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Let’s Break Shit: A Short History of Silicon Valley’s Favorite Phrase

The New Republic as we know it is broken, and the looming question is whether that breakage will produce anything more intellectually valuable or economically viable than a dust cloud of corporate jargon. In New York, Jonathan ChaitShow More Summary

Meet Hillary's Wikipedia Page Babysitter

In a piece on the wiki pages of Hillary and Obama, New Republic's Eve Fairbanks described [Jonathan] Schilling as "the man who protects Hillary's online self from the public's hatred." His dedication to the unofficial job is stunning:...Show More Summary

TNR’s Raucous Wake 

When news broke yesterday that Franklin Foer, the editor of the 100-year-old New Republic, had been pushed out under duress, and that the venerable magazine—now in the hands of a new, technophilic CEO who comes by way of Yahoo News—planned...Show More Summary

The Ivy League Is Not the Problem

In a piece in the New Republic, William Deresiewicz argues that Ivy League schools “are turning our kids into zombies.” Elite universities, explains the former Yale professor and author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the...Show More Summary

Marissa Webb Takes Us Through Banana Republic's New Flagship

The brand's newly minted creative director shares how she put her stamp on the massive space on fifth avenue.

Here’s Some Cool Stuff Bastl Instruments Modular Showed Us

Hand-built in the Czech Republic, Bastl Instruments are something special. And tonight in Berlin, the Bastl Instruments creators showed their new modulars in public for the first time, in advance of showing them at Musikmesse. At anShow More Summary

New Republic Writer: Cruz’s Strategy For Winning the White House Based On ‘White Voter Shock and Awe’

Brian Beutler thinks no one who’s as far to the right as Ted Cruz is can be elected president, and, to support that opinion, he enlisted (or perhaps drafted) a conservative hero, albeit one who died in 1998. In a Monday article, Beutler...Show More Summary

Clive James’s ‘Japanese Maple’

At The New Republic Jason Guriel considers Clive James’s career in poetry and television–and James’s most recent writings, which address his mortality. From The New Republic: For a certain demographic last September, the breaking news was all about five stanzas. News outlets, from the Guardian to Slate, were reporting the existence of a poem on […]


INTERESTING THAT DEMOCRAT MENENDEZ HAS BEEN NEUTRALIZED: New Jersey Republicans Set Stage for Fight on U.S.-Cuba Relations. Lawmakers are always eager to use appropriations bills to make political statements; this year, House Republicans are using the power of the purse to weigh in on President Barack Obama’s move to normalize U.S. and Cuba relations. GOP […]

Taco Bell takes a page from Apple and evokes '1984' in new viral ad

George Orwell's 1984 inspired Apple's most famous TV ad. Now Taco Bell is channeling it too. For breakfast. Taco Bell's Routine Republic is a new three-minute short film the fast food purveyor has posted to YouTube. The ad depicts aShow More Summary

The Economic Development and Jobs Growth Tool the Anti-Trade Lobby Loves to Hate; Why ISDS Deserves More than a Little Respect

Clean water in Mexico, new solar energy production in the Czech Republic, food production in Zimbabwe, and energy production inRead the Rest...

New Republic Writer 'Endorses' Obscure Republican Presidential Candidate

A writer for The New Republic has "endorsed" a Republican candidate for the presidency. Of course, to receive such an endorsement, such a candidate much have sufficiently liberal creditionals to pass muster as well as have absolutely no chance of winning. Show More Summary

IMO, El Salvador Enter Technical Cooperation

A new agreement on supporting the Republic of El Salvador to implement International Maritime Organization (IMO) treaties was signed in San Salvador on Monday, March 23.

Deutsch LA Launches ‘Breakfast Defectors’ for Taco Bell

Deutsch LA has launched its new “Breakfast Defectors” campaign promoting Taco Bell’s latest breakfast menu items with an ad entitled “Routine Republic.” The spot debuts today as a 60-second broadcast spot and in a three minute online version (above). Show More Summary

Taco Bell Thinks You’re Living in a Terrifying Breakfast Dystopia

Taco Bell has a terrifying culinary vision—and no, it’s not on the menu. In “Routine Republic,” a new ad released online Monday, Taco Bell gives us the stuff of dystopian fast-food nightmares: a society in which everyone must eat the same breakfast every day. Show More Summary

Images of Apple Wireless Keyboard With Backlight Keys and Power Button Appear in Online Store

A new Apple wireless keyboard featuring backlight keys and a power button has been spotted on the Apple Online Store in Czech Republic and Hungary, with an identical Arabic version appearing on the U.S. storefront. The graphic render...Show More Summary


KAFKA IN FLORIDA Florida's State Employees are Preparing for Climate Change, Even as Their Governor Bans the Phrase Tristram Kortem, March 22, 2015 (New Republic) “…[Government employees are] in it for the long haul…So I wasn't expecting...Show More Summary

The New Republic Hits a New Low

(Steven Hayward) It’s widely known that Chris Hughes, the entitled brat who bought The New Republic, has succeeded in wrecking the once-venerable flagship of American liberalism. But does the magazine have to descend to self-parody and...Show More Summary

STARBUCKS: Where Only The Coffee Is Black! It’s not shocking at all that this lame “conversation a…

STARBUCKS: Where Only The Coffee Is Black! It’s not shocking at all that this lame “conversation about race” stuff is coming from an organization that’s as white as a Netroots Nation conference, an Obama campaign HQ, a New Republic alumni get-together or a Vox editorial board meeting. The primary purpose of race-talk in America today […]

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