

MARVEL's New THUNDERBOLTS 'Morally Gray' With 'A Side of Sass;'& Face-Punching

SKULLKICKERS' Jim Zub makes his ongoing Marvel debut, with Jon Malin, Matt Yackey, and THUNDERBOLTS new and old at his side.

Eye in the Sky Lands at Home on June 14

The moral implications of modern warfare are confronted in Bleecker Street’s powerful drama, Eye in the Sky, coming to Digital HD on June 14, 2016 and Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand on June 28, 2016, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.  Tackling an ethical dilemma in a thought-provoking suspenseful story, the gritty film stars Academy Award® […]

Jeffrey Goldberg terrorizes peers into silence over his daily intellectual and moral outrages

If Sheldon Adelson would buy the world, then Jeffrey Goldberg would be alright. But his troubles are beginning. He is a ruthless propagandist for Israel at a time when young American Jews don't think it's cool to shoot wounded Palestinians dead in the name of ethnic solidarity.

Donald Trump Manipulates 'Hatred' for 'His Own Political Advantage,' Jim Wallis, Christian Leaders Argue

Sojourners founder Jim Wallis and dozens of other liberal Christian leaders are condemning Donald Trump's manipulation of the public fear and resentment throughout the 2016 election as being "a moral and theological crisis" that "threatens the wellbeing" of the American society.


Connectivity is part of the fiber of our lives and most of us can’t imagine what we did before we had 24/7 access, much less what it must be like for the 60 million Americans without home Internet access.

Neil Young Embraces The Devil: All 57 Albums Can Now Be Streamed In Lo-Fi On Tidal

Neil Young is often held up as the rare major artist that is always true to his values, whatever the commercial consequences. Apparently, Young's moral backbone does not extend to his espoused hatred of streaming music. Last July, Neil Young yanked his music off of Spotify and other streaming music...

In Iran, a Telling Uproar Over Undercover Police Force for Moral Code

Haleh Esfandiari: Thirty-six years after the revolution, regime hard-liners continue to try to impose behavior codes that are largely ignored and that leave the young restless. The effect is to stir discontent.

Why The Punisher Is the Most Moral Character on Daredevil

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Image: Marvel Studios) WARNING: Spoilers of season 2 of Daredevil. POLL: Do you agree with Gutowski's argument? No, Castle stepped beyond what was a reasonable response in an orderly society. Yes, Castle did what was necessary. Just show me the poll results.

Here’s how to end UN peacekeeping’s history of sexual violence

After years of moral outrage and stern official rhetoric, the odious scandal of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers of the vulnerable people they are sent to protect may finally attract tangible penalties for the organisation. US senators...Show More Summary

The Perils Of Legislating By Movie Scene

“The Big Short” won all kinds of accolades for its vivid depiction of the 2008 financial crisis, which managed to turn complicated financial instruments into a riveting morality tale. The movie, a Hollywood adaptation of a Michael Lewis book by the same name, apparently counts Members of Congress among its fans, [...]

More than a moral imperative: Giving to get power and influence a righteous act of self-help

Devastated fans mourning Prince's passing were surprised and delighted to learn of his history of charitable giving as his friend Van Jones shared details including providing solar panels to marginalized communities to providing funding...Show More Summary

Dear Hikaru

Recently I wrote a post (Checkmate Patterns, Moral Victories) about a game by GM Jonathan Tisdall, and I was pleased and delighted when Tisdall himself sent in a comment. That wasn’t the first time that my blog has gotten a grandmaster comment, at least indirectly. Three years ago, in 2013, I wrote a post called Rock, […]

The Origins of the Religious Right

It is often assumed that the origins of the religious right's political awakening (known back then as the so-called "moral majority") was in response to the Supreme Court's 1973...

Denmark May Impose Tax on Meat to Improve the Weather for Ethical Reasons

People who think of themselves as decent and nice justify their rejection of morality in favor of progressivism by piously proclaiming allegiance to what they portray as a higher morality.

Did Human Morality or Knowledge of God Come First? Ken Ham Offers Answers in Genesis' Response

Creationist Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis organization has offered an answer to the question of whether human morality or knowledge of God came first, looking at the debate through the lens of Scripture.

Brigham Young uses its 'Honor Code' to punish female students who dare to report being raped

What happens when you’re raped and you’re honest about it at Brigham Young University? You get suspended because you violated their “Honor Code,” which is informed by the “ moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.” What...Show More Summary

Harsh out of necessity

Multiple sclerosis patients must not only address their unpleasant symptoms, they are also subject to unpredictable relapses, a condition that causes stress, say researchers. This condition has consequences for the 'moral cognition' of patients, who become particularly intransigent in moral judgments. Show More Summary

Computer mouse from Japan monitors your stress levels - CNET

Alps Electric hopes to keep workplace morale high with a new computer mouse that keeps tabs on the well-being of employees.

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