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Firefox 39 beta lets users link Hello to social accounts

Mozilla has a new beta version of Firefox (version 39), which notably brings in the ability to invite others to Firefox Hello chats using social networks. The update is available now for Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. With Firefox Hello sharing, you can now link your Hello account to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Show More Summary

Firefox 39 arrives with Hello URL sharing, smoother animation and scrolling on OS X, better Android pasting

Mozilla today launched Firefox 39 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Notable additions to the browser include an option to share Hello URLs via social networks, smoother animation and scrolling on Mac OS X, and the ability to paste Android clipboard content into editable Web content. Firefox 39 for the desktop is available for download […]

Firefox 41 ships with massive memory improvements for Adblock Plus

14 hours agoTechnology :

Version 41 of the Firefox web browser ships with memory improvements that benefit all users of the browser but Adblock Plus users especially. When Mozilla ran memory tests against a set of popular Firefox add-ons recently it noticedShow More Summary

Mozilla removes option to change New Tab Page from Firefox

Users of the Firefox web browser have had options until now to replace the default New Tab page of Firefox with a custom one using the built-in preference browser.newtab.url. It was for instance possible to set it to a blank page to block the New Tab page functionality in Firefox which became popular after the […] Ghacks needs you. Show More Summary

Daily API RoundUp: Internet Game Database, Mozilla Canvas, BlockCypher

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

Mozilla wants to make Chrome Extension ports to Firefox easier

Add-ons are one of the cornerstones of the Firefox web browser. I know several Firefox users who stick with the browser because of extensions that they don't want to browse the web without with. Some developers moved from Firefox to Chrome when Google started to introduce extension support in the web browser while others started […] Ghacks needs you. Show More Summary

Geek Reading June 23, 2015

We have another good mix of articles for today. Edmund Kirwan talks about structural simplicity. This is important as it helps with understanding and maintenance of your codebase. Mozilla Hacks continues their series of articles on ES6, with this one about Collections. On Flowing Data, there is a cool visualization hack using Microsoft Excel to […]

Pro and Con of Mozilla’s Pocket integration in Firefox

The native integration of the third-party service Pocket in the Firefox web browser by Mozilla was certainly one of the most controversial topics in recent time when it comes to the browser. Overshadowed only by the launch of the new Australis interface, the integration was discussed heavily on many Internet sites including ours. Show More Summary

Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Mozilla Collaborate On Game-Changing Web App Tech

Developers at Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple are working together on a new binary format that can be used to compile applications for the Web.

What WebAssembly Means: More Powerful Web Apps

A standard championed by Mozilla and its rivals could supercharge the Web. Continue reading

Pale Moon to switch from Gecko to Goanna rendering engine

The Pale Moon team announced yesterday on the official project forum that the next major version of the browser, Pale Moon 26, will use the new layout and rendering engine Goanna instead of Mozilla's Gecko. The Pale Moon web browser used Mozilla's Gecko engine up until now thanks to its close ties to the Firefox […] Ghacks needs you. Show More Summary

Hands on with Mozilla Webmaker for Android beta: A little too ‘cue’-less

This new app lets you make web pages from an Android phone, but the Spartan interface makes it more difficult than it should be.

How to disable the Firefox 40 add-on signing requirement

Mozilla will enforce the signing of extensions in Firefox in Firefox 40. This particular version of Firefox is scheduled for release on August 11, 2015 to the stable channel. Add-on signing refers to a new system implemented by Mozilla that requires extensions for Firefox to be signed by the organization in order to install them […] Ghacks needs you. Show More Summary

Adobe Flash Player BETA Download – Microsoft Edge Improvements

As most of you know already know, Mozilla is tring to get „rid” of Adobe’s Flash Player forever by bringing their own „Project Shumway”. However, there are others who will continue to support it and that includes Microsoft. Microsoft’s upcoming Edge browser, will come pre-installed in Windows 10 on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. Show More Summary

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla And Others Team Up To Launch WebAssembly, A New Binary Format For The Web

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and some of the engineers on the WebKit project today announced that they have teamed up to launch WebAssembly, a new binary format for compiling applications for the web. Read More

Four short links: 18 July 2015

WebAssembly (Luke Wagner) — new standard, WebAssembly, that defines a portable, size- and load-time-efficient format and execution model specifically designed to serve as a compilation target for the Web. Being worked on by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Inceptionism: Going …

Microsoft teams up with Mozilla and Google to develop a new binary format for the Web

Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and others have teamed up to develop a new binary format for the Web. The companies are working on a new project called “WebAssembly” which is a compilation target for the Web. Microsoft stated: At Microsoft, we strongly believe that the compile-to-web story has a promising future. Working towards this future, we […]

Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla team up to create faster browsers

Engineers at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla are partnering to create WebAssembly (a.k.a wasm), a bytecode for use in the browsers of the future that promises up to 20 times faster performance. WebAssembly is a project to create...Show More Summary

Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox – World’s Best Browser?

Chrome and Firefox both are well known internet browsers available apart from default browsers of Windows (Internet Explorer) and Mac (Safari). Chrome is closed source software developed by Google whereas, Firefox is an open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. Show More Summary

Four short links: 16 June 2015

axe — accessibility testing of web apps, so you can integrate accessibility testing into your continuous EVERYTHING pipeline. metrics-graphics — Mozilla Javascript library optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. US Tech Funding: What’s Going On? (A16Z) — deck …

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