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5 Messed-Up Things I Say to My Cats That Mean "I Love You"

I work from home, so there is no one to listen to my inane midday ramblings –- no one, that is, except my cats, Bubba Lee Kinsey and Phoenix. For the most part, our conversations involve me reassuring them they will definitely be fed soon, but sometimes, unbeknownst to them, our discussions take a decidedly weirder turn. Show More Summary

Serious Question: Have You Ever Licked Your Cat?

I've come across a problem with my two cats that I don't have an answer to. As I'm sure most Catster readers know, cats like to groom each other (and even their people) as a huge, huge sign of affection. It helps bonding, and it is one of the loveliest gestures a cat can make towards another furry creature or human. Show More Summary

5 Signs My Kids Will Be Totally Owned by Their Cats One Day

My kids love cats. They've grown up with them and consider them part of our family, which of course they are. Now that they're not far away from adulthood, I'm starting to see signs that they will definitely find themselves owned by a cat -- or cats -- of their very own one day. Here are five of those signs. 1. Show More Summary

I Thought I'd Buy a Designer Cat -- But I Adopted a Shelter Cat

I fell in love with her unexpectedly. From the moment I laid eyes on my Ghost Cat I knew she would be my best friend, but she definitely isn’t the cat I’d pined over and planned to adopt. I thought I’d be getting an designer kitten I could tame. Show More Summary

My Cat Has a Foot Fetish

It's a good thing that The Creator, whoever or whatever she is, installed those filters between thought and behavior in humans. We downright depend on them. Cats, on the other hand, benefit from having none. I'll demonstrate. Picture...Show More Summary

How and Why Images Help Readers Engage with Your Blog Posts

This is a guest post from Joshua Danton Boyd. I’m massive fan of cats. I even wrote an article about the ones living on my street and what you can learn about freelancing from them. This also means that I study every lost cat poster I see just in case I can help. I was walking […] Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

Stray Cats and Dogs in Peru

I grew up with animals and love them. I speak Spanish and have travelled in the developing world. And my housemate's cat, Jack, is sleeping on my bed right now. And that is just about the extent that I can personally speak to the issue of animal welfare in Peru. Show More Summary

“To The Catmobile! Roger, Ready 2 Move Out.”

My grandmother has been feeding the neighborhood cats her entire life, and when my mom recently inherited her home she also inherited the pack. I took this picture when I visited last month. They definitely know whose house (and car) it is!” -Laura R. 60?s Pop Culture reference, kids.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: 60s Pop Culture […]

5 Cat Things I Want to Do -- Just to Freak People Out

I sometimes enjoy engaging in weird activity just to see how surrounding people react. My friend Nicky and I used to do this in college: We'd enter the theatre for rehearsal, pretend we'd tripped and then fall and roll down the aisle. Show More Summary

Ask a Vet: Why Are Some Cats Holy Terrors at the Vet's Office?

A few weeks ago a very nice woman brought her sick cat to my office. Before I evaluated him she gave me a warning. "I don't know why, but he's really bad at the vet's office," she said. I appreciated the warning, but it really wasn't necessary. Show More Summary

My Cat Caissa

Full of sound, and furry. She lived 20+ years. Here she is, subdued, near the end.

Do Your Cats Get Spring Fever?

It’s official. Spring has arrived! According to my official 2014 desk calendar, spring was actually supposed to start a few weeks ago. However, the winter season decided to extend itself by sharing freezing rain and below freezing nightly temperatures for a few extra weeks here in the South. Show More Summary

You Can’t Be Smug About Your Super Healthy Kid If You Never Leave The House

We've all heard of this magical, fabled creature before…the kid who never gets sick (said in a whisper). Just to let the cat out of the bag, my first son with the literal opposite of this kid. My first son was Sickly McSick Magee and still kind of is to this day. Show More Summary

5 Ways My Cats Think They're Totally Badass

My pampered, domesticated little felines are distant relatives of mighty wildcats, but they still sometimes act like they're total big-cat badasses. I try not to mar their sensitive egos, but sometimes I can't help but giggle at their attempts at badassery. Here are five ways my cats think they're fierce little badasses. 1. Show More Summary

The cat’s meow: Pet accessories for your fancy furry friend

The cat's meow: Pet accessories for your fancy furry friend As many of you are probably aware, I'm obsessed with my dog. After bringing him everywhere with me for the last few months we've become rather inseparable, so it only makesShow More Summary

Jill's Cool & Cozy California Cottage — House Call

Name: Jill Smith Location: Silverlake, California I bought my Silverlake, California cottage almost two years ago. At a little over 800 square feet it was perfect for me, my dog and my cat. Cut to a few months after moving in when I acquired one large boyfriend and his small dog...and shortly thereafter another cat and another dog. READ MORE »

My Framed X-Ray Gun Prints

Last year I blogged about the beautiful CAT scanned prints sold by  Mr. Houston H on Etsy. After I wrote that blog post I decided to get prints of the AK and the AR-15. They have just gotten back from the framers and they look amazing (see above), the photo does not do them justice. I […] Read More …

My Cat From Hell Host Jackson Galaxy Knows How to Keep Pets Happy While You’re Traveling

Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, shares his tips for two- and four-legged travelers alike on National Pet Day.

Ask Tax Dad: I Just Can’t Quit Itemizing My Deductions

Historically, our staff Certified Tax Cat has handled readers’ questions about taxes, but he took feline early retirement and hung up his oversized eyeglasses. Filling in for him is Laura’s dad, a retired accountant and real live independent tax preparer. Show More Summary

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