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Switch, Super NES Classic lead to 19% growth in U.S. spending on consoles

Nintendo’s resurgence has made 2017 a huge year for console sales. In October alone, the Switch and Super NES Classic Edition along with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and 3DS generated $238 million in spending. That’s up 10 percent year-over-year, which is a trend for 2017. “Year to date, hardware spending has grown 19 percent versus […]

Switch and Super NES Classic Topped Sales Last Month

All together, Nintendo consoles accounted for two-thirds of all hardware sales in the US in October.

Daily Deals: Dell Black Friday Gaming PCs Are Now Live

Super NES Classic in Stock at Walmart at 11am PST, 49" LG 4K TV With $100 Dell Gift Card for $399.99, Harry Potter Book Set, Battlefront II, and more

Still hunting for the SNES Classic Edition? Check Walmart starting tomorrow

Weeks before the SNES Classic Edition debuted (and promptly sold out), Nintendo promised that it would have more SNES Classic consoles ready to roll out on launch day that it did for the entirety of the NES Classic Edition's lifespan. Show More Summary

Nintendo talks Switch momentum, mobile goals, NES/SNES Classic success, remains quiet on another Classic system

Reggie Fils-Aime had a sit-down interview with the gang at CNN about all things Nintendo. You can see bulletproofs from the conversation below, or check out the video for yourself here. - goal is to keep momentum up - when they haveShow More Summary

France - SNES Classic hits 160k sold, overall game sales estimates for the year's end

Looks like the SNES Classic Edition is a pretty hot item in France. While the NES Classic sold 100k thus far, the SNES Classic has already sold over 160k. Now it's worth pointing out that the NES Classic experienced stock issues and currently isn't available, so sales might have climbed higher if there were more units to grab. Show More Summary

8-Bit Adventure Anthology Vol. One review: Three classic adventure games for Xbox One

Three classic eighties adventures return. Retro game collections allow players to experience classic games on modern platforms, often with welcome enhancements. 8-bit Adventure Anthology collects three classic NES/Mac point-and-click games: Shadowgate, Uninvited, and Déjà Vu, in a simple package. Show More Summary

SNES Classic hits 2 million sold, Nintendo talks decision to make more NES Classic Edition units

These tidbits come from Nintendo's financial briefing. We'll be breaking up various parts of this presentation into separate posts.

NERD's involvement in the SNES Classic Edition detailed

NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development) is a European subsidiary, formerly known as mobiclip. Turns out they had a hand in the SNES Classic Edition, much like they did with the NES Classic Edition. Wondering what the team tackled?...Show More Summary

Why get a Super NES Classic when this $40 console plays every NES and SNES game ever?

People are going nuts trying to find Nintendo’s new Super NES Classic console in stock anywhere. Good luck… it’s not going to happen unless you’re willing to cough up some extra cash to get one on Amazon. But seriously, why bother when...Show More Summary

Nintendo talks about Switch stock woes, changes made to the supply chain, bringing the NES Classic back

Nintendo has had hit after hit in the hardware department with Switch, SNES Classic, and NES Classic. Having hardware that sells like crazy is good, but it leads to stock issues. Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime knows this all too well, and...Show More Summary

Super NES Classic outsold Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

September was a wild month for hardware. Sony and Nintendo both did well with their console offerings. Microsoft, meanwhile, is still waiting for the arrival of its upgraded Xbox One X. Here’s how it breaks down, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group: PlayStation 4 generated the most revenue, Switch outsold Xbox One and PS4 […]

Locomotor speed control circuits in the caudal brainstem

4 weeks agoAcademics : Nature AOP

Locomotion is a universal behaviour that provides animals with the ability to move between places. Classical experiments have used electrical microstimulation to identify brain regions that promote locomotion, but the identity of neurons...Show More Summary

Analogue’s Super NT SNES comes with unreleased director’s cut of Super Turrican

Nintendo released Star Fox 2 in its Super NES Classic Edition console that launched earlier this month for $80, but it’s not the only unreleased 16-bit game rising from its grave decades later. Analogue, the company that makes high-quality updated versions of classic consoles, is revealing that it will include Super Turrican: Director’s Cut with […]

Amazon Reveals Exclusive SNES Classic Edition 3DS XL

The classic mini consoles for NES and SNES have done well for Nintendo, despite supply issues for the NES classic. With an Amazon exclusive, the company seems to want to see if the nostalgic styling alone will move 3DSXL units with their...Show More Summary

Classic Tetris World Championships 2017 live-streaming today

Watch live video from ClassicTetris on Classic Tetris on the NES. The 32 best players out there are going at it today to see who can take home the gold. The competition is going on right now, and will be for a number of hours. Let's see who comes out on top!

Analogue Super Nt SNES Console

Nintendo has the Super NES Classic, Analogue has the Super NES modern. The Super Nt plays SNES and Super Famicom cartridges at up to 1080p and 60fps. It comes with a wireless controller and receiver, but it also works with the original console’s accessories.

Want a Super NES Classic in 2 days? They’re in stock on Amazon and prices have dropped

Amazon still doesn't have any of its own Super NES Classic inventory, and there's no telling when the console will be back in stock. Of course when it is back in stock, it'll sell out instantly so you'll almost certainly miss it. IfShow More Summary

This Super Nt Is a Retro Gamer’s Dream

Didn’t manage to get your hands on the coveted Nintendo SNES Classic Edition? This Super Nt will make you forget you ever wanted the original in the first place. Made by Analogue, the people behind the solid-gold NES, the Super Nt is the answer to your retro dreams. According to the company, “it is the definitive […]

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