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'Humans of New York' Crying Gay Teen Worries About Future: Internet Reacts (PHOTO)

Post by Michele Zipp. The photo from Humans of New York touched so many hearts -- it's a powerful image of a young boy sitting on a stoop and crying with his quote: "I'm homosexual and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that...Show More Summary

Matthew Burry: Dad Charged In Death of Baby Son, Wife Stands By Him — ‘Don’t Want To Lose My Husband’

On March 24, Matthew Burry, 33, of Westminster, Colorado, dialed 911 to report that his baby son Dominic was “unresponsive.” The little boy — who had been born a “preemie” in December 11 weeks before his scheduled due date — passed away...Show More Summary

"I'm homosexual and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that people won't like me."

A Humans of New York photograph of a child that's getting a lot of attention on Facebook, including a response from Hillary Clinton. I find this very touching — the boy, not HC getting into the picture — but I'm averse to giving children this kind of open-to-the-whole-world attention. Show More Summary

Week Ender - Love is Love Edition

Love is love! If two people want to love each other, then they should. I'm not in that relationship so it is none of my business. This weekend's selection of anime endings are all about girl's love and boy's love, and there a lot of people out there who love that sort of thing. Show More Summary

Now I Know My Wednesday One-Liners, Next Time Won’t You Wednesday One-Liner With Me?

Little boy singing to mother: E is for druggies!–R TrainOverheard by: AllegraCrazy hobo: Take the V train! V is for vasectomy. Why take the crowded E train where all the lesbians will crush you?–V Train PlatformOverheard by: TomConductor: This is 14th Street. Transfer here for the L as in "lower level of hell".–F TrainOverheard by: […]

Everything but War and Straight Marriage Is Now Forbidden

Babysitter: Ok guys, hold my hand.Six-year-old boy: Holding hands is unnatural.Babysitter: What? Where did you hear that?Six-year-old boy: George Bush!Man walking ahead: Wow, he really does get blamed for everything now.–1 train, 225th StOverheard by: bkh

I Was a Libertarian Internet Troll — How I Turned My Mind Around

For the young male mind, some things are far more damaging than porn. For a growing boy, there are more dangerous things on the Internet than spyware-addled porn sites. One of them is white dude-bro culture — you know, the kind rife with men who threaten to murder women for wanting representation in video games and compare themselves to the KKK. Show More Summary

In With the Out Crowd: Remembering My 80s Youth

Robert Burke Warren thinks about the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, and thinks about how it takes a village to raise a boy into a man. In his case, an East Village. The post In With the Out Crowd: Remembering My 80s Youth appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 2, Ranked

8. Woman says of man’s grisly anecdote, “Sometimes I wonder how many things you have like that that I don’t know about.” 7. Man says, “I’m a piece of shit but that boy is all I have in my shitty life.” 6. Man says to female co-worker, “You pull off that e-cig. A lot of […]

In this Case: Ceramicist Howard Kottler

3 days agoArts / Museums : Eye Level

In Case 53B of the Luce Foundation Center sit four plates that first attracted my attention when I was a graduate student a few years ago. I was drawn to these by the figure of a boy, who looked very much like a famous painting, yet strangely manipulated. Show More Summary

My Parents, Teachers, Mailmen, That Guy at the Bodega…

Middle-school boy: Yeah, you’re a pathological liar.Middle-school girl: What do you mean? When have I lied to you? I never lie. I only lie to my therapist.–1 trainOverheard by: cate

Film Review: Minions

The theater was packed full of children. A mother and son sat beside me, the boy had just stepped on my new shoes. The boy told his mother he wanted popcorn, notice I did not say ask. His mother turned to me and made pleasant conversation. Show More Summary

Texas residents demand LGBT children's books be banned from public library

Two LGBT-themed children's books have come under fire at a Granbury, Texas, public library. Dozens of community members have demanded that "My Princess Boy" and "This Day in June" be either banned from the Hood County Library or moved out of the children's section, WFAA-TV reports.

Daniel Radcliffe to Star Alongside Paul Dano in Swiss Army Man and One of Them Will be Dead - Wait, so does that mean he can open a can AND file my nails?

4 days agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Looks like our favorite former Boy Wizard has lined up his next awesome project. He'll be starring opposite Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine) in a film called Swiss Army Man, which begins filming next month.

Like a Beach Boys Song . . .

What's going on in my back garden is like a Beach Boys song. God Only Knows. Let's just put it this way. In addition to my usual annual stand of sorghum and a million other things out there, I tossed organic chia seeds from Whole Foods. And yes, they grew. eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world

Gas Bubbles or Why I Love My Children

My youngest boy briefly opens his eyes and confronts the ceiling. There is no one there. A gas bubble rips through his body, like a confused hurricane, exiting with much fanfare and discomfort. It's time to launch a blood-curdling cry. Show More Summary

Treating Nature Like a Snooty Museum

. Is there a “right” way for kids to play in nature? A letter I got: Dear Free-Range Kids: At my son’s former pre-k, he and another boy were picking leaves off of an overgrown bush while adults were talking. The boys were quiet, engaged, and the bush seemed pretty hardy. When the teacher and the […]

Wednesday One-Liners Are the Idols of Millions of Suburban White Boys

Thug to friends: Look, whatever, but I have never found myself with a girl who has no face.–Columbia UniversityThug: Yo, I got a huge blunt in my pocket… Oh, wait, that’s my inhaler.–Q trainOverheard by: djingoThug: Fuck that. Fuck that, nigga! If Bill Gates offered me 20 billion dollars to suck his cock, I’d swallow. […]

The Boy She Would Have Been

Acting like and being treated “like a man” is almost always culturally prescriptive. Writer Abby Byrd confronts the boy she would have been — If I had been a boy, my parents would have named me “Jeremy.” Trying to imagine myself as the opposite gender is uncomfortable. Show More Summary

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