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A first look at the new 15 stop Irix Edge ND32000 filter and square filter holder

Since the initial announcement of Irix’s new Edge filter series at PPE last year, the range has grown slowly but steadily. A new 15 stop neutral density filter, the Irix Edge ND32000 was announced just a couple of weeks ago, and today...Show More Summary

Irix expands their Edge filter series with a 15 stop neutral density

The likes of B+W and Lee have pretty much dominated the strong neutral density filter market for the last few years. Both of their 10 stop NDs are excellent, and then Lee upped the game with their 15 stop Super Stopper. Now, Irix isShow More Summary

When A Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter Saves the Day In Iceland

Have you ever heard of a reverse graduated neutral density filter? If not, this is a specialty filter designed to balance the lighting conditions between foreground and background at sunrise or sunset – when the sun (and therefore brightest part of the image) is at the horizon. Show More Summary

How to use a polariser to remover glare from portraits

Polarisers are one of the few filters that still hold an advantage for digital cameras. Pretty much everything else can be done these days much more easily in post. Even the effect of neutral density filters can be simulated – although it’s still not quite the same. Show More Summary

How and Why to Use a Neutral Density Filter

Neutral density filters are deceptive in their usefulness. Lowering the amount of light entering your camera seems like the exact opposite of what we want as photographers. Isn't it always a constant struggle to get past low light levels? What about proper exposure? Well, sometimes we actually want less light. Show More Summary

Gear Spotlight: Polar Pro Drone Polarizing and Neutral Density Filters

If you’re flying a drone and want professional photos and video you need a set of polarizing and neutral density filters. I have been using a set of Polar Pro filters on my Mavic for some time now, so I thought I would spotlight whyShow More Summary

The problem with variable NDs and why fixed NDs are still relevant

Variable neutral density filters are quite a wonderful thing. In theory. They let you adjust your exposure outside of the camera’s own systems as the light on your scene changes. They’re quick and convenient, and expensive if you want a good one. Show More Summary

Use welding glass as a 10 stops ND filter

Neutral density filter reduces the amount of light going into the lens, so you can take long exposures even when the light is bright. Long exposures blur anything moving, like water, clouds, or people. This can be very useful for making...Show More Summary

How to Use a Neutral Density Filter to Control Depth of Field

If your photography isn’t focused around landscapes, there’s a fair chance you don’t have a set of neutral density filters. These accessories are mainly for landscape photographers as their use in long exposure photography is invaluable. Show More Summary

Review of the New Formatt Hitech Firecrest Filter Holder and Neutral Density Filters

This article is an overview of the Formatt Hitech Firecrest Filter Holder system and their neutral density filters. Long exposure is one of those magical types of photography that once people start doing it, they nearly always fall in love with the technique. Show More Summary

How to Use Neutral Density Filters to Make Better Landscape Photos

In an earlier article, I wrote that neutral density filters are the secret weapon of the landscape photographer. I couldn’t work without mine and I suspect most landscape photographers would say the same. But why are they so useful? There are two reasons. Show More Summary

How to Customize the Effects of Lightroom’s Graduated Filter

The graduated filter tool is Lightroom is extremely useful for landscape and nature photography. You can use this tool in a similar way that you would use a graduated neutral density filter on a lens, to balance out the exposure of the image. Show More Summary

How to Use Graduated Neutral Density Filters for Landscape Photography

Since the camera was invented, we have tried to copy one of the greatest wonders of our body; the human eye. Unfortunately, despite being over 100 years since the first time that we captured light, we are still far from overcoming Mother Nature. Show More Summary

How to shoot long exposure timelapse with direct sunlight in the middle of the day

Shooting long exposures on a bright day can be a hassle. Even with your aperture at f/16 and ISO as low as it’ll go, you’re lucky if you can get slow enough to blur motion. This is where super strung neutral density filters come in.Show More Summary

Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter Gives Cuts Up to 10 Stops of Light

Gear Go between five and 10 stops of light reduction for super-slow shutter speeds Need 1/1024th the amount of light you're currently getting? Syrp's Variable Neutral Density Filter can help.

The new Super Dark variable ND from Syrp lets you shoot long exposure timelapse in bright sunlight

Variable neutral density filters are typically more common for video than photography, but there’s that grey timelapse area in the middle where the two worlds tend to often collide. I usually go with regular NDs for long exposures and...Show More Summary

How to fix colour casts with neutral density long exposures

Anybody who’s ever used strong neutral density filters knows about colour casts. Whether it’s the B+W 10 Stop or the Lee Big Stopper, they’re just inevitable. Each filter presents a different colour cast. The same filter can also offer a different colour cast on different camera bodies. The typical way to deal with it is to [...]Show More Summary

The New Hoya Solas IRND Neutral Density Filters Cut Down On Exposure, Infrared Radiation

Gear If you plan to shoot off-camera flash outdoors, an ND filter will come in handy Hoya's Solas IRND neutral density filters cut down on infrared radiation.

Drone filters: how they can improve your drone photography

Do you use a drone for photography or videography? One of the best investments you can make is a set of drone filters. Neutral density (ND) filters are coin-sized l pieces of semi-transparent glass and have long been used by videographers. Show More Summary

Circular Polarizers Versus Graduated Neutral Density Filters for Landscape Photography

Whether you’re a professional or hobby photographer, odds are you’ve come across a beautiful, scenic landscape, that you absolutely had to photograph. Unless you’re an experienced landscape photographer, there’s a good chance the color in that photo wasn’t as saturated, or balanced as you were expecting. Show More Summary

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