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This Is The Spot Where The Cassini Spacecraft Plunged Into Saturn

On 15 September 2017, the Cassini spacecraft ended its valiant 13-year mission by performing a kamikaze dive into Saturn's upper atmosphere. A new image released by NASA shows the exact spot where the Cassini craft was lost to us forever. More »      

Gallery: The Cassini team's top 2017 mission snaps

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The science team responsible for NASA's Cassini spacecraft has released a gallery of the stand-out images from the probe's final hectic year exploring the Saturnian system. The collection shows off the majesty of the colossal gas giant,...Show More Summary

Cassini captures its own grave in new NASA image release

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

NASA has released a somber view of Saturn's night side, created from some of the final images captured by the Cassini spacecraft. An annotated version of the release poignantly highlights the region of Saturn's cloud surface in which...Show More Summary

There’s something wrong with NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA has had an incredible streak of good luck as of late with spacecraft that have far outlived their expectations. Cassini at Saturn, the Opportunity rover on Mars, and several other pieces of high-tech space hardware have performed for much longer than was initially expected of them. Show More Summary

Lost NASA satellite wakes up after being declared ‘dead’ 13 years ago

NASA has had a pretty great string of luck when it comes to spacecraft reliability as of late. The Cassini probe around Saturn proved to be so reliable that its mission was extended multiple times, and the Juno probe hanging out around Jupiter is already being considered for a mission extension thanks to its steady performance. Show More Summary

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows us how Earth-like Saturn’s moon is

Even though NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took it’s final plunge into Saturn’s surface in September of 2017, scientists are still sifting through a bunch of data it sent back. Josh King has the story (@abrigdetoland).        

Stunning New NASA Cassini Image Reveals Moon of Saturn to be Shockingly Earth-Like

2 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

The moon's unique atmosphere is part of the reason the Cassini mission had to come to such a bitter end.

ALL THESE MOONS ARE YOURS: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft found a remarkable similarity between Earth a…

ALL THESE MOONS ARE YOURS: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft found a remarkable similarity between Earth and Saturn’s moon Titan.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft found a remarkable similarity between Earth and Saturn’s moon Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft went on a long and treacherous mission that ended last year in spectacular fashion. The large space explorer dove into Saturn's atmosphere, exploded into flames, and then disintegrated into nothing. It might seem like a harrowing end, but this was actually NASA's plan all along. Show More Summary

"Eerily Similar" --Sea Level on Saturn's Titan, a Billion Miles from Earth

Saturn's moon Titan may be nearly a billion miles away from Earth, but a recently published paper based on data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveals a new way this distant world and our own are eerily similar. Just as the...      ...

Space in 2018: Big rockets, asteroid hunting and a close shave with the Sun

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The year just gone was a momentous one for furthering our understanding of the universe. SpaceX now routinely lands its rockets, NASA's Cassini craft crashed into Saturn in a spectacular and invaluable mission finale and researchers proved once and for all the existence of gravitational waves. Show More Summary

Image: Veil of ice in Saturn's rings

Saturn's rings, made of countless icy particles, form a translucent veil in this view from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Cassini may be dead, but a new era of Saturn science has just begun

NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn may have came to a fiery end in September, but observations made by the spacecraft in its final months still have plenty to teach us about the mysteries of the ringed planet. Case in point: A new study finds that the electrically charged region of Saturn’s atmosphere,...

WATCH NASA VIDEO: "2017 --Death of Saturn's Cassini to the Discovery of 10 Earth-Sized Alien Planets"

2017 was a year of groundbreaking discoveries and record-setting exploration at NASA. The Moon became a focal point for the agency, with unique coverage of the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the U.S. in 99 years, and announced the...        

NASA released a remarkable 'mosaic' image of Saturn as a farewell to its $3.26 billion Cassini mission

NASA's 20-year Cassini mission ended in September, when the probe plunged into Saturn. The spacecraft sent back a remarkable last batch of images during its grand finale. A new composite image shows a stunning view of Saturn as a final...Show More Summary

Something very weird is happening on Saturn’s moon Titan

Thanks to the efforts of NASA and its incredibly reliable Cassini spacecraft, we now know more about Saturn and its moons than ever before, but it seems there are still some surprises in store for scientists studying the planet and its natural satellites. Show More Summary

Farewell image of Saturn stitched together from final Cassini orbit

4 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

On September 15th, NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended its hall of fame mission to Saturn with a dramatic plunge into the gas giant's atmosphere. NASA has now released a mosaic of Saturn and its rings created from images snapped by the beloved...Show More Summary

NASA spacecraft's final full Saturn view is a masterpiece - CNET

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Just days before its destruction, Cassini took 42 images that have been used to create one last stunning mosaic of all of Saturn and its rings.

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