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Marijuana: Will Legalization Create an Economic Boom?

When Oregon begins the first legal sales of recreational marijuana on Oct. 1, I'll be thinking about my Dad. He's a major reason I became a state lawmaker and have been helping implement Oregon's new marijuana law. During the 1980s recession, Dad stopped taking a salary at the family rock crushing business. Show More Summary

The End Of Magical Thinking: Money Cannot Manufacture Resources

Submitted by Adam Taggart via, Author Kurt Cobb writes frequently on energy and the environment and warns that our current economic policy suffers from a fatal degree of magical thinking: sufficient new resources will emerge if the price is high enough. Show More Summary

Joe Stiglitz: The Dangerous Economic Thinking That's Killing Greece and Threatening the European Union

The latest austerity deal is terrible for Greece and Europe. On August 18, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz joined Harper’s Magazine deputy editor Christopher Beha at Book Culture in New York to discuss the Greek financial crisis. In Stiglitz’s...Show More Summary

Joseph Stiglitz: "Deep-Seatedly Wrong" Economic Thinking Is Killing Greece

On August 18 th, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz joined Harper’s Magazine deputy editor Christopher Beha at Book Culture in New York to discuss the Greek financial crisis. In Stiglitz’s view, the latest bailout not only ensures that the country’s depression will worsen, but undermines the entire European project. Show More Summary

Is the Local Economy the Solution to a Post-Capitalist World?

In his new book, Michael Shuman debunks many of the myths around economic development. Think local. Buy local. Support your local community. Community investment. This all makes sense, right? Right. Then why do so many government-funded...Show More Summary

Millennials Aren’t Quite As Poor As You Think

Sooooooo, I need to nitpick. Over the weekend, Steven Rattner wrote a more or less reasonable op-ed in the New York Times arguing that today’s young adults have been dealt a crappy economic hand, and that aging Baby Boomers ought to do more in order them out a bit. Show More Summary

Opportunity Urbanism: A Novel Idea For U.S. Cities

A new think tank--the Center for Opportunity Urbanism--promotes less-regulated Houston as an economic model for other cities.

Prepare Now For New Rules For Customer Engagement

If you think your business has weathered the storm, think again. In addition to obvious economic challenges, the emerging generation of customers is determined to radically change the rules for customer engagement. Their expectations...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton thinks she can change how America’s biggest companies behave

Hillary Clinton's is set on Friday to unveil a new round of economic proposals aimed at a problem that liberals and conservatives agree exists in America today: Companies aren't investing enough in the sorts of things that could lift the economy in the long-run. In the speech at New York University, according to Clinton aides, the frontrunner for […]

Report: To Reduce Domestic Violence, Give Women Free Lawyers Already

3 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

A new report from the Institute for Policy Integrity, a nonpartisan think tank at the NYU School of Law, constructs a compelling economic argument for providing civil legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence. Read more...

5 Things NOT to Do With Your Money as a Recent Grad

I arrived in New York with an Ivy League degree, a job at a prestigious consulting firm waiting for me, and no clue at all how to manage my money. My Economics degree and a summer internship on Wall Street had taught me how to thinkShow More Summary

The Bernie Bubble: How Long Will It Last?

Longer than many pundits think, but key challenges lie beyond Iowa and New Hampshire. How long will the Bernie bubble last? Right now, Bernie Sanders is drawing bigger crowds than any other presidential candidate. His economic populism is bringing in millions in contributions that will carry him into next year’s opening caucuses and primaries. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Urges Europe To Keep Greece In Eurozone

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- European leaders should “exert every effort” to forge a new bailout deal that keeps Greece in the eurozone and allows the indebted country to recover economically, Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday. “I think it is imperative...Show More Summary

OECD chief says 'don’t build new coal', but what about gas?

The economic think-tank says governments should think ‘twice, or three, or four times’ before allowing new coal. But Australia’s future LNG projects may also face the risk of being stranded by climate policy.

Added value: How Harvard Business Review thinks it can add subscribers while getting more expensive

Harvard Business Review is trying to walk a fine line: The magazine thinks it can raise the price for a subscription and still attract close to 100,000 new subscribers. “Basic economics says you lower prices and get more customers; you raise prices you get fewer,” Harvard Business Review Group publisher Joshua Macht told me. “And...

Is there economic hope for men?

Allison Schrager has a new piece on that topic in Playboy, and with a new (old) idea, here is one part: Harvard economist Lawrence Katz thinks that when the economy shifts, those who lose out experience “retroactive unemployment” in pursuit of jobs that no longer exist; however, he anticipates a bright future for men in […]

Ford Ranger v Toyota HiLux: Australia’s definitive new motoring battle

4 months agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

I was thinking about the great Australian automotive rivalries this week. Falcon v Commodore. STi v Evo. Ferrari v Lamborghini. Specifically, in an era defined by economical small cars and practical SUVs — the latter of which are hardly exemplars of sex appeal — is there room for great Aussie ‘blue corner, red corner’ battlegrounds […]

Why Jamie Dimon Is One of the Biggest Economic Polluters in America

Too-big-to-fail bankers blow toxic fumes that harm us all. Can we stop them? Ed Kane, a professor of finance at Boston College and grantee at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, studies the dangerous risk-taking of giant banks.Show More Summary

How is Jamie Dimon Like a Smoker on an Airplane?

Ed Kane, a professor of finance at Boston College and grantee at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, studies the dangerous risk-taking of giant banks. He sees the cultures of Wall Street and regulators coming together to turn taxpayers into victims of theft and great harm. Show More Summary

Wednesday Links: Sheep, Art Basel and The London Housing Crisis

4 months agoArts : Art Fag City

[caption id="attachment_73312" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Google Sheep View.[/caption] If you think the housing crisis is bad in New York, just be happy you aren’t trying to pay rent in London. Since our post-industrial economies...Show More Summary

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