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Nintendo wants investors to wait for NX and smartphone business before expecting big profits

The Wii U and 3DS are limping to the end of their console lives, and publisher Nintendo knows it. President Tatsumi Kimishima minimized the importance of both of these aging systems when an investor asked him how his gaming company would return to “Nintendo-like profits.” Instead, the executive pointed to two businesses that have generated zero dollars […]

The Mario & Luigi Series' Super Cool Box Art Captures More Than Just Fun

In their 2D and 3D platforming adventures, Mario and Luigi have personalities as thin as paper. Thank goodness for their RPG games, in which Nintendo’s iconic brothers get deeper stories to be heroes of, and personalities that shine. The box art of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam continues a trend in showing that blessing. Read more...

8-year-old writes cute apology to Nintendo after accidentally breaking 3DS

Accidents happen — even to the most responsible kids. Eight-year-old Waka, who lives in Japan, accidentally didn't close his water bottle completely when he put it into his bag, and the bottle then leaked all over his precious Nintendo...Show More Summary

Super Smash Bros. community rounds up 1.1.4 patch notes

Following the changes to Super Smash Bros. for Wii and 3DS certainly hasn't been easy. While Nintendo has finally gotten into the idea of balance patches and character updates, it's made determining those changes difficult without any sort of official patch notes. Show More Summary

Forget Mario and Zelda: Why NX and My Nintendo need Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. fans are zealous, and Nintendo does not want to lose that audience when it transitions from Wii U and 3DS to a new platform. Nintendo is working on a new dedicated gaming device that it calls the NX. And while the company hasn’t had much to say about this device, one early […]

PSA: Bayonetta and Corrin officially wrap up Super Smash Bros. DLC at 6:30PM PT tonight

It's finally time to say goodbye to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS DLC. The game's final two characters are almost ready for pickup from the Nintendo eShop, with Nintendo citing a brief downtime period for the game's online servers. Show More Summary

Nintendo updates its list of top-selling Wii U and 3DS games of all-time

Nintendo has updated its list of best-performing first-party software to reflect its recent earnings report. Unsurprisingly, Mario is making his presence felt all over the charts, especially when it comes to kart racing. As of December...Show More Summary

Nintendo Offers Clues on Smartphone Game as Profit Slumps

Profit at the Japanese videogame giant falls 36% as a lack of blockbuster game titles undercuts sales of the hand-held 3DS device.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Apologizes to Nintendo

While some might argue that it’s often Nintendo who should be saying sorry to fans (ha!), one eight-year-old boy in Japan wrote the company an apology after spilling water all over his 3DS. Read more...

Nintendo profit slumps

Nintendo reports a 36 percent fall in third-quarter profit after a lack of hit game titles hurt holiday sales of its Wii U and 3DS hardware. ||| Tokyo - Nintendo reported a 36 percent fall in third-quarter profit after a lack of hitShow More Summary

Zelda Wii U is still one of 6 Nintendo games scheduled for Wii U in 2016

Nintendo may face a major transition in 2016 to the new NX hardware, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have software support for its Wii U and 3DS hardware. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is still coming in calendar 2016, according to Nintendo’s report for its fiscal third quarter. That highly anticipated game is […]

Watch The Danny DeVito And Detective Pikachu Mashup Video

The mashup video featuring Hollywood actor Danny DeVito's voice overlaying the Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo 3DS has gone viral. The video comes on the heels of a petition with tens of thousands of signatures asking for Nintendo to hire DeVito to voice Pikachu for the upcoming game.Click To Continue Reading

Announced via Nintendo of America Twitter butt shot, Bayonetta and Corrin arrive in Smash Bros. for

Announced via Nintendo of America Twitter butt shot, Bayonetta and Corrin arrive in Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS this Wednesday, February 3. Read more...

New Petition Demands That Detective Pikachu Be Voiced By Unexpected Celebrity

Nintendo recently announced that Japan will receive a new Nintendo 3DS mystery adventure game called Detective Pickachu. The game features a smart-mouthed Pikachu mirrored after the BBC's newest Sherlock series. Well, gamers are hoping...Show More Summary

Detective Pikachu Is An Upcoming 3DS Pokemon Title

It can be rather difficult to believe how fast time has flown, where close to 20 years have passed since Nintendo rolled out their first Pokemon titles. Well, the franchise continues to have new titles, and the latest one from Nintendo...Show More Summary

Sherlock Pikachu Is Almost a Dream Come True From Nintendo

The BBC mystery series Sherlock won't be back on the air for at least a year, but Nintendo wants to fill the void in our hearts. On Tuesday, the company announced a detective game for Nintendo 3DS starring Pikachu as Sherlock HolmesShow More Summary

"Famous Detective Pikachu" is Basically "Sherlock" Meets "Pokemon"

The fan-favorite Pokémon dons a deerstalker to solve crimes in the trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game "Famous Detective Pikachu."

Nintendo 3DS's spring is an oasis of JRPGs

Fire Emblem Fates is just a few weeks away (February 19) and I'll finally have a reason to re-glue my face to my 3DS and play nosy match-maker. But the two versions of Fates are just, uh, two of the JRPGs (and adjacent genres/styles)...Show More Summary

New Detective Pikachu Game Announced For 3DS

There?s only one thing better than Pikachu, and that?s Pikachu in an adorable little hat, solving crimes. And that?s exactly what you?ll get in the newly announced Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo 3DS.Click To Continue Reading

'Detective Pikachu' Is Pokémon's New Game/Fever Dream

Today, The Pokémon Company debuted the trailer for a new game on Nintendo’s 3DS, Detective Pikachu. This being the “Year of Pokémon,” aka the 20th anniversary of the franchise, there are a number of new Poké-related games coming out including Pokken Tournament for Wii U and Pokémon Go for mobile. [...]

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