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AJAX with ASP.NET MVC Simplified

What would you do, if you need to update a portion of your web page with the content from the server? Yes, you need Ajax. Let’s get dive into the Asynchronous concept with ASP.NET MVC for some time. How Ajax conquered the web? Whole page gets loaded causing an increased bandwidth Frequent hit on the

OAuth2 Social Logins - Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal - ASP.NET MVC C# open source library

ASP.NET MVC C# Opensource library that abstracts social logins for OAuth providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal

Custom Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) in ASP.NET MVC Applications - Part 2 (Role Based Reporting)

An introduction to custom roles based reporting in an ASP.NET MVC application using the Entity Framework.

Error logging in MVC and WebAPI using ELMAH

This tip demonstrates how to use ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) in ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI.

Handle Session in ASP.NET MVC

Three different approaches to handle Session access in MVC applications.

Cache busting for RequireJS / MVC projects

Shows how to improve your ASP.NET MVC web site's performance through far future client side caching of RequireJS modules, while still forcing the browser to refresh its cache the moment you introduce a new version of your modules.

Various ways of using Shared Layout in ASP.NET MVC

In this article we will discuss about various ways of using shared layout page in ASP.NET MVC applications. To experience it practically we will create a demo application implementing those different ways to define layout page in ASP.NET MVC.

How to implement MVC5 ASP.NET generated code into an existing database

As the title says, I created a new MVC project with visual c# and authentication. Then I've implemented the desired models (and created the database with code first entity framework). What I want to do now is add to that database the intelligence of the authentication that was created by visual...

Preventing XSS Attacks in ASP.NET MVC using ValidateInput and AllowHTML

In this blog we will try to understand how we can prevent and fine tune XSS(Cross Site Security) security attacks in ASP.NET MVC.

The DefaultModelBinder in ASP.NET MVC for N00bs

I once met a bright young person from a mysterious place where I think dragons might live. He asked: “Hey Camilo, when I attempt to bind my view model to the controller I get a null.” In this article, I would like to take a tour through the DefaultModelBinder in ASP.NET MVC.Turns out, there is a ton

How to handle multiple Submit button in ASP.NET MVC?

In this blog we will discuss how to handle multiple submit button issues in ASP.NET MVC

Use Twitter Bootstrap Modal Dialog for Smoother Login Experience

This article shows how to modify the default ASP.NET MVC project to use Twitter Bootstrap Modal Dialog as a login dialog. Graceful degradation for non JavaScript Browsers is included.

How to handle multiple Submit button issues in ASP.NET MVC? (MVC Interview Questions)

How to handle multiple Submit button issues in ASP.NET MVC? (MVC Interview Questions)Let us understand the above problem in more detail.Take a scenario where you have a view with two submit buttons as shown in the below code.In the above code when the end user clicks on any of the submit buttons it

How to create personal weblog using ASP.NET MVC: Efficiently and economically

In this article I will explain how you can create your own personal weblog using ASP.NET's MVC framework, efficiently (in a short time with a great power of tools) and economically (with any tools that you have right now).

OpenID With Forms Authentication

Shows how to use OpenID with ASP.NET MVC Forms Authentication.

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