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Ornstein's Warning

Us old folks remember a time when AEI's Norman Ornstein was the very voice of The Conventional Wisdom. So his new column at The Atlantic ought to come as a...

The Atlantic' s Ornstein: NY Times' Handling Of Clinton Email Story "A Direct Challenge To Its Fundamental Credibility"

American Enterprise Institute scholar and The Atlantic contributing writer Norman Ornstein is strongly criticizing The New York Times' botched story on Hillary Clinton's emails, and its handling of the aftermath. Ornstein writes that "the huge embarrassment over the story... Show More Summary

Best Intentions Aside, a Budget Compromise Is a Heavy Lift

President Obama's opening bid for the coming round of budget negotiations appeared designed to find a couple areas of potential compromise with Republicans. The hard part, to hear people like political scientist Norman Ornstein tell it, may be getting Republicans to agree among themselves.

Republicans, the majority, are facing their greatest enemy: reality

Two of the best and most astute political analysts — Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein — talk about which Republican party we are left with for the next couple of years. Good question! Monster or blunderer or a combination of the two? Whatever else happens, the internal war will be much fiercer and more of [...]Show More Summary

Climate Tipping Point? Science Deniers Mocked By Norman Ornstein, The Onion, New Yorker

This week in climate science denial mockery. The post Climate Tipping Point? Science Deniers Mocked By Norman Ornstein, The Onion, New Yorker appeared first on ThinkProgress.

RIP Howard Baker, the Last Honorable Republican

Norman Ornstein, at TNR: “What did the president know and when did he know it?” That phrase, uttered by Republican Senator Howard Baker during the Senate Watergate Committee hearings on June 29, 1973, will forever be associated with Baker, who died Thursday at 88 in Tennessee. While Baker, the vice chair of the committee, was [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Something's wrong in Washington: Is American democracy in crisis?

The Federal shutdown may be the most striking evidence to support claims that America's political system is broken, but it is far from the only example. Writing in Governance, acclaimed political scientists Norman Ornstein and Jared Diamond explore if tribalism is at the heart of the problem, or if the U.S. is facing a far greater political crisis. read more

Overnight Open Thread (2-17-2014)

Been suffering from a stomach bug all weekend so you'll have to fill in some of the ONT gaps on your own. To Liberals Arithmetic IS Magic Norman Ornstein in National Journal has a idea that would make everybody a...

To Liberals, Arithmetic Is Magical Thinking

(John Hinderaker) I have written that on the Left, a “wonk” is any liberal who can multiply and divide. But liberals often trip over even that low threshold. Take, for example, this piece by Norman Ornstein in National Journal. Ornstein–a...Show More Summary

Krugman: Don't Underestimate GOP Incompetence

Paul Krugman: As Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein put it last year in their book, It's Even Worse Than It Looks, the GOP has become "an insurgent outlier -- ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy...Show More Summary

Deep Liberal Thinking: Its the Fault of Those Damned Teabaggers!

To be sure, they don’t use words like that – being all super intellectual and mainstream, you see, they don’t go in for vulgarity.  But, that is the sense of Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein when they write this: A brighter future for politics and policy requires a different Republican Party, one no […]

Norm Ornstein Finally Calls for the Republican Party to Suffer the Shock of Major Defeat in Order to Effect Its Change: Years Late and Trillion Dollars Short Weblogging

May 18, 2012: Brad DeLong: So why aren’t you advocating the rapid destruction of the Republican Party as fast as possible? Why aren’t you telling everyone go out and vote Democrat now, for this is your last chance?… >Norman Ornstein: I am not with that. Show More Summary

Another crime wave in Milwaukee

Very nice piece by Norman Ornstein on suggestions for a new voting regime: Imagine an intersection with a long history of high-speed car crashes, injuries and fatalities. Authorities put up a traffic light and a speed camera — and the accidents and injuries plummet. A few years later, authorities declare “mission accomplished” and remove the [Read more...]

GRUDEN TALK: Jon and Herm Discuss Filibuster Reform With AEI’s Norman Ornstein


Norman Ornstein: American Democracy and the Common Good

Despite the impressive history of societal functionality and political stability over two-and-a-quarter centuries, the United States is not immune from problems that can strain its capacity to respond to problems, and to cause citizens to lose faith enough in their system.

Happy Hour Roundup

Norman Ornstein has the last word on Green Lanternism. Devastatingly accurate. Francis Wilkinson on how the internet can’t be bought off by the NRA. Stephen Stromberg notes that Benghazi isn’t likely to damage Hillary Clinton heading into 2016 because the … Continue reading ?

Our problems don’t begin and end with government

In their criticism of my April 15 op-ed, Norman J. Ornstein and Thomas Mann advised me to stick to economics. I’d suggest they spend some time outside Washington. My column argued that our nation’s problems lie less with the political … Continue reading ?

There’s Nothing to Do Here, Just Whine and Complain

Commenter Louise sends Eric Wemple’s attempt to shame Al Franken for mainly talking to hometown media. Here’s the roots of Franken’s strategy: American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Norman J. Ornstein helped Franken strategize his splashdown in Washington. As Caesar would say, that strategy was divisa in partes tres: “Become a genuine workhorse, avoid the spotlight, [...]

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