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Facebook doesn’t know the difference between Liverpool and Arsenal

Facebook’s Trending Topics has been a source of controversy in recent months.  Earlier this year, there were allegations that Facebook suppressed news stories that were more politically conservative in nature from their trending barShow More Summary

More Pigou Club news?

I skimmed the Republican Party Platform [PDF] to find out if it says anything about climate change. It kind of doesn't except for this line: We oppose any carbon tax. I'm reminded of Mankiw's essay on "the key role of conservatives in taxing carbon." It seems like it is going...

CNN: 'More Conservative' Kaine 'More Moderate' Than 'Liberal Strain'

CNN didn't disappoint on Friday's AC360 when it broke the news about Hillary Clinton choosing Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate. Jeff Zeleny stuck to liberal media's talking points about the vice presidential pick, labeling Kaine...Show More Summary

Celebrating Latino Conservation Week

This week is the third annual Latino Conservation Week, a chance for Latinos all across the country to demonstrate their passion for enjoying and protecting public lands. Few places is that passion more evident than here in California. The spirit of conservation is woven throughout our state's history. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Should Have Channeled Pat Buchanan in His Convention Speech

Donald Trump needed to do more in his address to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night than prove to gut-level conservatives that he’s one of them. He’s mostly done that, to the chagrin of conservative dissenters who continue to see him as a loathsome fraud. Show More Summary

No One’s Enjoying The Republican Convention More Than Jeffrey Lord

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

CLEVELAND ? The chairman of Breitbart News extends an invitation for a livestream interview. A passerby asks if it’s a struggle being a conservative on CNN. And the inventor of “My Pillow” offers to send one in the mail. That’s justShow More Summary

More Cougars Could Mean Fewer Deer-Related Auto Fatalities

Photo by Eric Kilby/Flickr A new study argues that cougars could help save lives. In a study recently published in Conservation Letters, researchers argue that should cougars return to their historic range in the East, they could help...Show More Summary

7 Golf Tips on Hitting Lasers From Tight Golf Lies

Hitting from tight lies intimidates some golfers. Tight lies weren’t as common a few years ago as they are now. Now they’re prevalent. They’ll continue to increase as more and more courses look to irrigate less to conserve water and help the environment. Show More Summary

RNC Fashions Stall on the Runway

3 days agoNews : The Daily Beast

Theres a fair amount of crazy attire at this years GOP political convention, but most of the fashion on display is even more conservative than the pronouncements from the podium.

In Rousing Speech, Scott Walker Pleads for Conservatives to Vote for Trump

In a speech that showed more energy and spirit than any he ever gave on the campaign trail, Scott Walker just made an impassioned plea for conservatives to vote for Trump. Pretty much 100% of his speech was about the evils of Hillary,...Show More Summary

This Is How Laura Ingraham Closed Her Republican Convention Speech

Conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham closed her Republican National Convention speech this way. FFS. Read more Slate coverage of the 2016 campaign.

Third Eye Blind Schooled A Conservative Audience Near The RNC Last Night

"You can boo all you want, but I'm the motherfucking artist up here." [ more › ]

Policy makers and ecologists must develop a more constructive dialogue to save the planet

Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday July 19, 2016 - An international consensus demands human impacts on the environment "sustain", "maintain", "conserve", "protect", "safeguard", and "secure" it, keeping it within "safe ecological limits". But,...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Jr. Gave the Speech His Dad Can’t Give, and These Conservatives & Pundits Loved It

Donald Trump Jr. seems to understand conservative policy preferences and the details of politics in a way his father seems utterly incapable of understanding it. More than that, he can articulate it. This was, by any measure, a very, very good convention speech. Show More Summary

Why Electing A President Who Believes In Climate Change And Wildlife Conservation Is More Important Than Ever

Image Credit: Huffington Post Images The signs of climate change are there, we just need to pay attention. Weather patterns are shifting, 100-year floods are now a common occurrence, while drought and loss of water-sheds are as well. Climate...Show More Summary

Policy makers and ecologists must develop a more constructive dialogue to save the planet

An international consensus demands human impacts on the environment 'sustain', 'maintain', 'conserve', 'protect', 'safeguard', and 'secure' it. But, policy makers have little idea what these terms mean or how to connect them to a wealth of ecological data and ideas.

Is Your Stomach a Liberal or a Conservative? And More Food News

Five things to know today Happy Tuesday. Planning any summer roadtrips? This guide to essential restaurants across 23 North American cities may just prove useful. In more food news today: Do you eat like a Republican or a Democrat?;Show More Summary

Mark Kenyon on Randy Newberg’s Hunt Talk Radio Podcast talking Whitetails, Our Conservation Future & More

By Mark Kenyon Last week I had the privilege of hanging out with Randy Newberg (host of the Fresh Tracks TV show and renowned conservationist) here in Bozeman, Montana and we had a chance to record an episode for his...

How Protesters at the RNC Can Protect Themselves From Digital Surveillance

The Republican National Convention starts Monday. But the conservative leaders, GOP fans, and journalists aren’t the only ones descending on Cleveland for the event—it’s estimated that thousands more protesters will be on the scene. People are making signs and banners. Show More Summary

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