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Early Monday Smackdown: Yes, the New York Times Is Past Its Sell-by Date

In my inbox right now, from... one of the people who saw the U.S. government's reaction to the financial crisis from the inside and would have been a much better reviewer for Bernanke's book than the underpowered Michael Kinsley: >I'm...Show More Summary

Early Monday Smackdown: No Value in the New York TImes Book Review Department

Paul Kedrosky: [On Twitter]( Why the hell would NYT have the economically clueless Michael Kinsley review Ben Bernanke’s new book? Ho-ho, wait, that’s irony, right?— Paul Kedrosky...Show More Summary

"You are invited to the young and wonderful town of Brooklyn in 1857... watch them play their bright, sunshiny game of ball called 'base'..."

That's an ad that appeared in The New York Times on June 11, 1950, right under a review of another book about Brooklyn (called "Brooklyn Is America"). I arrived there searching the NYT archive for the word "politicize." That use of "politicize" is the older meaning — to talk about politics. Show More Summary

Gawker Apologizes for Potential Conflict of Interest in Post Chronicling 'Times' Conflict of Interest

last weekNews : Newsweek: US

Greg Grandin admonished The New York Times Book Review for a conflict of interest—but Grandin had a book-review-related conflict of interest of his own.

NY Times: No Room to Review Mark Levin Bestseller, But...Kim Kardashian Gets Reviewed!

Some of us have shaken our head at the usual New York Times reaction to a Mark Levin best-seller. It tops their best-seller list without the Times ever reviewing it. This has held for the new book Plunder and Deceit, now at number 2 on their chart this Sunday. Show More Summary

Wash. Post 's Erik Wemple: NYT Review Of Killing The Messenger "Wrongly Omits" NYT Criticism

Washington Post opinion writer Erik Wemple criticized a New York Times review of Media Matters Chairman David Brock's latest book, Killing the Messenger, for largely omitting "the book's broadside against the New York Times." Despite...Show More Summary

Book Review: Death of an American Terrorist

2 weeks agoNews : NYTimes: News

In “Objective Troy,” Scott Shane, a reporter for The New York Times, examines the implications of the Obama administration’s decision to kill Anwar al-Awlaki.

Books of The Times: Review: Scott Shane’s ‘Objective Troy,’ on Killing the American Jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki,

Mr. Shane, a reporter for The New York Times, calls Mr. Awlaki’s deliberate killing by his government, without a trial or court order, an example of the “dirty hands” concept in ethics.

Four-Links – Detroit, New York, Akron, Greenfield Village

3 weeks agoVehicles / Cars :

It’s hard to find a new book about Detroit today that doesn’t dwell on the downfall of the city’s auto industry, but as a recent New York Times book review noted, David Maraniss’s “Once in a Great City” takes a close look at all aspects of Detroit in a time of prosperity – 1962 […]

‘NYT’ and ‘NYRB’ publish important pieces on Jewish terrorism

The New York Times and New York Review of Books have published big important pieces describing Jewish terrorism in Israel and its occupied territories, but both pieces are romantic, and propose to save Zionism and Israel from this inherent element.

Books of The Times: Review: ‘Negroland,’ by Margo Jefferson, on Growing Up Black and Privileged

Ms. Jefferson, a former critic for The New York Times, writes about growing up in a privileged family in Chicago yet persistently feeling the effects of racism.

New York Times ‘Sunday Book Review’ Reads Recent Prose on Poetry

It’s hard to keep track of all the recently published books of writing about poetry. Thankfully, there’s the Times’s “Sunday Book Review” correspondent, Joel Brouwer, who has been keeping track all summer long. From NYT: THE OCEAN, THE BIRD, AND THE SCHOLAR Essays on Poets and Poetry By Helen Vendler 444 pp. Harvard University, $35. […]

Book Review: Just A FEW People I Want to Punch in the Throat By Jen Mann

New York Times best selling author, Jen Mann has come out with a fourth volume of essays titled, Just A FEW People I Want to Punch in the Throat (Volume #4). Mann gives her loyal readers three brand new hilarious essays that cannot be found anywhere else. Fans will enjoy this slim edition that can be read in under an hour. Show More Summary

How the Tiny Graywolf Press Became a Big Player in Book Publishing

This article originally appeared in New York magazine. Before she won multiple awards and wrote one of the Times Book Review’s top-ten books of 2014, the young poet Eula Biss tried to sell a book of essays to major publishing houses....Show More Summary

Juliana Spahr’s That Winter the Wolf Came Featured at The New York Times Sunday Book Review

The New York Times’s, Stephen Burt reviews Juliana Spahr’s newest collection That Winter the Wolf Came, published by Commune Editions. Burt, poet and Professor of English at Harvard University, writes favorably about Spahr’s understated lyric technique: […] It’s hard to quote Spahr in ways that show how good she is, because, phrase by phrase, she […]

Does Brilliance = Inaccessibility?

Wait a minute: are these difficult poems actually brilliant? Zoë Heller and Leslie Jamison “discuss whether we overvalue difficulty in literature” at The New York Times’s “Sunday Book Review.” We’ll start with Heller’s contribution: At school, we’re taught to approach difficult literature in a spirit of humility. When we encounter a word we don’t understand, […]

The NYTBR slanders Mario Vargas Llosa ?

Oh, dear. So The New York Times Book Review had Book of Numbers-author Joshua Cohen review Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa's new non-fiction title, Notes on the Death of Culture -- an admittedly somewhat thankless task (Mario Vargas...Show More Summary

Inside The New York Times Book Review: The History of Autism

Steve Silberman talks about "NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity," and Elisabeth Egan discusses her debut novel, "A Window Opens."

Solitary Refinement

2 months agoMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

Susan Salter Reynolds was a columnist and features writer at the Los Angeles Times for 23 years. Before that, she was an assistant editor at the New York Review of Books.

Books of The Times: Review: ‘Everybody Rise,’ Stephanie Clifford’s Debut Novel, Features That Old-Money Scent

The well-off heroine of this book wants to join what she considers the most elite social circle in New York.

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