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A Different Kind of Summer Song

All week, day and night, sunshine and rain, I have been replaying the veteran, underappreciated garage-rock band Reigning Sound’s first album in five years, Shattered, with my feelings padding around it like a jungle cat in a zoo enclosure,...Show More Summary

Irritating Cats: A Handbook

Cats: and How I Photograph Them Spies 1958 Submitter: I am guessing by the sheer amount of cat books at my local library that a library can never have enough cute cat books. With that said, I am not sure this is a keeper. Here is an old how-to book on photographing cats with creepy black […]

Meet Some Kittens Who Live by the 'Start Shit, Get Hit' Philosophy

Yo, who are you calling a "pussy?" These aren't kitties, they're full-grown motherfucking cats and THEY WISH YOU WOULD. What are you waiting for, big dogs? they seem to be saying. Why don't you come over here and tell it to my fucking face! If i were the dogs in this video, I wouldn't mess with these kittens. And you shouldn't either, probably. Read more...

What a Load of Bunk

“Mom! Bobby won’t stop kicking me from the middle bunk!” “Well, Stacey keeps drooling hairballs from the top bunk!” “My niece decided that her cats should sleep in bunk beds,” says Redditor flooid.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Kittens

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Cheongju, South Korea

Ashley G. is geeked up! Tell us why, AG: “I visited a Cat Café in Korea on Saturday and got to play with some adorable cats! I attached a couple photos and included the link to my blog post about it.” If You Go™ Addy: Er, take your best shot. Cost: 8,000 Won. (Little over […]

5 Reasons My Cat Would Be a Terrible "Family Feud" Contestant

I admit it: I get totally wrapped up in game shows, especially if I feel like I can play along. I have fond memories of sitting with my great grandmother in the mid-1970s, watching The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal. I remember...Show More Summary

Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, and feminism

(Paul Mirengoff) The Camille Paglia interview in which she recalls being denounced by feminists for taking too soft a line on the Rolling Stones song “Under My Thumb,” coupled with Steve’s reporting on “sexual paranoia in academe,” reminded...Show More Summary

Giant Rats Finally Useful for Something: Detecting Tuberculosis 

Image via APOPO. “Giant rats” score high on my list of “Animals I Never Want to Ever Encounter” but it turns out the dingy rodents have at least two redeeming qualities (the first one being that they are great food for our cats). AtShow More Summary

Haiku by Cat: These Kitties Define "Catitude" Through Poetry

Until four years ago, I had not had the pleasure of sharing my life with cats. My impression of felines until then? They were snooty, stuck-up creatures who took themselves way too seriously and would rather humans leave them alone --...Show More Summary

NOT A Fan Of Today

You’d think that CATS would be the only ones that wouldn’t care for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY. Nope, says Susan H. “This is my Malti-Malti-Poo, Murphy. I woke him up to wish him Happy National Puppy Day, and got this response (photo by me.)” Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Disapproval, grumpy cat, puppeh, Side-Eye

A Poem That I Can Also Say In Dutch Based on Phrases I Learned In Duolingo

3 days agoHumor / odd : The Hairpin

by Anna Fitzpatrick Hello, shoes! Girls are not weak The weak men drink wine Sorry! I am not paying you You have an important duck We have a few cats The weak sheep sees her No red clothes, please. My orange is not orange. You eat sandwiches. You eat sandwiches. Do you hear the bad men? It is quiet. I have small sheep. Show More Summary


Caveat: This article is mine and mine alone. I the author of this article assure you, the reader, that any of the opinions expressed here are my own and are a result of the way in which my meandering mind interprets a particular situation and/or concept. Show More Summary

The Strangest Thing My Cat Ever Did Saved My Life

If it weren't for Molly, I might not be here now to tell you about her, or about the night she woke me up with her banging on doors, more frantic than usual.

The Three Dreamers

Also known as Sun Moon Star Heads. I added a few more details in an attempt to express something that just popped into my mind today. And also to finish up the winter stray cat series. This week. Before warmer...

Cats Are Kissable -- Especially These 6 Body Parts

How can you live with cats and not want to kiss them all the time? Impossible! I constantly smooch my three kitties, but there are certain spots on their little bodies that are more kissable... at least to me. Call it the "smooch anatomy." There are also a few areas I consider "dangerous waters," but I dive in head first anyway. Show More Summary

Softer, sweeter, finer...

...and no, it's not just the cats. I've had a busy weekend's work and here is the latest, therefore, from our Amati Magazine:a) My interview with the brilliant Hungarian violinist Barnabás Kelemen about Gypsy style, classical stye and...Show More Summary

ROC #6: “Mimicking Humans Is Cute.”

And that goes for mimicking fictional hoomins, too. Like…Little Red Riding Hood. “Hello again C.O. friends, here’s a photo of my cat Nocciola dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Hope you think it’s cute enough for your website! I took the photo myself.” -Gina M.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kitteh, Rules Of Cuteness

King of Making Cat Memes – A 90s-Style Parody of the “King of Wishful Thinking” [Video]

A new song by my pal Bonecage, who is apparently a big fan of the 90s… and of cats. Cat memes and 90s pop go together like… something… I guess. This is parody of “King of Wishful Thinking” with a bunch of cat memes. Did I mention the...Show More Summary

Texas Judge: Robert Durst Left a Cat Head on My Doorstep 

To add to the growing list of awful stories to emerge about the arrest Robert Durst, the Texas judge who presided over his 2003 acquittal trial is claiming that Durst left a severed cat head on her doorstep. Susan Criss told Inside Edition that she found the cat head days after his acquittal. Read more...

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