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Visual simulations to show Uber game strategies

Uber uses psychology and video game mechanics to encourage drivers to work longer and drive in certain areas. Noam Scheiber for The New York Times details the gray area that… Tags: New York Times, simulation, Uber

The Gig Economy and Uber may be the Future, but it's also the Unpleasant Past.

I never take Uber. I erased the app on my phone. I'd rather walk several miles. I suppose I'm old-fashioned, but I despise the "gig economy" that it epitomizes. If you want to know why, read my former colleague Noam Scheiber's excellent article on Uber and Lyft in the New York Times. Read More ?

Trump’s Pick for Labor Secretary: Pro-Immigration Fast Food CEO Andrew Puzder

Noam Scheiber and Maggie Haberman, reporting for the NYT: President-elect Donald J. Trump is expected to name Andrew F. Puzder, chief executive of the company that operates the fast food outlets Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. and an outspoken...Show More Summary

Noam Scheiber, As Freelancers’ Ranks Grow, New York Moves to See They Get What They’re Due

Noam Scheiber, As Freelancers’ Ranks Grow, New York Moves to See They Get What They’re Due: Great news in New York City for freelancers, as a result of pressure from groups like the Freelancers Union, led by Sara Horowitz. The New York...Show More Summary

Debate Over The Law School Crisis Shifts From The New York Times To Facebook And Twitter

The debate over the New York Times' recent coverage of the law school crisis (links below) has moved onto Facebook and Twitter, with lively exchanges between New York Times reporter Noam Scheiber and Law Profs Stephen Diamond (Santa Clara), David Herzig (Valparaiso), Dave Hoffman (Temple), and Michael Simkovic (Seton Hall)...

Ask the expert

Michael Simkovic is having a conniption that Noam Scheiber talked to me instead of him about whether it’s a good idea to take on $200,000+ of non-dischargeable debt to go to a law school where 60%+ of graduates don’t get legal jobs, 30% are flat-out unemployed nearly a year after graduation, and approximately 0% get […]

End game

Noam Scheiber has an excellent piece in the Times on the changing economics of legal education at low-ranked law schools, which combine high tuition with poor bar passage rates and dismal job outcomes for large numbers of their graduates. Scheiber spent several days at Valparaiso’s law school, talking to students and faculty, and he places […]

NY Times:As Law Grads Seethe With 'Atavistic Rage' At Their Financial Plight, Many Law Schools Confront Stark Choice: Continue To Admit Marginal Students, Or Shut Down

New York Times Deal Book: An Expensive Law Degree, and No Place to Use It, by Noam Scheiber: By most measures, John Acosta is a law school success story. He graduated from Valparaiso University Law School — a well-established regional school here in northwestern Indiana — in the top third...

Look Who's Complaining About Obama’s Overtime Reform Now

Noam Scheiber at the New York Times posted a fantastic piece Monday about a surprising source of opposition to the Obama administration’s new overtime regulations: media and political elites. As of Dec. 1, the law will require employers...Show More Summary

Am I a health care business metric or a physician?

The title of Noam Scheiber’s January 9, 2016 New York Times piece on hospitalists, “Doctors Unionize to Resist the Medical Machine,” skirts the bigger issue for doctors, which has less to do with contracts, salaries and labor relations, and much more to do with the question, “Is health care just another business, and if so, […]

Impunity in the Billionaire Class and the National Security State

Cross-posted with What a scam! Noam Scheiber and Patricia Cohen described it this way in a front-page New York Times report on how a small group of incredibly wealthy Americans funded their way into another tax universe:...Show More Summary

The Myth of the Corporate Income Tax as Double Taxation

Noam Scheiber had a good discussion yesterday in the NYT of recent changes in tax shares. The piece commits one major sin when it discusses the desire to lower the tax rate on capital income as stemming from a desire to reduce "double...Show More Summary

Regarding the “Private Tax System” of the Wealthy

Yesterday, the New York Times published an interesting piece by Patricia Cohen and Noam Scheiber about trends in wealth management and tax planning among the richest Americans. The article posits that several thousand extremely wealthy Americans now operate under a “private tax system” that applies only to them. Show More Summary

The simple reason the rich will always be one-step ahead of the IRS

Noam Scheiber and Patricia Cohen at The New York Times have a big story about how the wealthiest Americans are able to shape US tax policy and shield their income. The story mentions lots of big Wall Street names, including Dan LoebShow More Summary

NY Times Front-Page Celebrates Obama the Champion of Workers Rights Eroded by 'Conservative Governance'

The front page of Tuesday's New York Times featured labor reporter Noam Scheiber celebrating Obama as (finally!) the champion of workers' rights, belatedly beating back the retrograde efforts by Ronald Reagan and free-market conservatives...Show More Summary

Labor Unity

Noam Scheiber’s dissection of how labor so successfully torpedoed the Trans Pacific Partnership in the House (thus far anyway, again I’m still suspicious this passes somehow) shows how labor can still win today. First, it is united and pushes very hard on erstwhile allies that are ready to abandon it. Second, it crafts alliances with […]

How two DC lawyers are making family-friendly a workplace priority

Two lawyers in Washington, DC, were fed up with having to be "on" all the time at the firms where they worked. So they started their own. Maria Simon and Rebecca Gellar are partners at the Gellar Law Group, which Noam Scheiber profiled...Show More Summary

Where Have All the Populists Gone?

The wealthiest Americans don’t care about inequality, and our presidential candidates are following their lead. That’s not to say they aren’t talking about inequality. They are, for anyone who will listen. As Noam Scheiber notes for the New York Times, Sens. Show More Summary

Class Struggle In The USA

Noam Scheiber has a hard hitting article on the front page of “2016 Candidates and Wealthy Are Aligned on Inequality” The content should be familiar to AngryBear readers. A majority of Americans are alarmed by high and increasing inequality and support government action to reduce inequality. However, none of the important 2016 candidates has […]

Media: NYT Fills Labor Beat Spot With TNR Alum Noam Scheiber

Politico reported yesterday that the NYT will be filling the spot once held by Steven Greenhouse with TNR alum Noam Scheiber. I'm no expert on Schieber and his work on politics and labor, but a quick Google Search shows up stories and...Show More Summary

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