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Open thread for night owls: 'No evidence' climate change will be 'catastrophic', opines Charles Koch

A rising tide will lift my yacht. Charles Koch is not a scientist, but he has a mountain of money and a controlling share in the Republican Party so to hell with the scientists. For the record, Koch says this of climate change: "YouShow More Summary

Fabric by day, yarn by night

By day I may play with fabric. But at night the yarn is calling my name. A few months ago I finished this Owls sweater (Ravelry link) and have been wearing it ever since. I had made it once before in a different yarn that didn’t wear very well. And I realized that the back […]

Open thread for night owls: Rep. Ted Lieu introduces Climate Solutions Act

Rep. Ted Lieu won California's 33rd District congressional race last year after long-time Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman retired. Waxman was one of the more active members when it came to trying to budge the of the House of Representatives on climate change. Show More Summary

Announcers marvel at beautiful owl during Phillies-Marlins game

With the game tied 1-1 in the middle of the fourth inning, announcers for Wednesday night’s game between the Miami Marlins and the (...)

Open thread for night owls: 'The true cost of wind power'

Eric Wemple catches Newsweek misleading readers about the ties of a writer who presented an op-ed condemning subsidies for wind power. The story’s italicized tagline identified Simmons this way: “Randy Simmons is professor of political...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Bernie Sanders torches GOP budget for its profound wrongheadedness

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2003—New US taxpayer charge: Iraq's foreign debt: We have been assured the past year that any Iraq reconstruction costs would not be borne by US taxpayers. Supposedly, all such costsShow More Summary

9 Jobs With Flexible Schedules for People Who Hate the 9-to-5

The 9-to-5 workday is losing its appeal, and it’s not difficult to imagine why. Night owls are rarely fully awake before 11 AM, and expecting a morning person to perform at 100% productivity in 4 PM meetings is just unrealistic. Thankfully, more and more companies see the merits of offering flex work hours to keep employees healthy and happy. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls. Baker: Maybe people don't want policies that rig the deck for the rich

Not new. But still relevant. Dean Baker in his "Beat the Press" blog at the Center for Economic and Policy Research writes NYT Misses Story on Redistribution: Maybe People Don't Want Government Policies that Rig the Deck for the Rich: Neil...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Navajo protest fracking with 1,000-mile march

John Paul Brammer writes at Blue Nation Review The Navajo are on a 1000-Mile March. Here's Why: In 1864, over 8,000 Navajo men, women, and children were marched at gunpoint from their homelands to the Bosque Redondo Reservation in aShow More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Can new populist agenda harness passions, create movement from below?

Switching to sustainable green architecture and infrastructure means good jobs and a better future. Joe Queally writes, Can New Populist Agenda Harness Passions, Create Movement From Below? An excerpt: Hoping they can drive a revamped...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Excerpts from the latest Harper's Index

For Earth Day 2015, which is Saturday, it's encouraging to know that solar panels are popping up on all kinds of buildings. Here are some excerpts from the May edition of Harper's Index: • Minimum number of times in 2014 that RikersShow More Summary

Open thread for night owls: ISIS on your front porch

Seems like a job for the Bundy boys. How the hell do these people even get out of bed in the morning. The Islamic State terror group is operating a camp in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, just eight miles from the U.S. border,...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls. Steve Gilliard on our culture of fear

Steve Gilliard was one of the original "front pagers" at Daily Kos, chosen by Markos to write regularly in the days when the "front page" was all there was at the site. Steve was an iconoclast who didn't put up with bullshit whether it came from his workmates or the White House. Show More Summary

Hippies Ruin London’s Owl Party

It was supposed to be an intimate night of martinis with Annie the Owl and five of her friends. Instead protesting vegans shut down the alcohol and first choice of venue.

Open thread for night owls: Marco Rubio sputters on climate change

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2013—Obama, Democrats, privacy organizations still opposed to CISPA: The White House hasn't actually issued a veto threat over the current House efforts to revive last year's disastrous...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Building a movement of movements to pressure Hillary Clinton

Public art in Grass Roots Square by Do Ro Suh in Oslo, Norway. More photos here. Emily Greenhouse writes The Left Is Building a Movement of Movements to Pressure Hillary: In the absence of a genuine challenger to former Secretary ofShow More Summary

11 Scientific Reasons Why Night Owls Get More Done

The early bird doesn't always catch the worm. In fact, night owls are probably getting a lot more done -- and are a lot more successful.

Open thread for night owls: 'Where are the anti-war Democrats on Iran?'

Peter Beinart at The Atlantic writes Where Are the Anti-War Democrats on Iran? More than a decade after the invasion of Iraq, despite the disasters that American military intervention has brought, there is still a culture of impunity for Democratic politicians who defy their party’s voters on questions of war and peace. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: 'He's never been baptized, to anybody's knowledge'

Twenty years from now historians and social critics will be able to look back on the Obama is a secret Muslim who hates Christians and America and wants America to fail phenomenon with a bit more detachment than we can currently muster, and hopefully with a bit more interest than we can currently muster as well. Show More Summary

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