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Funny Pictures – April 18, 2015

What charm did Ron use on Hermione? My boss complained about my coworker’s hair being too long. So she fixed the problem. What if? My cat has a secret modeling job. This is just about how my first kiss went… Note to McDonalds – Don’t piss off the sign company next door. You think your […]

GRAPHIC PHOTO: Vet Fired After Killing Cat With Bow and Arrow

A Texas veterinarian was fired after bragging on Facebook about killing a cat with a bow and arrow. Dr. Kristen Lindsey uploaded a now-deleted image with a caption that read: “My first bow kill, LOL. The only good feral tomcat … More » The post GRAPHIC PHOTO: Vet Fired After Killing Cat With Bow and Arrow appeared first on EveryJoe.

TGIF: Inertial Dampeners Are Offline!

[Scotty! You’re the Miracle Worker! I need those back online or we’re all dead dizzy! Today’s Stardate: 92895.75; that means it’s time for a Trekkie TGIF! (Boing!! Boing!!!)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: cat, My wife confuses Star Wars with Star Trek, TGIF

It’s Just About That Time, Isn’t It

Not QUITE time for TGIF…but almost. And we have a good one today- one hour. [Note- if you’re on the U.S. East Coast, OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, it’s already the weekend, duh. -Ed.] “You’ve featured my cat Truman before (I can’t find the link but it’s of Truman as a kitten chilling behind […]

Bonus Friday Cat Blogging - 17 April 2015

My sister has given me loads of catblogging photos to choose from, and this week I'm choosing this one. I understand that Hilbert contested Hopper's right to this spot for a bit, but Hopper defended herself and is now queen of the chair. Show More Summary

I Get My Kitteh Now?

Kind of reminds you of the video below, eh? “Not sure if this will meet your high standards but my wife insisted that I send it to you. It was actually really cute – two dogs trying to get into a cat store. Best, Owen B.” [Note: This is Ollie’s Place, a ResQte group in […]

Would You Enter Your Cat Into a Veterinary Research Study?

Would you let your cat participate in a clinical trial for a new medical treatment? If my cat had a terminal disease and the trial held the possibility of a cure, then absolutely. But what if the condition isn’t life threatening? What...Show More Summary

Nelson's Odyssey from Being the Long Abused Cat That Nobody Wanted to One of England's Most Beloved Comes to Sad End at Age Twenty

Nelson "I am heartbroken. I miss him very much, as do Dave and my mam and dad. The house and garden seem so empty without him. Even our other cat Minnie seems to be looking around for him."-- Andrea Huntley-CrowPhilosophers and laymen alike have long mused about the meaning of life without coming to much of an agreement on anything. Show More Summary

My Narcissistic Mother Cremated My Cats Without Telling Me And Wouldn’t Even Give Me The Ashes

She freaks out at me, telling me she doesn't need or deserve this treatment. She says, "I believe those are the real ashes."

These Famous Artists Really Love Their Cats

A few minutes into my phone conversation with Alison Nastasi, I heard her cat, Lynx, screaming in the background. Nastasi, an artist and journalist, recently adopted Lynx and his sister Luna, who hang out with her while she works in her Philadelphia studio. Show More Summary

How My Cats Have Helped Me Be Tougher -- and More Tender

Anybody who knows me knows that I learn great deal from my cats. I've always believed that my cats have helped me become a better person. How can such gentle, pure beings do anything but make us better? Kali was a cat of mine who was both tough and tender. Show More Summary

Allison & Matt's Happy Little Life in the Big City — House Call

Name: Allison & Matt Location: Alphabet City - Manhattan, NY Hello! My fiance Matt and I (along with our rescue dingo and cat) live in a one-bedroom rental apartment in Alphabet City. I'm a partner in a boutique interior design firm, and my fiance is a freelance creative director in advertising. READ MORE »

50 Fascinating Things You Really Wanted Us To Know About How You Have Sex

5 days agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

"The first time I went down on my girlfriend my cat jumped on her stomach and I laughed until I cried."

Herding Cats and Breaking Jars: 4 Rules for Grocery Shopping With Your Children

When I am in the supermarket and I hear the tell-tale crash of destruction from somewhere far away in the store, I know, reflexively, automatically that it was one of my children at fault. I can be in aisle six, contemplating how I might make use of 16 only slightly dented cans of clearance yams (pudding?). Show More Summary

Do Cats Really Like Television?

When people say they don’t own a television, I am kind of incredulous. I mean, I can understand cutting the cable and just getting your Netflix on, but I don’t think my household would survive if we got rid of the glowing screen itself. Show More Summary

MyNotes: How Incoming CIOs Can Hit the Ground Running

One of my favorite songs as a young man was Harry Chapin's Cats in a Cradle. When I first heard this song, before my children were born, I couldn't help but scoff at the song. "What? Are you serious? Hanging out with a baby and young...Show More Summary

How to Get a Urine Sample From a Crafty Cat

Right before we moved, Kieran, my Turkish Van, got a urinary blockage for the first time since I've had him. I had to rush him to a vet that I didn't normally use, just because I wanted to get it treated fast. The veterinary office catheterized Kieran and kept him overnight, but the normally quiet Kieran threw a tantrum and tried to escape his cage. Show More Summary

Do You Put a Cat in Charge Before You Leave the House?

When my human daughter was about 12 years old, I left her in charge of her 10-year-old brother when I left the house to ran short errands. What does "in charge" mean? Well, in the case of those two, it probably meant she bossed him around, took ownership of the TV remote control, and raided the pantry. Show More Summary

Kozy Kitteh

And we’re wrapping up the week with a little Rule Of Cuteness #40 action: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” “Greetz from a German fan and my 7 months old male cat named Burli!” -Christoph B.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kitteh, The Rules of Cuteness

Just a Cat Lady Friday

I have come to accept — nay, embrace — that I am a cat lady through and through. It’s a fact. There’s no denying it. But sometimes something happens to make me fully realize the true extent of my cat lady-ness, like this afternoon when...Show More Summary

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