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ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS 1.6 Routing Harmoniously

This article shows you how to expose the AngularJS controllers in order they can work harmoniously with MVC controllers, and they can be loaded dynamically only when they are requested.

Customizing ASP.NET MVC Bootstrap Templates

In this article, we will see in detail about the ways we can customize our ASP.ENT MVC Application. Here, in this article, we will see three methods to customize our ASP.NET MVC Bootstrap Templates.

Implement Grid with Server Side Advanced Search using JQuery DataTables in ASP.NET MVC 5

This article demonstrates how we to implement advanced search on a gird using JQuery DataTables in mvc 5

GridView with Server Side Advanced Search Implementation using JQuery DataTables in ASP.NET MVC 5

CodeProjectBackground:In the last two posts about implementing GridView in mvc, we talked how we can create a grid like we had in webforms using JQuery DataTables plugin, then in the second post we saw that how we can enhance the performance of our gird by implementing the sorting, s

How to check for a duplicate username. A quick example.

We’re overwhelmed with tutorials and guides about.Net development. There’s a plethora of how-to guides on every aspect of MVC. I’ve written plenty myself! Trouble is, we don’t just focus on a bit of it, if we’re building a website. We need to understand all those bits, for sure. More than that thou

SPA^2 using ASP.Net Core 1.1 + Angular 2.4 - part 2

Accelerate development using C# tag helpers and Razor from ASP.Net Core MVC together with Angular 2. Yes - have your SPA and eat it too.

Calculating distance using Google Maps in MVC

Using the Google map API to plan routes, and work out the nearest destination from a starting point

Check Your ASP.NET MVC Version Installed In Your System Using Code During Runtime

you will learn how to check your ASP.NET MVC version installed in your system, using code during runtime.

How to Use Grunt with ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Grunt.js to minify & uglify (JavaScript, cascading style sheets, Images and HTML) and to configure Task Runner Explorer in ASP.NET Core MVC.

Integrate CcAvenue Payment Gateway in ASP.NET MVC

Step by step solution to integrate Ccavenue payment gateway in ASP.NET MVC

jQuery AJAX with Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC

Tutorial on using Entity Framework with jQuery AJAX in ASP.NET MVC

IdentityServer3, WebAPI , MVC, Asp.Net Identity, Specflow : The magnificent five

This article shows how to configure IdentityServer3 when u need to authenticate and authorise usage of your WebApI/Mvc

Conditionally set sliding expiration time on authentication cookies in ASP.NET Core

This was one of those days.Using ASP.NET Core’s cookie middleware for authentication is pretty neat. Once set up properly, it allows us to seamlessly share authentication between our existing 4.6 MVC OWIN application and our new fancy Core SPA.One key feature is the SlidingExpiration option. This au

Collapsible vertical table headers in AngularJS + ASP.NET MVC

This article talks about how to create a html table with collapsible vertical headers using AngularJS in ASP.Net MVC web application.

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