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The Apple iPhone 7’s First Competitors? Samsung Galaxy C5 And C7 Officially Unveiled

There’s a lot of speculation right now around exactly what Apple’s next iPhone will look like and whatever form it takes, it’s now pretty much a given that they’re going to have to face off competition from Samsung and a range of other Android handset manufacturers. Show More Summary


AND AT THE BOTTOM THEY FOUND AN EXAMPLE OF THE UP TILL NOW THOUGHT EXTINCT “HONEST POLITICIAN”:  No, I’m kidding.  They found nothing that weird. Romanian cave sealed for 5.5 million years is full of strange creatures.

THE DAME OR THE TIGER? AND WHICH IS WHICH? GOP politicians: no good choices this time around. I do…

THE DAME OR THE TIGER? AND WHICH IS WHICH? GOP politicians: no good choices this time around. I don’t harshly judge anyone who supports Trump at this point, now that Trump the nominee is virtually a fait accompli. Nor do I harshly judge anyone who doesn’t support him. Both groups have my sympathy—and my understanding, because […]

Way Too Early SEC Predictions

Now that the deadline for the NBA Draft has passed and we know the players that are returning to their respective programs, I thought it would be a good time to make early predictions for next season. I encourage all of our readers to chime in with your predictions as well. Show More Summary

Ohio zoo closes gorilla exhibit for now after boy falls in

CINCINNATI (AP) — The Cincinnati Zoo has temporarily closed its gorilla exhibit after a special zoo response team shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla that grabbed and dragged a 4-year-old boy who fell into a moat. Zoo officials said the boy fell after he climbed through a public barrier at the Gorilla World exhibit Saturday […]

Apple reportedly planning huge upgrade for Siri

It looks like Apple is planning a huge upgrade for Siri, one that will see the voice assistant surge ahead of rivals Google Now, Microsoft's Cortana, and Alexa, the AI behind Amazon Echo. Apple acquired U.K.-based speech processing startup...Show More Summary

Harvard Scientist Engineers Superbug That Inhales CO2, Produces Energy

The Harvard chemist who gave us the artificial leaf has genetically engineered bacteria to absorb hydrogen and carbon dioxide and convert them into fuel alcohol. Now he reports the process converts sunlight ten times more efficiently than plants do.

At the top of their game

Ecologists and conservation biologists have repeatedly sounded the alarm about the global decline of apex predators -- a group that includes gray wolves, spotted owls, bald eagles, cheetahs, killer whales and sea otters. Now new research highlights the factors necessary for successful apex predator recovery.

No Man's Sky dev received 'loads of death threats' due to delay

This week there were rumblings that No Man's Sky would be delayed, and eventually a confirmation that the game is now being held back until August 9, 2016. A majority of the internet reacted in a calm manner, while others decided to accuse Kotaku of lying and apparently made death threats. Show More Summary

Outlander’s Clive Russell on Why Jamie’s Grandfather Is a Horrible Person

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Outlander. Now that Jamie and Claire are back in Scotland, they've embarked on a new mission to change history -- make sure the Jacobite rebellion succeeds. Easier said than done, especially when the Scottish clans are divided, and Jamie's own grandfather is ... More »

Google and Ray Kurzweil making chatbots that will allow for “interesting conversations”

Can we really have a conversation with a bot? Voice assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Now make a good attempt at it, but these are still machines.

How to Find the Right Movie

“Movies worth watching.” Now that’s a tagline I can get behind. The post How to Find the Right Movie appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Trench on Captain America being an alleged nazi

In case you haven’t heard by now at the end of Marvel’s new comic Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 it’s revealed in the very last panel that Cap is supposedly an agent of Hydra. The series’ writer has even gone on record as saying, he’s not mind controlled, he’s not a Skrull, he is Steve Rogers. Show More Summary

What’s Behind the Patriotic Ad Explosion?

(John Hinderaker) I had heard that Budweiser plans to re-name its beer America for the summer–a bit incongruous, given that Anheuser-Busch is now owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate. But Advertising Age says it is part of a trend: Coke is the latest brand dressing itself in Old Glory. Show More Summary

Putin Warns Of Retaliation: Romania, Poland Are Now In Russian ‘Cross-hairs’ As U.S. Missile Shield Planned In Europe

President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that Romania and Poland have put themselves in the “cross-hairs” of Russian rockets by hosting the U.S. defensive missile system that Russia considers a threat to its security. The Russian leader gave the stark warning over the missile shield during a joint news conference in Athens with Greek Prime... Show More Summary

Tesla made a major bet to stand out from the competition — and now it might backfire (TSLA)

Tesla's cars are technologically impressive. They're very fast, they can all but drive themselves, they can be summoned from a garage with no one at the wheel, and they are routinely improved by software updates over-the-air that allow...Show More Summary

The big storm is about to hit, and this half-fallen branch seems sure to fall...

... but which way will it fall? Away from or into the telephone wire that it's half stuck on right now? Kind of a physics question. I think it depends on whether the branch: A. rips off instantly or B. tears off over the course of a second or 2.

Hayden Panettiere Pushes For ‘Nashville’ Return Despite Husband And Baby

Hayden Panettiere has a lot going on in her life right now. Not only did she go back to rehab for her postpartum depression, but also her show Nashville got cancelled. Despite the fact that she now has commitments to her husband and baby, the actress is actively seeking ways to get herself better to... Show More Summary

Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Will Reunite, According To Simon Cowell

Harry Styles has a lot going on for him right now with his blossoming acting career and solo music, but Simon Cowell insists that Harry isn’t going to pull a Zayn Malik by ditching One Direction for good. Ever since One Direction announced its hiatus that has no concrete end date, there have been persistent... Show More Summary

Report: Donald Trump's campaign indicates it's 'not going to have enough money' to fight Hillary Clinton before the convention

Donald Trump's mostly self-funded campaign now apparently needs help. A report from the Washington Examiner says Trump representatives told Senate Republicans that the campaign "won't have much money to spend fending off attacks from...Show More Summary

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