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New technique maps elusive chemical markers on proteins

Unveiling how the 20,000 or so proteins in the human body work -- and malfunction -- is the key to understanding much of health and disease. Now, researchers have developed a new technique that allows scientists to better understand an elusive step critical in protein formation.

The New Horizons Pluto Probe Detected an Anomaly, Slips Into Safe Mode - You are now reading this in EDI's voice.

4 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

According to scientists, the probe's onboard computer "detected an anomaly," and it went into safe mode, resorting to using its backup computer to report back to its concerned earthling watchers.

Beyond Words: A New Book About What Animals Think and Feel

Award-winning scientist Carl Safina's "Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel" is an excellent summary of recent research on the fascinating animals with whom we share our magnificent planet. I highly recommend "Beyond Words" and I hope it will enjoy a broad and global audience. It really is that thoughtful and important. In many ways "Beyond Words" is beyond words.

Why the Big Bang’s Light May Have a Tilt

Scientists haven’t rigorously tested the cosmic microwave background for a revealing shift in 25 years. A new experiment aims to change that. The post Why the Big Bang’s Light May Have a Tilt appeared first on WIRED.

Seahorse Tail Inspires Scientists to Create Next Generation Robots

Seahorses may provide scientists with some useful tips on how to design new tough and flexible robots.

South Korean Scientists Make Advances in Diabetes Treatment

Scientists in South Korea reportedly are one step closer to developing a new treatment for diabetes.

Study Warns of Toxic Air from Fourth of July Fireworks

An extensive new study led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concludes that watching fireworks shows, under certain weather conditions, can pose significant health risks to audiences. The research,...Show More Summary

How the Brain Forms New Memories

For some time, researchers have been trying to learn more about the nature of memory in order to improve brain function in people with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. Scientists already know the medial temporal lobe is integral to long-term memory storage. Show More Summary

Bioprinted 'play dough' capable of cell and protein transfer

Scientists have developed a new technique allowing the bioprinting at ambient temperatures of a strong paste similar to 'play dough' capable of incorporating protein-releasing microspheres. The scientists demonstrated that the bioprinted...Show More Summary

Carbon Dioxoide Emissions Threaten Ocean Ecosystems

Marine Life Could Be Irreversibly Damaged Increased carbon dioxide emissions will cause great damage to oceanic ecosystems that cannot be reversed warns an international team of scientists.  In a new paper, published in the academic journal “Science”, researchers, which include Dr. Carol Turley OBE, of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory state that unless CO2 emissions are […]

These Sneakers Are Made Entirely From Ocean Waste

2 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Our oceans are full of plastic. Forunately scientists are mapping where it lies, which means we can begin scooping it up—and perhaps even start to use it to create new products, like these sneakers. Read more...

What Are The Strange Spots On These Brand New Images Of Pluto?

New colour images acquired by NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft show us Pluto as we’ve never seen it before — and on its surface appear to be a series of giant spots that scientists can not yet explain. More »      

Links 7/2/15

Links for you. Science: The equality of pain The Nobel Prize Is Bad And We Should Feel Bad Long-Exposure Photographs of a New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Wormsby 5,200 Days in Space A scientist just raised 4 serious questions … Continue reading ?

The Fallout From Old Nuclear Tests Might Help Scientists Mark a New Geologic Age

3 days agoNews : Vice News

VICE News is closely tracking global environmental change. Check out the Tipping Point blog here. It's been 70 years since the first atomic bomb lit up the New Mexico desert. Now the radioactive residue from the nuclear tests that followed may help scientists define the start of a new geologic age. Show More Summary

Data Incubator opens a West Coast campus to groom the next generation of data scientists

Data Incubator, an East Coast fellowship program, is expanding to the West Coast with a new office in San Francisco. Its goal is to prepare highly qualified scientists and engineers for work as quants or data scientists. The Bay Area campus has already accepted 10 fellows for its inaugural class. Show More Summary

New method can make cheaper solar energy storage

Building on a unique idea, scientists have developed a cost-effective new method for converting and storing solar energy into hydrogen.

Nearly Half of Black and Latina Scientists Mistaken for Janitors or Assistants

A new survey of 557 female scientists found widespread experiences of discrimination and alienation in the workforce that varied in interesting ways by race. While all types of women reported experiencing these forms of discrimination in large numbers — and 100% of a sub-sample of 60 interviewed for the study reported at least one — the race differences […]

US Scientists Find Earth Explosion Unavoidable

Scientists found a new model of fluid dynamics which explains the expansion of the universe without the idea of "dark energy" and could lead to the death of all living things much sooner than anticipated.

Scientists a step closer to quantum computing

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A team of scientists has come up with a new way to harness light particles known as photons, exploiting quantum mechanics to vastly increase the amount of data in each particle. The team led by researchers from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan demonstrated for the first time...

Costco Is The New King In Organic Groceries – Dethrones Whole Foods As Leading Organic Grocery Store

Ever since independent scientists uncovered the dangers of Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms (GMOs), more people have become more careful with what they feed themselves and their families. What started out as a handful of people soon grew into an organic community, supporting each other and sharing information to make sure they avoid GMOs. Show More Summary

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