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Nintendo's Genyo Takeda receives lifetime achievement award at DICE - video feature

Nintendo's Genyo Takeda worked at the company since 1972, and only just retired in 2017. He's been directly involved with so many amazing titles from Nintendo over the years, as well as hardware decisions across generations. No doubt, a very well-deserved lifetime achievement award.

Noteworthy art direction is not enough to offset the otherwise unimpressive ‘Fe’

Fe Developed by: Zoink Games Published by: Electronic Arts Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One When I started playing “Fe,” I pinned my hopes on its colors, its minimalist design, and its abstractions. As yet another iteration on the old Metroidvania formula, “Fe” boasts a strong art style but apart from that […]

Norwegian Consumer Council accuses Nintendo of breaching the EU Consumer Rights Directive, due to lack of an eShop preorder cancellation option

Nintendo is finding themselves in a bit of hot water with the Norwegian Consumer Council, and it all has to do with how eShop preorders are handled. According to the NCC, Nintendo is in breach of the EU Consumer Rights Directive, all because Nintendo doesn't all you to cancel/refund eShop preorders. Show More Summary

Bandai-Namco Confirmed To Be Working On Metroid Prime 4?

During last year’s E3, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct video, and in it, they released a 43-second teaser. The teaser really was nothing. It was mostly darkness, with some nebulous space stuff flying around, ultimately making Samus’ logo. This was all set to the Metroid Prime theme, and before long, a “4” emerged from […]

Hands-On: Fe’s Fantasy Forest Lets You Speak to the Trees

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets :

Remember when the whole online Nintendo community was working itself into a frenzy waiting for a hypothetical Nintendo Direct presentation? And then that presentation actually happened without warning? Wild times. But one interesting tidbit […] The post Hands-On: Fe’s Fantasy Forest Lets You Speak to the Trees appeared first on

Multi-form Pokemon Aegislash arrives in Pokken Tournament DX today

The first of wave new DLC, announced earlier this month as part of Nintendo Direct, launches today on Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch.Aegislash is a technical, stance-based fighter who can adjust their strategy on the fly, switching between Blade Form when on the attack and Shield Form when it's time to retreat and regroup. Show More Summary

Atari Raising Crowd Investments to Make RollerCoaster Tycoon for the Nintendo Switch

Rollercoaster Tycoon has some serious fans. The question is, do Nintendo Switch owners want a version of the game badly enough to claim a direct stake in the game’s success? Atari seems to think so. The…

EVO Japan Home to SNK Heroines, King of Fighters 14 Reveals

There were a handful of reveals that came during the very first EVO Japan. A chunk of those reveals came from SNK, which included a follow-up on a game first revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct Mini from three weeks ago. SNK Heroines:...Show More Summary

Atari wants your help to make 'RollerCoaster Tycoon' for Switch

How badly do you want a version of RollerCoaster Tycoon for the Nintendo Switch? Bad enough that you'd be willing to claim a direct stake in the game's success? If so, Atari has a sales pitch for you. The company's Game Partners division...Show More Summary

Super Mario Odyssey - More tidbits on Luigi's Balloon World, even more costumes coming

Luigi's Balloon World was revealed for Super Mario Odyssey during the latest Nintendo Direct Mini. While we got the gist of the idea from that presentation, Nintendo has now added new details via their Japanese website. - once you complete...Show More Summary

Nintendo Teases “Kid-Friendly” Announcement For Switch

2018 has only just started but already the future of Nintendo Switch is starting to come into focus. Just last week the game maker posted a surprise mini Direct video highlighting some upcoming games […] The post Nintendo Teases “Kid-Friendly” Announcement For Switch appeared first on

Nintendo Planning To Reveal A ‘New Interactive Experience’ Later Today For Switch?

While Nintendo has been having one hell of a year with the Switch, a lot of gamers were pretty underwhelmed by the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, which consisted almost wholly of ports from other systems. Since that Direct hit, there have been rumors of perhaps another big Direct coming within the next couple weeks. However, […]

Nintendo is unveiling a 'new way to play' later today

Nintendo is really making a mad dash at the start of 2018, a stark contrast to their typical slow burn marketing strategy. In what Nintendo execs call a "crucial" year, they've kicked off a surprise Mini Direct that caught fire, andShow More Summary

RUMOR - Nintendo set to reveal something Switch related this Thursday through a special video

Just a few days after Nintendo's Direct Mini, and we're already hearing that something else is being cooked up for this week. Rumor has it that Nintendo will be showing something off on Thursday. It doesn't sound like we're looking at another Nintendo Direct, though. Show More Summary

The Cartridge Family 021 - Nintendo Direct Mini, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Zendocon Drinking Game

Most of you are well aware that The Cartridge Family is an elaborate front for the fam’s Nintendo Switch enthusiast fan-club, but we sincerely make no effort this show to conceal our true form. Nintendo Directs are exciting, though,Show More Summary

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 648

The holiday drought is over. Nintendo has hit fans with a new Nintendo Direct minute, and we're here to cover every little tidbit! It's a jam-packed show and we take it on at a breakneck speed. Strap in and hold on! Download Episode 648!

What did you get out of the Nintendo Direct Mini?

Whole continents of gamers, expecting a possible Nintendo Direct this week, woke up to the news that one had already happened without them. I myself stumbled across the reveal just as I was logging off for lunch, leading to hastily-typed...Show More Summary

Modojo Rewind: A Big Week For Nintendo Fans

Nintendo surprised a lot of people this week with quickly-disappearing hints of a new Direct presentation, followed by the actual presentation itself. Therein, the company revealed a number of exciting new titles, not the least of which being Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls. Show More Summary

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