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Requiem for the American Dream: New Noam Chomsky documentary on income inequality draws praise

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

In the new documentary Requiem for the American Dream, produced and directed by Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks and Jared P. Scott, Noam Chomsky argues that the collapse of American democratic ideals and the rise of the 1% means that the American dream is harder than ever to achieve. And unlike during...

Interest in New Noam Chomsky Documentary Has Grown So Large That Even the NY Times Ran a Review—and Praised It! (VIDEO)

In 'Requiem for the American Dream,' Chomsky addresses the vast gulf of inequality in America. In the new documentary Requiem for the American Dream, produced and directed by Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks and Jared P. Scott, Noam Chomsky...Show More Summary

Here's Aaron Swartz, 19, Describing How Noam Chomsky Blew His Mind

At times the ideas were too much, and I literally had to lie down. The following is an excerpt from the new book The Boy Who Could Change The World by Aaron Swartz (The New Press, 2016):  In his too-short life, Aaron Swartz reshapedShow More Summary

Noam Chomsky opposes cultural boycott of Israel

The political theorist says it is a mistake for BDS campaigners to target Israeli cultural and educational institutions.

Sundance 2016: Celebrate Noam Chomsky Day with Captain Fantastic

Follow all of our Sundance 2016 coverage. One look at the pic above or the synopsis below and you’d be forgiven for thinking that writer/director Matt Ross‘ new film Captain Fantastic is yet another quirky dramedy about oddballs trying to stay true to themselves in the face of society’s normality. Show More Summary

Noam Chomsky: Latin America is in regression

In this web extra, the renowned US academic says the region has pretty much extricated itself from foreign control.

Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs Sanders

The US academic tells Mehdi Hasan who he would vote for in the upcoming election.

Hans Blix on the threat of nuclear war

We speak to the former UN chief weapons inspector, and ask Noam Chomsky about the US presidential election

Why the Media Can't Handle Noam Chomsky's Thinking

Chomsky is only covered when he discusses partisan politics; his foreign policy criticism is ignored. He agrees. Noam Chomsky is not just one of the most cited living thinkers; he has also long been one of the most prominent and strident critics of the U.S. Show More Summary

Noam Chomsky: The GOP is a threat to human survival

Bernie or Hillary, these Republicans must be stopped at all cost, America's most celebrated leftist warns HuffPo

Noam Chomsky: Why the Republican Party Is a Threat to Human Survival

Sanders has the best policies; GOP must be stopped at all costs. Renowned scholar and activist Noam Chomsky declared this week that the GOP and its far-right front-runners are "literally a serious danger to decent human survival.” Speaking...Show More Summary

Noam Chomsky’s right about Bernie Sanders: The problem is he just can’t win

Chomsky concedes that Sanders is a better candidate than Hillary, but says the system is stacked against him

Noam Chomsky Calls GOP a ‘Danger to Human Survival,’ Sizes Up Bernie Sanders

last weekNews : Truthdig

photo story / Shutterstock Scholar, social critic, writer and political activist Noam Chomsky is making the rounds to give his views on the upcoming U.S. presidential election. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Chomsky called...Show More Summary

Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is 'Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’

Noam Chomsky, the noted radical and MIT professor emeritus, said the Republican Party has become so extreme in its rhetoric and policies that it poses a “serious danger to human survival.” “Today, the Republican Party has drifted off the rails,” Chomsky, a frequent critic of both parties, said in a interview Monday with The Huffington Post. Show More Summary

Chomsky on Refugee Crisis: Europe Refuses to Address ‘Western Crimes’

The refugee crisis in Europe has led to a resurgence of the far right. Speaking to Truthout, Noam Chomsky explains the underlying causes of the crisis and the future of European multiculturalism.

Noam Chomsky: Sanders has better policies, but I’d vote for Hillary — if I lived in a swing state

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Renowned US academic Noam Chomsky says Bernie Sanders has the best policies of the Democratic presidential contenders, but does not have a real chance to win in a political system where elections are “mainly bought”. In the second part of an interview with Mehdi Hasan on Al...

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders has the best policies

Renowned academic weighs in on US presidential candidates and their chances, saying elections are "mainly bought".

Noam Chomsky has donated to two candidates in national races — and the first one ever was Bernie Sanders

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Noam Chomsky, MIT professor, linguist and political philosopher, has always had much to say about the sad state of affairs in the U.S. and and abroad but has always shied away from connecting himself to any particular candidate. But in November of 2015, he stepped forward and gave his endorsement...

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