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A Smart Phone Device Records Canine and Feline ECG’s (Electrocardiographs)

A decade or so ago, I never would have dreamed of running an ECG (electrocardiograph) on a dog or cat using my smartphone. When I learned this new technology exists, my response was “ Wow! Really?” A company... Read More

I Still Give Brandy Water — What Are the Little Things That Help You to Remember Your Pets Who Have Passed?

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

As many of you will remember, my cat companion, Brandy, died in April.She was an international cat of mystery who left a little cat-shaped hole in my heart. I suspect that hole will never completely heal, but I'm OK with that. I'm just now getting to the point where I can start to reach for... Continue reading

Arrived in my pile

From three excellent authors: Daniel J. Levitin, A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information Age Derek Thompson, Hit Makers: Why Things Become Popular Abigail Tucker, The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World The post Arrived in my pile appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

I Spent The Night With A Crystal Dildo But Nothing Happened, I Swear

Sometimes it would sleep on my stomach like a cat (but it's a crystal dildo), or I'd hold it close to my body like we were spooning (but it's a crystal dildo). You know, the things you do when you're 15 and like someone but don't want to go All The Way (but it's a …

Aug 20, Rescue cat poops in front of litter tray

My rescue centre warned me that Ron always pooped on the floor at the window of his pod and so may not use the litter tray when I got him home. He does

I played a game where you help a Donald Trump cat run for President

Right now in my Destructoid email, I have roughly 25,000 unread emails. It’s quite the eclectic collection of crap I’ll never read, from press releases in Japanese I don’t understand to the YouTubers who want us to know their video with 25 views is “blowing up” right now. Show More Summary

Simon’s Cat Logic: Feeding a Cat

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

Simon Tofield and Nicky Trevorrow explain how cats go nuts when it’s feeding time. My cats can tell time better than I can, because if I’m the least bit late with the nightly Fancy Feast, they gang up on me. My oldest cat has nothing better to do than to guard the kibble bowl and let me know when it’s not quite full. Show More Summary

I Love My Family's Cat, Even Though It Could Kill Me

last weekLifestyle : xoJane

Max is a beautiful cat. He's white and black, fluffy and soft. But he's also a lethal weapon. If I were Superman, Max would be my kryptonite. Cats make me anaphylactic. If he touches me, I cannot breathe. My skin itches. My eyes water. I become beholden to Benadryl for survival, and I keep an... Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

There are cat people, and then there are dog people. I like to consider myself a little bit of both, but having a dog is definitely better than having a cat in my opinion. Dogs like to cuddle, show affection, and would protect you with their life. Show More Summary

Kitten Rescue Bleg – Colorado Springs Area

From longtime lurker Whereaway: We manage a feral cat colony in our backyard, and the kitten’s mother is one of my ferals that we have not been able to trap and spay yet. The kittens were about 4 weeks old when I found them piled up in a corner of the yard, while their mother […]

Helping the Neighborhood Cats

I don't recall where I was headed that autumn day back in 1999 when my life changed forever. It might have been to the grocery store up the block or the hardware store around the next corner. Wherever it was, on my way I passed an empty...Show More Summary

Patchwork Guilt - Until When

Sounds like: Feist, Cat Power, Lail Arad Song: Patchwork Guilt - Until When What's so good? UK artist Patchwork Guilt managed to catch my attention with an unsuspecting track. There are very few bells and whistles here; rather, an wonderful sound pulled off without a hitch. I know you might be saying, "Hey Jason, this genre's pretty standard. Show More Summary

Like Herding Cats

2 weeks agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Doesn’t that just describe much of our lives perfectly? Herding cats.   Lately that’s how my life has felt. Chaotic and out of control. Like I have too many things to do and don’t know where to begin. Overwhelmed? Oh yeah. So how do you get out of this mode? How do you create order […]

My Husband Hates To Swim (And Why Simone Manuel Moved Me To Tears)

My husband, Linwood, doesn’t like to swim. He’ll get in the water, but he looks more like a cat being dunked into a dreaded bath than a man having fun. I remember the first time I put our son in the pool. Chase loved it, but Linwood looked like he was going to come unglued. Show More Summary

Yes, Getting Your Pet Fake-Drunk Is a Thing--and a Business

You've heard of 'beer for my horses,' but what about for your dog? Or wine for your cat?

Another Day: You're Still Not Here

I wake and you are still gone. The cats tap-tap-tapping on my arms and face declare the day has begun despite the dark and I need to climb out of bed. Why? What difference does it make? I trudge downstairs, put the coffee on, feed the cats and settle into my chair to read and write. Habits. Routine carries me through the day. Show More Summary

When Your Kid's Movie Becomes A Life Changing Moment (And Your Kids Wonder Why You Are Crying)

Summer vacation is ending. I sat on our worn in leather sofa snuggling with my husband, two kids, and our Costa Rican rescue cat Boo watching The Little Prince on Netflix. A year ago at this time we were flying to Costa Rica reduced to six duffle bags and open hearts grateful for the network marketing business I built to allow us this experience. Show More Summary

If you haven’t watched the first full-length “Luke Cage” trailer…

…stop what you’re doing and do so. See that hoodie he’s got on? It’s not a coincidence. Also, expect more posts from me soon, as I adjust to my new role in the culture department and Internet curation business. And more OLDMAN CAT — because people tolerate me, but love my elderly kittens. Share

Oh Yes, It's Still World Cat Day

World Cat Day is drawing to a close, and so is my supply of bathtubs. But it's all working out: we have one more cat and one more bathtub in the house. This one is Hilbert's favorite, and it usually sports a purple mouse for him to play with. Show More Summary

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