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Comedian Has to Cough Up $42K for Insulting Child With Disabilities

A French-Canadian comedian found a child singer with a genetic disease who's performed for Celine Dion and Pope Benedict to be the perfect butt of his jokes—and now the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal is making the funnyman pay some not-so-funny money to both the singer, now 19, and his...

The most important policy speech of the entire RNC was given by a 20-something who no one watched

The Republican National Convention was light on policy. Ivanka Trump said something about equal pay for women and another thing about child care — things her father then mostly left on the cutting room floor during his hour-long speech. Show More Summary

No Duh: Couple With 6-Kids In A 1-Bedroom Apt Is Arrested For Child Neglect & Drugs [Video]

How do you have 6 children in a 1-bedroom apt? That sounds impossible… Unless you’re on drugs.

CR Review: Sir Alfred No. 3

Creator: Tim Hensley Publishing Information: Fantagraphics, slipcased and signed softcover, 40 pages, full-color, 2016 Ordering Information: Order directly here. There were fewer celebrities when I was a very small child, even with an influx of larger-than-life figures from the 1930s that entered back into the public consciousness in the late 1960s. Show More Summary

What It's Like Growing Up With First Responder Parents

I am an only child, but I have always had a fourth family member living with me, my mom, and my dad. No, it wasn’t another human or a pet, it was a pager. I grew up with first responder parents. My father is a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and my mother is a volunteer EMT with the local First Aid Squad. Show More Summary

When it comes to raising a child disabled by Zika, Brazilian women often do it alone

The day Josemary Gomes brought her newborn son Gilberto home to a tiny pink house on a sun-baked cobblestone street, she laid him on her bed and wept.   But there was no one to comfort the single mother. “I raised my head,” she said, “and carried on alone.” Gomes is among a growing number of women...

Watch Pixies Debut New Songs “Baal’s Back,” “Classic Masher,” and “Head Carrier” At NOS Alive!

In the Old Testament, God often rebukes the nation of Israel for worshiping the pagan god Baal, a practice that involved child sacrifice. So when Black Francis shrieks “Baal’s back!” on the new Pixies song of the same name, it’s intended to be terrifying, and it is. “Baal’s Back” is one of three tracks from […]

Hot Wheels Made Your Inner Child’s Dream Come True With a Full-Scale X-Wing Car

2 days agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Before you ask: no, Hot Wheels didn't actually set out to manufacture a bunch of full-size, driveable X-wing cars. They only made one to help promote the X-wing limited edition car they're going to be selling at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Denial, More Than Anything, Is Hindering Progress For Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse

If money is one hell of a drug, then denial is one of the biggest drug dealers in the world. And no group understands that truth better than survivors of child sexual abuse. While survivors, advocates and some lawmakers have fought hard to bring justice, there's been little progress made; if anything, we've been forced to take giant steps backwards. Show More Summary

Placido Domingo gets Mozart in the Jungle role

He just couldn’t say no, he gushes to the New York Times. Mr. Domingo, who moved to Mexico as a child and maintains strong ties there, said that he was drawn partly by the chance to appear with Mr. García Bernal, a Mexican actor whose career he has followed since the film “Y Tu Mamá […]

Oh No! The 'Game Of Thrones' Delay Is Way Worse Than We Thought

Winter is here, and it’s killing us. We already heard that “Game of Thrones” production was going to be delayed for colder weather, but oh, sweet summer child, this is worse than anyone thought. In a new press release, HBO confirms Season...Show More Summary

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play review (no spoilers)

A couple of weeks ago my wife, son, and I had the opportunity to see the new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  The story continues years after the original.  This time, it’s Harry’s son who goes to Hogwarts.  And, you know, mayhem ensues. Show More Summary

The Art Of Saying 'No' To Your Child Or Grandchild

The Art of Saying "NO" How saying "no" can be done out of love with love... a special feature from Kay & Leslie, Founders Grandparentslink Okay grandparents, it's our nature not to say 'no'. After all, who likes to hear that? Not our...Show More Summary

16 'Only Children' Share What They Loved About Growing Up That Way

Post by Alaisha Key. Whether you have an only child by choice, or by the luck of the draw, it's normal to wonder, at least some of the time, how having no siblings will affect your son or daughter. Will he be lonely? Will she be spoiled?...Show More Summary

So, You Can't Tape Your Child's Mouth Shut

We moved recently, relocating from one of the most forward thinking places on the planet to a small town. No more highways. Very little crime. Good people. But this is no city! Not long after we arrived, one of my boys called another "Homo!" And no, it wasn't a "Dude, you're so innovative -- like homo-erectus. Show More Summary

The Difference Between Giving Love And Holding Love

In today's America, most relationships are changeable. Divorce the husband. Fire the employee. Quit the job. Move away from the pesky neighbor. But, no matter what, the bond between a child and a mother sticks. Even the adults who are...Show More Summary

Mom, Boyfriend Arrested For Leaving 3 Kids In The California Desert Without Water Or Shoes As Punishment

last weekNews / Crime : Crime Feed

A 34-year-old mother and her boyfriend have been arrested on charges of child abuse after police report that her three young children were left alone with no water or shoes in the California desert as some sick form of punishment. The post Mom, Boyfriend Arrested For Leaving 3 Kids In The California Desert Without Water Or Shoes As Punishment appeared first on CrimeFeed.

Hip-Hop’s Best Year Ever Just Turned 20

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I wasn’t the most popular kid in high school. During my 1995-1996 freshman year, I endured an awkward, postpubescent, pre-growth-spurt phase that had me looking like the love child of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Associate Bob from Demolition Man. Making matters worse, […]

Does a Baby, Toddler, Teenager or Adult Have More of a Right to Life Than an Unborn Child?

Since you, me, toddlers, teenagers, etc., have basic rights, and since there is no morally relevant difference (that is, relevant to whether one has basic rights) between us and human beings at earlier, prenatal developmental stages, it follows that unborn humans also have basic rights. This precludes killing them for the reasons that people have […]

No Fixed Abode: What’s the Auto-Point of It All?

One of the first things any child learns in the modern technological era is that there are tools for which the true purpose is explicitly stated and tools for which the true purpose is hidden behind some obfuscating official language, legal fiction, or disingenuous disclaimer. Show More Summary

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