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Russia Not to Limit Oil Field Acces for Foreign Firms Despite Sanctions

Moscow will not put "sand in the wheels" of foreign companies despite sanctions, Russia's minister of natural resources and environment said.

Arctic Circle Tension Between United States And Russia Escalates Amid Obama Visit

The Arctic Circle. The top of the world. An icy nest of transit routes and territorial waters and natural resources. The Arctic Circle is prized by both the United States and Russia, and as such, its control amid rising sea levels caused by global warming has only amped up tensions between the two superpowers. Show More Summary

Dean Kegler Wins 2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Contest

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : Moldy Chum

Duluth artist Dean Kegler has won the 2016 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trout and salmon stamp contest with a painting of a brown trout. The painting was selected by judges from among 12 submissions for the annual contest. LINK

Belarusians Make Good on President’s Demands to Find Domestic Oil Reserves

A new oil field has been discovered on the territory of Belarus, according to the country's Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrey Kovkhuto.

Why We Should Use This Jumping Robot to Explore Neptune

A robotic explorer is dropped off on an alien moon in the outer reaches of the solar system. The surface is extraordinarily frigid this far out, but it is also rich in natural resources, which the explorer mines in order to fuel its rocket-powered leaps across the terrain. Show More Summary

Earth's Resources for 2015 Have Already Been Used Up

Global Biocapacity / Global Footprint Network Humanity is placing inordinate demands on nature, and it just keeps getting worse. In 2000, humanity had exceeded its "ecological budget" by October. This year, "Earth Overshoot Day" was August 13, according to the Global Footprint Network, a California-based environmental think tank. Show More Summary

Make Waves for Change

You drink it, you play in it, you're made of it, but do you protect it? While it may seem to be everywhere, our planet's water resources are in danger. By 2030 global demand for water will outstrip our natural supply by 40 percent. That means that in only fifteen years our beautiful planet may not be so blue anymore. Show More Summary

The Best Shot for Slowing Climate Impacts in Alaska and the Arctic

By Durwood Zaelke I worked in Alaska many years ago as a young attorney defending the forests, fisheries and other remarkable natural resources of the last frontier. The "termination dust" that fell every fall ahead of the deep freeze...Show More Summary

How natural resources breed violence

AFRICA is home to a tenth of the planet’s oil, a third of its mineral reserves and produces two-thirds of its diamonds. High prices may pep up the continent’s short-term economic growth, but scholars have long suspected that its plentiful natural resources also breed instability and violence. Show More Summary

Colorado Front Range storm in 2013 caused 1,000 years of erosion

We can be concerned about erosion due to man-made causes but it is nothing like what nature will randomly do in a single year, without ever once consulting Natural Resources Defense Council or other industry-funded groups. read more

Subway Faces Pressure to Serve Antibiotic-Free Meats

An environmental group is turning up the heat. The Natural Resources Defense Council, which works to "protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment," is taking Subway to task. The NRDC wants the sandwich giant...Show More Summary

Smart, Comprehensive Approaches Will Reduce Methane Emissions

Each year, billions of cubic feet of natural gas -- enough to heat more than six million American homes -- are directly released or leaked by the energy sector into the atmosphere, wasting a valuable energy resource, threatening theShow More Summary

3 reasons tiny homes are the next big thing

Tiny houses are the next big thing, and here's why: we are depleting our natural resources at a rate that is alarming to even the most casual of observers. Our economy is tanking, we are saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt and our salaries are not increasing at the rate of inflation...

The Socialist Dream, Venezuela Version

(John Hinderaker) We have chronicled the long, painful decline of Venezuela’s socialist economy. It was kept afloat for a while by Venezuela’s extraordinary oil reserves, but nothing, not even vast natural resources, can keep a socialist economy going for long. Show More Summary

New Jersey’s $225 Million Settlement With Exxon Mobil Is Approved

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

The ruling by a state judge Tuesday comes in a longstanding legal battle in which the state had demanded $8.9 billion in compensation for natural resource damage.

How Bernie Sanders Can Use Environmental Policy to Win Over Red State Voters

Bernie Sanders has strong environmental credentials. Sitting on both the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and Energy and Natural Resources Committees, he promotes environmental protection and argues for measures to control climate change. Show More Summary

DNR firefighting teams providing support in western states

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources expanded its support to fire suppression efforts in other states this week with The post DNR firefighting teams providing support in western states appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

Top US Environmental Group Calls Out Matt Ridley’s Climate Denial

It seems Viscount Matt Ridley is gaining international recognition for his climate denial as US environmental advocacy group the Natural Resources Defence Council ( NRDC ) calls into question his “rational optimism”. Labelling the coal...Show More Summary

For the record

Energy efficiency: In the Aug. 20 Business section, an article about a Natural Resources Defense Council report calling on California officials to expand energy efficiency programs said that such programs would shrink utility bills by $2 billion this year. The date range began in 2014 and the article...

Frackers turn to toilet water

Pioneer Natural Resources saves water and cuts costs for its wells by tapping the treated runoff from toilets, sinks and showers. ||| Houston - Top shale oil producer Pioneer Natural Resources has found an unusual way to both save water and cut costs for its wells: tapping the treated runoff from toilets, sinks and showers in West Texas. Show More Summary

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