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Influential Australian Senator Nick Xenophon resigns

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, a key independent lawmaker, said on Friday he is resigning from politics, potentially complicating the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's hold on power.

ATSB slams AirServices for endangering two jets, helicopter over Melbourne

Nick Xenophon's allegations that air traffic management at Melbourne's two airports have put public safety at serious risk are supported by this scathing ATSB report The post ATSB slams AirServices for endangering two jets, helicopter over Melbourne appeared first on Plane Talking.

NXT floats renaming Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner

Senators from the Nick Xenophon Team have raised the idea of removing the word 'children' from the name of the eSafety office, saying it limits young adults from going to it for advice.

Populist Nick Xenophon, Flapping In The Breeze Before A Citizen’s Jury

The independent South Australian senator has proved to be an effective media communicator. But Geoff Russell thinks his attacks on a South Australian nuclear industry might soon blow up in his face. It was only a short time ago, the 29th of August, that Nick Xenophon announced his party will vote against a plebiscite on same sex marriage. But [...]Show More Summary

Good luck getting the crossbenchers to agree

To overcome any Greens-Labor opposition, the Turnbull Government would need to get the votes of Pauline Hanson’s four senators and Nick Xenophon’s three, plus two…

Xenophon paragraphs to ponder

Australia’s government needs to scrap its “free trade Taliban mentality”, buy more local products and properly scrutinise foreign investment, says Nick Xenophon, the leader of one of the minor parties that holds considerable sway following last month’s election. Show More Summary

Nick Xenophon Is Linking Mario Kart To Gambling Now

Following Senator Nick Xenophon’s pronouncement earlier last week, South Australia’s Consumer and Business Services Minister has advised the state’s gambling authority to ban all forms of betting related to video games. But Senator Nick Xenophon went a little further on the weekend, saying that Mario Kart had been used as a vehicle for gambling. More »      

Senator Nick Xenophon: I Won't Be Giving My Name To The Census

Senate crossbencher Nick Xenophon will defy the requirement to provide his name when he fills out Tuesday’s census. With controversy surrounding the extension of the retention of names from 18 months to four years, Xenophon wants to prompt a test case on the validity of the requirement. He faces prosecution, and a cumulative fine of A$180 a day. More »      

The Greens And Nick Xenophon Speak Out Against the Census

As you may be aware, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has changed the policy for this year’s Census. No longer anonymous, names and addresses will now be stored. This move not only puts people’s privacy at risk, experts say, but attempts...Show More Summary

Nick Xenophon Created Mass Hysteria And We Still Don't Know What He Wants

Over the weekend, South Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon signalled the next big legislative debate surrounding video games in Australia. It’s been coming for quite a while, but the proliferation of skin gambling sites, the...Show More Summary

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'Contains Gambling And 'Targets Kids'

Popular games such as Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could be defined as gambling sites if Australian politician Nick Xenophon gets his way.

Nick Xenophon calls for first-person shooter video games to be defined as gambling

Virtual weapons won in some games can be bought for real money and used like casino chips on online gambling websites In what could prove a world first, an Australian politician is seeking to have games such as the hugely popular Counter-Strike series defined in law as gambling. Show More Summary

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon Seeks To Legislate Video Game Gambling

The legal and ethical implications of CS: GO‘s unauthorised gambling culture came to a head recently, with several prominent YouTube personalities caught in the fallout. If you thought the drama was online only, think again, with one Australian senator keen to legislate gambling and video games. More »      

Essential Research state polling

Quarterly state polling finds the Coaltion's lead narrowing in New South Wales, Labor taking the lead in Western Australia, and the Nick Xenophon Team on the rise in South Australia. The post Essential Research state polling appeared first on The Poll Bludger.

Galaxy - Labor very close to forcing the Liberals to rely on minor parties

Ominous for the Liberals, once you add independents and Nick Xenophon’s candidates to the mix: …

ReachTEL: 50-50

Movement in the Coalition's favour on the primary vote from ReachTEL, but their enthusiasm will be tempered by an alarming result from the South Australian seat of Grey, where Rowan Ramsey is under the pump from the Nick Xenophon Team. The post ReachTEL: 50-50 appeared first on The Poll Bludger.

Private polling round-up: Bass, Sturt, Mayo, Cowan

Privately conducted ReachTEL polls point to cliffhanger results in a number of key seats, as Liberal members struggle to fend off Labor in Western Australia and Tasmania and the Nick Xenophon Team in South Australia. The post Private polling round-up: Bass, Sturt, Mayo, Cowan appeared first on The Poll Bludger.

This economic xenophobia will destroy good jobs

Nick Xenophon reveals his hard-Left populism - promoting a policy that would cripple healthy exporters and force taxpayers…

Owned Xenophon has a lend of voters

Hypocrisy: Senator Nick Xenophon{’s]… party was being referred to the Australian Electoral Commission for receiving $175,000 of money from cashed-up…

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