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Beginnings and Endings

So many things changing here. Mostly in my head. But some decisions looming. Things are always changing but the hard fact that I change my mind a lot always adds another level of confusion. Then, more often than not, I...

Austin Passed a Landmark Paid Leave Policy. Will Texas Republicans Undermine It?

“I have no doubt in my mind that when regular folks in this state understand what is possible, they’re going to ask... why not us? Why can’t we also have the opportunity to take a day off when we get sick or when our kids get sick?” The post Austin Passed a Landmark Paid Leave Policy. Will Texas Republicans Undermine It? appeared first on Rewire.

Scott Adams imagines what the news would be like if it stopped "mind-reading" and reported only "facts."

See if you can read my mind about why I put "mind-reading" and "facts" in quotation marks. Here's Adams's blog post. Example:BirtherismFactual Report: Donald Trump exploited doubts within the Republican base about President Obama’s birth certificate to gain a political advantage. Show More Summary

Steamed up Corbyn

The thought of Jeremy Corbyn as a dangerous 'spy' is quite ridiculous, not least because in my mind's eye I see the Labour leader more as a poor man's Johnny English than a James Bond. But the fact that Jezza met a Czechoslovakian diplomat...Show More Summary

Your High Stress Level Is Absolutely a Factor in Why You Have Ulcers

Based on the phrase "You're giving me an ulcer," we can all gather it is not something great. My mind instantly goes to the image of someone clutching their stomach, but what is an ulcer exactly? An ulcer occurs when tissue in an area...Show More Summary

How Travel with Grant Makes Money

Sometimes it’s easy to read someone’s mind. When I wrote about my first year writing experience at Travel with Grant, I wrote about the questions people ask me about travel blogging. Sure, they want my thoughts on where they should travel to and specifics about how using points and miles work. Show More Summary

February Pieces Of My Mind #2

Please let me remind you that the Pixies have a song about a bird sleeping in a tree and dreaming about a mountain on Mars. This makes me happy. Re-reading the Akallabêth after 30 years. Death Angel is a cooperative boardgame about killing aliens. I just realised why it’s so hard to get it to […]

Month of love... Redux

This post was first published on 2/19/2014. I felt it was worthy of a re-post.I always seem to struggle through the month of February. In my mind it’s a small month that is packed with stuff – National Freedom Day, Groundhog Day, Rosa...Show More Summary

Liz Is Going Stoveless. Here’s Why

The main topic that’s been on my mind while preparing for my big hike (other than gear) is food. I have decided to go stoveless, meaning I will be relying solely on cold food options while out in the woods. Not to worry, I should be able to grab a hot meal in town every few days. Show More Summary

Wax: The Closing Of The Academic Mind

Following up on my previous posts (links below): Wall Street Journal: The Closing of the Academic Mind, by Amy Wax (Pennsylvania): There is a lot of abstract talk these days on American college campuses about free speech and the values of free inquiry, with lip service paid to expansive notions...

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

“Hi! My name is Roseate Spoonbill, and I’ll be foraging for minnows, crawdads and bugs in your pond today.” “I’ll just be over here sweeping my weird bill from side to side. Don’t mind me!” “Glug-glug-glug…” Saw this lovely critter yesterday in a suburban pond. There are tons of spoonbills around here, but I’ve never […]

Blizzard is streaming a Puppy Rumble today for Overwatch

Dogs are the greatest. Big, small, fluffy, floppy -- it doesn't matter. They fill my heart with pure joy, and there's a cordoned-off section of my mind devoted to thinking about them and how good they are. Every once in a while, dogs and games intersect. Show More Summary

Trump's tweet this morning is reading my mind.

If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2018 Yes, yes, yes, exactly. Aptest Trump tweet ever.

Book Club Carlson rewards before March 1 category changes

Club Carlson is raising reward rates at 55 hotels on March 1, 2018. That is not an alarming number of hotels in a portfolio of 1,500+ hotels worldwide. What blows my mind is 11 of these 55 hotels are places I have stayed in the past three years or plan to be in 2018. Loyalty… The post Book Club Carlson rewards before March 1 category changes appeared first on Loyalty Traveler.

Anton Chekhov’s Letter to His Brother about the 8 Conditions for “Civilized People.”

In 1886, Russian playwright and short-story writer Anton Chekhov wrote a letter of advice to his beloved older brother Nikolai, a talented painter and writer who suffered from severe alcoholism. Chekhov writes: To my mind, civilized people ought to satisfy the following conditions: 1. They respect the individual and are therefore always indulgent, gentle, polite […]

Flashback Friday: What I Gave Up for Lent in 2010

Flashback Friday is a series I started recently where I share an old blog post--I have been writing a blog since 2000, and I thought it would be fun to go through past posts and share them here. Keep in mind, always, that my thoughts and viewpoints have certainly changed over time. Show More Summary

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

By Ryan Puplava CMT – The big question on my mind, is whether this correction will be like the many we have faced or whether this correction is not like the others. The issue is that many of the fear indicators we’ve used in the past to pinpoint capitulation...

What Does A Woman Want In Man

When I was growing up as a young undergraduate, something used to bother my mind so terribly that I would be wondering whether it will be easy for me to settle down as a married man and have a family of my own. What used to bother my...Show More Summary

What you need to know before you wok

Call me a stupid American (you wouldn’t be the first), but, whenever I’m cooking Asian dishes, that great Muppet stand-up comedian, Fozzie Bear, is never far from my mind. As I’m tossing stir-fried vegetables in my iconic, round-bottom Asian cooking vessel, Mr. F. Bear’s signature tagline sits...

LISTEN: Lowtide – ‘Southern Mind’ LP

Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend moved from Brisbane to Hobart. So you have to excuse me if I get a bit drippy and sentimental over Lowtide’s new record, a record called Southern Mind,... The post LISTEN: Lowtide – ‘Southern Mind’ LP appeared first on Who The Hell.

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