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Friday Haiku: Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrels are cute They zoom all over the place This guy has jazz hands “My cat brought in from outside a completely unhurt, and very angry, flying squirrel,” writes John S. “I managed to catch him and after he realized I wasn’t going to hurt him, he decided my hand was the best place […]

Merry Christmas!

We all still miss the late, much beloved Inkblot, but I figured this year it's time to celebrate the new cats in our family. So we have an all-new Christmas ornament. I did my best to retain all the charm of the old ornament, but this one features the new, much beloved Hopper. Merry Christmas, all.

Taking A Cue From Grumpy Cat, Perhaps?

“This is my dog Cricket. As you can see she takes her job of being a Scrooge very seriously. Really though, she’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s a therapy dog who visit kids with disabilities and is known for being the “Ninja Kisser” – you never know when she’s going to attack!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!” […]

The Cat that Came for Christmas

HT: Pam Lane-Garon. Top of the season to all my readers. I really do appreciate your 'patronage.' I wish you all the best for the New Year. Peace to all who want it, and good will to those who have...

What Have You Sacrificed to Be Involved in Cat Rescue?

We make so many sacrifices to bring animals into our homes. Cats, dogs, and other pets are a major responsibility, just like children. When I think about the pervasive loneliness I felt before bringing animals into my life, I am thankful for the companionship they’ve brought to my children and myself. Show More Summary

Spying on your pet is now easy (and addictive) with Petcube

For one week, I became a helicopter cat parent. I had just placed a Petcube, a palm-sized cube that contains a camera, speaker and laser-pointer, on my bookshelf. With a few…

Does Your Cat "Flip You Off"?

We're silly at home sometimes. Recently, I was involved in a community holiday choir. When I do music, it runs and runs through my head. Sometimes, out of silliness, I will insert a cat's name into the lyrics of a song. (Admit it --Show More Summary

Snuggle or Snack? The Cutest Cat-Shaped Treats From Japan

In the span of one week, this was posted to my Facebook page three times: As the arguably "kookiest" of the kooky cat ladies amongst my circle of friends (I'm sure many of you share the distinction -- we should make t-shirts) I'm accustomed...Show More Summary

‘Twas Four Days Before Christmas

‘Twas four days before Christmas, I sat in my house My cat was still sleeping, ignoring her stuffed mouse; My friends’ stockings were hung by the new wooden stairs I sat in my office in my old office chair. At ten in the morning, my first morning call; I chatted as per usual, not suspecting […]

Free Ranging Cats, Wildlife & New Studies About Management

I miss the birds. For most of my adult life I have fed wild birds, and watching them has added immeasurably to my life. In some places, like here at the farm, there have been 8 or 10 feeders up, overflowing with creamy, white suet and shiny, black sunflower seeds. They attracted a multitude of […]

Poster Posse Celebrates Ripley & Alien‘s 35th Anniversary With Beautiful Prints - In space, no one can hear you gasp in delight.

4 days agoOdd : Geekosystem

Okay, that's great, but my own cat's presents weren't always totally dead, if you know what I mean. These posters, though, they're totally awesome.

Ask Einstein: Is a Kitten a Good Holiday Gift for a Senior Citizen?

Dear Einstein, I heard my human say she was going to give her gray-haired mom a kitten for Christmas cuz Gram’s lonely and she likes it when I sleep on her lap. I want to know whether a new cat will interfere with my turf? Should I start...Show More Summary


Many people are saying that 2014 was simply awful. In many ways it was. My lowest point was when our best friend, Solti of the Ginger Stripes, went to the green field by the rainbow bridge - this is where the souls of cats go to wait for their humans to join them... Show More Summary

The First MO-ël

Looks like someone’s got One Flap Up as they count down the hours ’til the arrival of Jolly Old St. Nick! “I look at the site everyday! This is a picture of my cat M.O (Microbe Obliterator from the movie WALL·E) getting into the Christmas spirit. M.O. is a 3 year old ResQte cat who […]

My Blog Bibliography or The Blogs I Read Daily

Chiron: Cornered Cat (Scratching Post): Kodokan Boston: Mario McKenna (Kowakan): Mokuren Dojo: More Summary

Do You Ever Think of Yourself as "Just" a Cat Mom?

I remember an old joke in my family where my mother said, "I'm just the mother!" I remember her saying this in some situation, with a hint of irony or (possibly) martyrdom in her voice. I don't remember the context of the situation, but the statement stuck with me. Show More Summary

Cats – Problems For Raised Beds

Q: Is there anything that will keep the neighborhood cats out of my raised beds? A: I think a well-aimed motion-activated sprinkler would send the cats skedaddling. Look online for the ConTech Scarecrow or the Havahart Spray Away. The cats will be deterred by the blast of water these gadgets emit.

Cat Tries To Hypnotize Dog Friend With Dreamy Head Massage

“Just concentrate on my voice, and close your eyes… You no longer need tennis balls in your life.” Comedian Chris Cohen recently translated a purr-fect hypnotherapy/massage session conducted by a cat on his dog friend. Watch how it all went down in the video above. H/T Tastefully Offensive

People and Other Animals: My Old Dog and the Rain

I know we're all grateful for it, but this last couple weeks of extraordinarily heavy rains has had its impact on my own dogs and cats, and from what I'm hearing I'm not alone in this. The three cats dive for cover when the downpour comes fast and loud (well, two dive for cover; my fat cat sort of waddles for cover) and they can disappear for hours. Show More Summary

The 5 Weirdest Things I’ve Done To Get Boys To Like Me

last weekOdd : Thought Catalog

1. Painted cat whiskers on my face and told a boy—in graphic detail—about the crocodilian reproductive system.

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