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MMBM: Time for Roger Goodell's Tom Brady punishment to get creative

Roger Goodell has some aces up his sleeve, and Tom Brady's about to wish he never messed with the Red Baron. We're required to remind you that these strong takes are SATIRE. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional, we think. Show More Summary

Snoop Dogg vows never to return to Sweden after being detained by cops

Sorry, Swedish hip-hop fans. It seems Snoop Dogg and your country can't mix. The rapper posted several videos detailing an interaction with Swedish police Saturday night, after he played a concert. According to Snoop, and confirmed to...Show More Summary

The Financial Misconduct Authority

I never expected to feel sorry for Martin Wheatley who, last week, resigned his position as Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, but I do. George Osborne gave him a non-job and Wheatley tried to make the most of it, thereby alienating too many people. The history of this is simple. A few months […]

Trump: The Nihilist We Deserve

When I was 16, my aunt bought me the new Donald Trump book.  It was full of empty anecdotes and meaningless solutions to nonexistent problems.  I think I used it as a doorstop for a while (sorry, Aunt Dee).  I guess I never really took "The Donald" seriously. Show More Summary

Researchers Are Well Aware of Your Cigarette-Bumming Habit, Ladies

Sorry, gals, but scientists are onto the fact that you don’t, like, buy cigarettes but you maybe bum them every once in a while but only when you’re out drinking and you never even really hold it, you just take a puff of your friend’s. And they say it’s still bad for you. Read more...

Marc Gasol: Leaving Grizzlies never an option

All-Star center Marc Gasol says he's sorry if Grizzlies' fans worried over how long it took to learn that he wasn't leaving Memphis. There was never reason to fret, though.

Sorry, but Earth isn’t heading for another ice age

The study's author never implied a new ice age is imminent -- only that we may see a sharp downturn in the number of sunspots.

I Love You Not

Is saying "I love you," a trigger? "Love you means never having to say you're sorry," is the famous line from Love Story, but it appears such declarations may soon require apologies. In a Sunday Review piece ("Regulating Sex," NYT 6/27/15)...Show More Summary

This Supercut Of Women Apologizing Makes Us Never Want To Say 'Sorry' Again

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Sorry (not sorry) -- quick question: "Why are women always apologizing?" One study attributes women's disproportionate sorry-habit to "a higher threshold for what they think warrants reparation" than men. Other theories suggest women may be more likely to use apologies as a crutch, a filler, or simply to convey politeness. Show More Summary

Even Conservatives Who Are Convicted Felons Get NY Times Interviews

Being a conservative pundit or politician means you never have to say you're sorry and you can always wind up with a glowing profile from the Washington Post, Politico or The NY Times. You can even get a headline like this even if you're a convicted felon. Show More Summary

Sorry, But the Perfect Lego Brick May Never Be Eco-Friendly

Lego will be launching a center devoted to finding an eco-friendly replacement for oil-based plastic. The post Sorry, But the Perfect Lego Brick May Never Be Eco-Friendly appeared first on WIRED.

Christopher Reeve was Pretty, and He was Broke

Hobo: Hey man, can I have a buck? Abercrombie: No, I’m sorry, I only have $2 on me. Hobo: Come on man. Abercrombie: I’m really sorry pal…I need it. Hobo: Come on! You’re pretty and pretty people are never broke. Abercrombie: Yes we are! We just look better in it, now leave me alone! –42nd […]

Jenelle Evans -- Sorry I'm Not Sorry About Explosive Video With My Dog

Jenelle Evans never thought the Internet would explode over her dog playing with fireworks in a gnarly 4th of July video -- because, as she puts it... they do it on "America's Funniest Home Videos." Jenelle tells TMZ…

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Two months later, a review

3 weeks agoSports / Boxing : Bad Left Hook

Yes. Hello. We're really doing this today, after you thought it was all over. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry to those of you who never want to read another Mayweather-Pacquiao piece, or even see it with your eyeballs here on the internet. Show More Summary

After ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ five things you’ll never look at the same way again

“Magic Mike XXL” sure was… a movie. Honestly, how else to describe a two-hour movie about male strippers (er, sorry, “male entertainers“) that is actually a buddy road trip comedy? The “plot” made little to no sense, something about the guys traveling from Tampa to Myrtle Beach for a stripper convention and running into adventures […]

So Who's the Killer on MTV's Scream? The Cast and Showrunners Spill Dark Secrets about Ghostface

Now that you've finally seen the terrifying new Ghostface mask on MTV's Scream, you'll never be able to forget that melted face. Sorry, but your nightmares just got a lot more...

Sense8 Recap: Empathy Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Q: So, now that season one of Sense8 is over, what's the verdict: admirable folly or ballsy success?A: Admirable folly, alas. Episodes 10 to 12 of season one are ultimately disappointing, particularly when it comes to the fast-and-loose way that co-writers J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis play with the... More »

Fox News Just Fired One of Its Hosts In The Most Vicious & Humiliating Way Imaginable

Fox fired Bob Beckel, who is struggling with addiction, and then twisted the knife for good measure These are words I never thought I would say: I feel kind of sorry for Bob Beckel. That was a strange sentence to type. I could almost feel my fingers rebelling. Show More Summary

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