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Sean Doolittle: "Refugees Aren’t Stealing A Slice Of The Pie From Americans"

2 hours agoSports : Deadspin

One of the especially nasty side effects of the current state of the country is that basic morality is being read as political action. Dexter Fowler can’t even say it’s “unfortunate” if his Iranian-American wife can’t see her family without bringing on an avalanche of ugly, bigoted responses. And now A’s reliever Sean… Read more...

Milo and the Moral Corruption of the Conservative Movement

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer Milo Yiannopoulos speaks during a news conference, Tuesday, February 21, 2017, in New York.  S ince the early days of its ascendance in the Republican Party, the conservative movement’s leaders have advanced their cause on two major claims that have shaped conservatism’s identity: moral rectitude and love of the Constitution. Show More Summary

Five Rulers and One Presidential Press Conference

I lived under five rulers in my “first” motherland. With the possible exception of one—the only one still among the living—all were what most normal citizens of the free world would be justified in calling moral invalids, in terms of their essential world view.

Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians

Some fear Evo Morales will try to seek a fourth, unconstitutional presidential term in 2019.

Get Funky Winkerbean 12 episodes a year on FX, stat

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now. Funky Winkerbean, 2/22/17 The great wave of Prestige Television Dramas that started in the late ’00s often presented us with morally compromised antiheroes, like Don Draper or Walter White. These gave rise to a wave of thinkpieces on the topic of “Hmm, Rooting For […]

The Argument From Objective Morality (Debunked)

Christian apologist William Lane Craig often uses the argument that if God doesn't exist, we wouldn't have morals. Since objective morality exists -- and we all know certain things are inherently evil -- God must exist, too. In the video below, YouTuber Rationality Rules explains the argument and why it doesn't make any sense.

Bolivian coca farmers clash with police over output curb

Coca farmers clashed with police Tuesday in the second straight day of violent protests in La Paz against a Morales government bill to limit legal areas of cultivation. Angry farmers threw dynamite, fireworks and rocks at police in an...Show More Summary

NeverTrumpers and Others Losing their Minds and Morals Over Trump

Victor Davis Hanson: Former Weekly Standard editor in chief Bill Kristol suggested in a tweet that if he faced a choice (and under what surreal circumstances would that happen?) between the constitutionally, democratically elected president and career government officials’ efforts...

The West’s Moral Hypocrisy on Yemen

Exclusive: The West’s “humanitarian interventionists” howl over bloody conflicts when an adversary can be blamed but go silent when an ally is doing the killing, such as Saudi Arabia in Yemen, reportss Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall Only a few…Read more ?

'Unseen': Play about conflict photographer can miss the bigger picture

If one seeks a personalized metaphor for the tortured morality of being a Western superpower, look no further than conflict photographers. They run around war zones — many of those places either ignited or ignored by the U.S. and other wealthy nations — profiting off the pain of others under cover...

The uprising against moral extortion

Join me here as I argue that people in the west are in revolt against the dictatorship of virtue that has sought for decades to enslave them. The transcript of my remarks follows beneath the video. As we never stop being told by furious commentators, Britain and America are descending into a neo-Nazi, xenophobic, fascist hell on earth. Show More Summary

ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Real Division in American Life Isn’t About Trump. The basic division in A…

ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Real Division in American Life Isn’t About Trump. The basic division in American politics today is not over the merits of President Trump. Many of those who voted for him believed that he lacked the moral grounding and gravitas that great Presidents must ultimately draw on. The division is between those who […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Do your own damn homework, a-hole How is it moral to extort someone else’s labor for your benefit? You’re stupid and white Return of Sanders Claus Here we go with the immigrant stories again We don’t need no education When’s that Calexit thing again? Again with the treason crap Darth Chaffetz, your new Sith Lord […]

Some Thoughts on Moral Luck

189 days until classes start. I have not been posting to the frequency that I should. I need to be writing more - even if it means reading less. Though writing is not the absence of learning. I have learned that trying to explain my ideas forces me to make more sense of themselves myself. Show More Summary

Canelo has big chance to beat Golovkin says Erik Morales

2 days agoSports / Boxing : BoxingNews24

By Jeff Aranow: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has a “big chance” of beating undefeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin if the two of them face each other this year, says former four division world champion Erik Morales. He sees improvement in the game...Show More Summary

"Liberals may feel energized by a surge in political activism, and a unified stance against a president they see as irresponsible and even dangerous."

"But that momentum is provoking an equal and opposite reaction on the right. In recent interviews, conservative voters said they felt assaulted by what they said was a kind of moral Bolshevism — the belief that the liberal vision for the country was the only right one. Show More Summary

John Oliver On Sweden, Trump-Putin Moral Equivalency

On yesterday’s NSFW Last Week Tonight, hosted by John Oliver, the comedian addressed the nonstop flow of news surrounding President Donald Trump over the past week, which is occurring at such a rate that other newsworthy stories appear...Show More Summary

Wary of human-animal hybrids? It's probably just your own moral superiority

In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a monstrous fire-breathing creature, typically described as having the head of a lion, with a snake as a tail and the head of a goat emerging from its back.

Showtime's 'Billions' Pushes Agenda that Success and Debauchery Go Hand in Hand

The premiere of the second season of Showtime’s Billions, which aired February 19, illumines the left’s belief that any sort of success must be associated with moral indecency. The show revolves around the power politics between billionaire hedge-fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) and U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giammati).

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